The Couch Potato : GOT Season 3

Things have just started in the world of GOT as we now see in Season 3. From season 3 onward we see each of the characters beginning to, and continuing on their own story lines, intertwining with each other and introducing so many more characters and story than before.

Episode 1 : Valar Dohaeris

The men of the Night’s watch who narrowly escaped the whitewalker army at the Fist of the first men, back in season 2, now decide they must warn the seven kingdoms about it. Jon meanwhile is brought to Rayder, the wildling king and he pledges his allegiance to the wildlings after killing his companion, Halfhand.

Tyrion, now scarred from the war, tries to get Casterly Rock, the home of the Lannister’s but Tywin seems to be promising other things to Tyrion. Margerey who will now become the queen of the seven kingdoms on marrying Joffrey engages in charity work amongst the streets of King’s Landing. Baelish, offers to help Sansa to escape King’s Landing and Ros advises Shae not to believe Baelish.

Meanwhile Davos it turns out did not perish in the wildfire and is saved by his pirate friend, Saan. He goes to Dragonstone and tries to kill Melisandre, although he turns out to be unsuccessful. He blames her for converting Stannis, and in the end he is imprisoned for attacking her.

Davos, does not like Melisandre!

Dany now arrives in the city of Astapor to buy the very stringently trained army of slaves called the ‘Unsullied’. The assassins sent from Qarth try to kill her but she is saved by Selmy who was part of the Kingsguard to her brother Rhaeghar. Selmy then swears his allegiance to Dany.

From left to right, Jorah, Selmy and Dany.

Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words.

Brienne continues on her journey on escorting Jamie to the Lannister’s.

Robb decides to attend the funeral of his grandfather, diverting attention from the war, which angers Karstark and other members of the North as they want revenge against the Lannister’s who killed their sons.

Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie are captured bu the ‘Brotherhood without Banners’ (a rebel group), and Clegane reveals Arya’s identity to them.

The Brotherhood without Banners

Margarey and her grandmother Olenna convinces Sansa to tell them more about the flawed character of Joffrey,

Sansa, talking about Joffrey to Margerey and her grandmother Olenna Tyrell.

Theon meanwhile is being tortured by some unknown people.

Theon, now a prisoner to an unknown captor.

Rickon and Bran meet Meera and Jojen who were children of the banner-men of the Stark’s. Bran and Jojen confide in each other that they have been sharing the same dreams. Dreams, which Bran has been having about a three-eyed raven, and him following it. Jojen then reveals to Bran that he is actually a warg, a person who can enter into the mind of the animals.

Jojen and Meera Reid

Episode 3: Walk of Punishment

Tywin decides to send Baelish to the Eyrie to marry Catelyn’s sister and gain the allegiance of the house. This leaves the position of ‘Master of the coin’, which Tywin now gives to Tyrion.

Hot Pie decides to stay back at the inn, and Arya and Gendry decide to travel with the Brotherhood without banners.

North of the wall, Rayder the king beyond the wall, hears about the massacre at the Fist of the first men. He instructs Jon and the other wildlings to attack the wall now that it is at a weakened position. The remaining guards of the Night’s watch arrive back at Craster’s keep where Sam sees Gilly give birth to a son.

Theon is freed from captivity by an unknown man, who later rescues him as well.

Melisandre meanwhile leaves Dragonstone on a mission requiring the blood of a king, in order to secure victory for Stannis.

Dany decides to buy all the 8000 Unsullied soldiers and the translator Missandei at the price of one of her dragons against with wishes of Jorah and Selmy.

The Unsullied, led by Grey Worm

Jamie tries to persuade their captors to not rape Brienne and in the end Jamie gets his sword hand chopped off.

Jamie about to get his hand chopped off.

Episode 4 : And Now His Watch is Ended

The rescuer that Theon comes across, happens to be his captor and Theon is locked up again.

Jamie now feels he is nothing without his sword hand, but Brienne convinces him otherwise.

Varys, tells Tyrion the story of the magician who made him a eunuch when he was a little boy and how he has that magician locked up by him now. He tells Tyrion that for vengeance, you first need, patience.

Varys ‘The Spider’

A fight ensues at Craster’s keep where Craster and Mormont are killed and Sam escapes with Gilly and her son.

Arya and Gendry meet the leader of The Brotherhood without Banners, Dondarrion, who challenges Clegane to a trial by combat.


Dany then buys the Unsullied and tests them. Then she instructs to kill every master in Astapor, and free the slaves and she gets her dragon back by burning to death the master she bought the Unsullied from. (This moment was one of Dany’s most badass moments, yet).


Episode 5: Kissed by Fire

The Lannister’s find out that there are plans to marry Sansa off to Loras. To stop this Tywin says that Loras can marry Cersei, while Sansa will be wed to Tyrion before the royal wedding between Joffrey and Margarey. Sansa also declines Baelish’s offer to escape King’s Landing and decides to stay.

Stannis confesses to his wife Selys about his infidelity with Melisandre. Selys tells him that she is already aware of the fact and even approves it as getting a son for him, and him becoming the king is more important. Stannis’s daughter Shireen meanwhile sneaks into the dungeons to see Davos and teaches him to read. Shireen has a disfigured face as she suffered from the disease grayscale when she was young and was almost going to die, but was saved eventually, leaving her face disfigured.

Davos and Princess Shireen

Sandor kills Dondarrion in the battle, but he is resurrected back to life by the powers of the Lord of The Light. The same lord, that Melisandre worships.

Gendry decides to stay with the Brotherhood while they also decide to ransom Arya to the Stark’s.

Jamie then reveals to Brienne how he got the name Kingslayer. Jamie was initially the Kingsguard to Aerys Targaryen (father of Dany and Rhaeghar), who is commonly referred to as the Mad King. During the time of war and Robert’s rebellion he had sent all his guards except Jamie with Rhaeghar to the war. He kept Jamie with him because at the time, the Lannister’s were not part of the way, and angered by that, Aerys kept Jamie by him as a way to get to Tywin. Eventually the mad king went really paranoid, getting ready to kill millions of people in King;s Landing with the stashes of wildfire that he had collected underneath the city. By the time, Ned arrive at King’s Landing, The mad king was getting ready to blow the city up. Jamie seeing that it was either the death of Aerys or the death of millions in the city chose to kill the mad king, despite being part of the Kingsguard, thus earning him the name Kingslayer.

The Mad King

Robb finds out that the Karstark’s, seeking vengeance on the Lannister’s kill two innocent Lannister boys. As a punishment to that, Robb executes the Karstark’s and loses a lot of support. Robb desperately turns to House Frey (the house he swore he would marry from) for their support.

Robb executing the Karstark’s.

Jon Snow eventually succumbs to Ygritte’s seduction and breaks his vows as a man of the Night’s watch.


The Unsullied select a leader from amongst themselves, called Grey Worm.

Episode 6: The Climb

Back in King’s Landing , Tywin convinces Olenna to the marriage between Loras and Cersei and Tyrion finds out it was Joffrey who had people attack Tyrion to get him killed. Tyrion finally confesses to Sansa and Shae about the marriage plans.

Baelish then informs Varys, who has a lot of spies that he found out that Ros is Varys’s spy and that she has been handed over to Joffrey and is now killed.

Melisandre buys Gendry from the Brotherhood without Banners. She also foretells that Arya will soon be killing many people.

Robb, to seek allegiance from House Frey apologizes for the breaking of his promise and agrees that Lord Edmure, Robb’s Uncle will marry one of Lord Frey’s daughters instead.

Bolton sends Jamie to King;s Landing but without Brienne.

Theon is till tortured by an unknown captor and Meera and Osha are having a bit of friction between them as things do not go well between them.

Back at the North, Sam continues to flee wit Gilly and her newborn son and Jon, Ygritte and the other wildlings manage to scale the wall.


Episode 7 : The Bear and The Maiden Fair

Jojen and Bran as they share dreams, knows that Bran is frequently having dreams about a three-eyed raven. Jojen then tells Bran that the three eyed raven is beyond the Wall and that they must find it.

Meanwhile Jon’s and Ygritte’s relationship depends, much to the irritation of the wildling Orell.

Theon is emasculated by his captor and Talisa reveals to Rob that she is pregnant.

Arya tries to run away with the Brotherhood without banners only to be captured by Sandor again.

Sandor and Arya

Melisandre reveals that Gendry is in fact, the son of Robert Baratheon, something that was unknown to him until now.

Shae on knowing of Tyrion’s marriage to Sansa, is not pleased and tells him that she is not ready to continue the relationship between them if he marries Sansa.

Tyrion with Shae

Dany meanwhile reaches the city of Yunkai with her army of Unsullied and declares war on the masters on Yunkai.

Lord Bolton and his troop leave from Harrenhal to attend the wedding of Lord Edmure (Catelyn’s brother) to the daughter of Lord Frey, a marriage arranged by Robb to have the Frey’s allegiance with the Stark’s.

Jamie says farewell to Brienne and leaves for King’s Landing alone. But on the way, he finds out that Brienne’s father’s ransom was not received by them and he returns to see that Brienne is now put in a pit, fighting a bear. Jamie goes down and rescues her and he leaves for King’s Landing again, this time with Brienne,

maxresdefault (1).jpg
The Bear Pit from which Jamie saves Brienne.

Episode 8 : Second Sons

Eventually Tyrion and Sansa get married at King’s Landing. Cersei grows to dislike Margarey and her brother Loras more and more. Tyrion gets drunk and causes a scene at the dinner table on his wedding day and at night, he promises Sansa that they will not consummate the marriage unless she is willing.

Tyrion’s and Sansa’s wedding

Sandor then reveals to Arya that he is taking her to where Robb is and give her at a ransom.

Stannis eventually releases Davos and instructs him that Melisandre must be respected by him. Melisandre returns from her mission with Gendry, and performs a ritual on Gendry where he extracts his blood, with three leeches. As part of the ritual, Stannis, drops each leech into the fire naming each usurper – Robb Stark (who is leading the war from the North), Balon Greyjoy (Theon’s father who is also trying to get the throne) and Joffrey (the non-rightful heir of Robert who now sits on the throne). (At this point, we must understand that Melisandre worships the Lord of the Light, a rather “new” god compared to the Old and the New Gods that existed in Westeros. There are many other red priestesses like Melisandre who follow the Lord of the Light. By this point the powers of the Lord of Light was only demonstrated as the shadow child of Stannis and Melisandre killing Renly Baratheon, and the resurrection of the leader of the Brotherhood without banners, in the earlier episodes, presumably from the power of the Lord of The Light. Melisandre tells Stannis that in the flames she sees the prophecy that he will win and be at the throne and this belief in her, and the new God drives him further, even making him perform rituals such as the one mentioned in the name of The Lord of The Light).

Stannis and Melisandre burning the leeches filled with Gendry’s blood.

Dany finds out that Yunkai has employed some mercenaries called ‘The Second Sons’. Eventually Daario Naharis one of the leaders of the Second Sons, kills the other leaders and proclaims his and the Second Sons loyalty to Dany.

Daario Naharis

Meanwhile, beyond the wall, Sam who is on the run with Gilly and her newborn son are attacked by whitewalkers. The whitewalkers have come for the baby that Craster was supposed to sacrifice for them. In a desperate moment, Sam uses a crude dragonglass dagger at the whitewalker and the whitewalker dies. (At this point we realize there are two ways to completely kill a whitewalker. It is not enough to merely cut them into pieces with swords as each body part would act on  its own. To stop that fire, is the only way, as we saw in the Whitewalkers attack in Castle Black at Lord Mormont. Now, with this scene with Sam, we realise that dragonglass too, can kill the whitewalkers.)


Episode 9 : The Rains of Castamere

After the attack by the whitewalkers, Sam, Gilly and the baby safely arrive at the Wall.

During a thunderstorm, Hodor the servant accompanying Bran and party, start to get agitated. Bran then suddenly goes into Hodor’s mind and controls him, something noone else has ever been able to do.

Bran as a warg.

In a scuffle between the wildlings and a farmer, Jon hesitates to kill a farmer, whom Ygritte kills before he gets attacked by the rest of the wildlings. Jon, now in trouble is saved by Bran who happens to be nearby with his warg ability. Jon kills Orell and leaves Ygritte behind with Tormund, another wildling.

Bran and his direwolf, Hodor, Jojen and Meera decide to travel beyond the wall to find the three eyes raven. Meanwhile Rickon, his direwolf Summer and Osha leave for The Last Hearth.

Dany send Jorah, Grey Worm and Daario Naharis to open the gates of the city of Yunkai for her army to infiltrate. The city of then Yunkai then falls to the wrath of Dany and her army.

Robb arrives at the Twins and apologizes to Lord Frey for breaking the promise of marrying one of his daughters. Lord Edmure and Lord Frey’s daughter then marry and leave the hall to consummate their marriage. It is at that moment that Lord Frey’s men kill Talisa, Catelyn and the entire Stark bannermen that came along with them. Then we see Lord Bolton, kill Robb, and it is revealed that Lord Bolton, a member of the North whose allegiance was supposed to be to Robb, was actually with the Lannister’s and planned this mass murder. As he kills Robb he says, ” The Lannister’s send their regards.”

(This is one of the more shocking scenes in GOT. You can see numerous reaction videos on YouTube that sow people’s reaction as numerous characters that they love are killed in one scene. The killing of Ned Stark , a primary character itself was shocking to many, but after this incident famously called ‘The Red wedding’ , the viewers if GOT understood one thing. NO ONE is safe on GOT.)

Episode 10 : Mhysa

By this episode it is revealed that the man behind the plotting of the Red Wedding was Tywin Lannister. He grants the Frey’s a seat at Riverrun, and Lord Bolton now becomes the Warden of The North, taking over Winterfell. Theon soon finds out that his men had traded him for a safe passage out of Winterfell and his captor is none other than Bolton’s bastard, Ramsay.

Yara however decides to rescue Theon anyway despite her father not telling her to.

Jamie arrives at King’s landing with Brienne and is reunited with Cersei.


Sam’s party meets with Bran’s party and Sam hands them the dragonglass weapons as they travel past the wall. On reaching Castle Black, Sam with help from Maester Aemon send ravens all over the Seven kingdoms warning them of the whitewalkers. Jon makes his way back to Castle Black.

In Dragonstone understanding that Melisandre will perform some dark rituals on Gendry, helps Gendry escape. Stannis meanwhile decides to go to Castle Black to help them aid themselves against the Whitewalker.

Gendry escaping with Davos’s help

Dany meanwhile kills all the masters and frees all the slaves, and she gets proclaimed as ‘Mhysa’ or Mother.

Mhysa the breaker of the chains.

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