The Couch Potato : GOT Season 5

Continuing on my series of posts on GOT to cover the incidents that were most important in all the episodes in preparation for the final season, let’s go ahead with season 5.

Episode 1: The Wars To Come

The episode starts with a flashback of  young Cersei, to whom a fortune teller predicts that a person much younger than her, will take away everything that she has.Back to the present, we see that Tywin’s funeral is over and Lancel, the cousin with whom Cersei had an affair with has now returned as a religious follower of a group called ‘The Sparrows’.

Lancel, now a member of the Sparrows/The Faith

Tyrion and Varys decide to travel to Mereen to support Dany’s claim to the throne. In Mereen, the problems continue as a group called ‘The sons of The Harpy’ cause more havoc in the city. This forces Dany to make some serious decisions as the sons of The Harpy end up killing one of her Unsullied soldiers. Missandei, the translator that Dany got from Astapor suspects the Unsullied as they visit brothels although they were castrated to become an Unsullied. Meanwhile Dany’s locked up dragons, certainly don’t enjoy being locked up and even attack Dany, their mother.

The Sons of The Harpy

Baelish puts Robin the son of Jon and Lysa Arryn in the care of House Royce and leaves with Sansa.

At the wall, Stannis seeks to enlist the wildlings in the war against Roose, to which Mance Rayder, the head of the wildlings and the King Beyond The Wall, do not agree to. Eventually Mance is burnt alive and unable to tolerate Mance’s suffering any longer, Jon kills him with an arrow to the heart.

The scene of Mance Rayder’s death, as he is about to be burnt alive.

Episode 2 : The House of Black and White

Arya arrives in Braavos and is taken to the House of Black and White by Jaqen H’ghar. He refers to his colleagues at the house as ‘no one’.

Jamie tells Cersei that he is going to Dorne to rescue Myrcella as she is now betrothed to a Prince of Dorne.

Podrick recognizes Baelish and Sansa in a tavern and Brienne offers her protection to Sansa, who refuses. Baelish asks Brienne and Podrick to come along with them, but Brienne refuses and escapes. However, Brienne secretly decides to follow Sansa.

Stannis makes an offer to Jon to become the Lord of Winterfell if he leaves the Night’s Watch and joins with Stannis, to which Jon refuses. Sam then nominates Jon as the Lord Commander, where in Jon becomes the Lord Commander after the final casting vote of Maester Aemon.

Jon, as the Lord Commander.

Dany tries to execute a slave who kills a one of the members of The Sons of The Harpy before he could be tries. But this leads to a riot, and she is saved by Drogon who then leaves her soon after.

Episode 3 : High Sparrow

Margarey is now wed to Tommen who is now King. She secretly tries to brainwash him into sending Cersei back to Casterly Rock, the home of The Lannister’s, so that she can have the full control at King’s Landing.

Tommen’s and Margarey’s wedding

Baelish takes Sansa to Winterfell and they both make a deal with Ramsay and Sansa’s marriage without the knowledge of the Lannister’s.

To adapt with the House of Black and White, Arya throws away all her belongings except her sword ‘Needle’ which she hides, in a pile of rocks.

Arya hiding Needle.

At Castle Black, Jon, now the Lord Commander starts giving orders to which Slynt does not obey. Because of his disobedience, Jon executes him.

The High Septon is captured by Lancel for his actions in a brothel and Cersei too imprisons him upon hearing this. Cersei meets The High Sparrow, the head of ‘The Sparrows’ that Lancel religiously follows and approves of him.

Tyrion and Varys arrive at Volantis, but Tyrion is kidnapped by Jorah in order to take Tyrion back to Dany and win back the trust.

Episode 4 : The Sons of The Harpy

Cersei, who now approves the Sparrows, gives them weapons and they soon arrest Loras. Margarey is enraged by Tommen is too weak to release Loras with his power.

Back at the wall, Melisandre tries seducing Jon, to convince him to join Stannis,

Baelish leaves Sansa at Winterfell and convinces her that even is Stannis cannot rescue her she can convince Ramsay to come to her will, and leaves for King’s Landing.

Bronn and Jamie arrive in Dorne, but their arrival is found by the Martell’s who decide to use Myrcella to avenge the death of Oberyn.

In Mereen, Dany receives another request to open the fighting pits. Another attack on an Unsullied patrol in Mereen happens by The Sons of The Harpy resulting in the death of Selmy and a severely injured Grey worm.

Selmy’s death.

Episode 5 : Kill The Boy

Brienne and Podrick arrive at a place near Winterfell and secretly inform Sansa that they are there for her protection when she needs it. Sansa finds out about Theon’s presence and Ramsay makes him apologize to Sansa for his actions.

At the wall, Tormund who now leads the wildlings agrees to an agreement with Jon that would let the wildlings pass through the wall and settle South of the wall. Jon the travels to meet with the wildlings. Stannis’s army meanwhile leaves for Winterfell with Selyse, his wife and Princess Shireen.

In Mereen, Grey Worm survives, and he starts to have a romantic involvement with Missandei. Meanwhile Dany feeds a Mereeneese Nobleman to her locked up dragons and agrees to marry Loraq and reopen the fighting pits to have peace back in Mereen.

Jorah and Tyrion travel to Mereen where they see Drogon flying by. But they are attacked by some stone men and Jorah becomes infected with grey scale (the disease that nearly killed Princess Shireen).

tyrion and jorah

Episode 6  : Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

H’Ghar takes Arya to a room where the faces of all the people that have died in the house have been kept. (This starts to give clues on how he was able to change his face so fast and magically back in the earlier seasons).

Arya with Jaquen H’Ghar, in the hall with the faces.

Mormont and Tyrion run into slavers, who Tyrion is able to convince to take them to the fighting pits of Mereen.

Baelish meets Cersei at King’s Landing and informs her of Roose’s plan to marry Sansa and Ramsay together. He asks her a chance to take the troops to defeat the winning party of the war between Stannis and Roose, and in return he should be named The Warden of The North. (He just gets more and more evil doesn’t he?)

Olenna arrives at King’s Landing upon hearing about the arrest of Loras and informs Cersie that this is straining the relationship between the two houses. To help Loras escape, both Margarey and Loras lie about his homosexuality. But in the end another man testifies to it and Loras is imprisoned again and Margarey too, is arrested for lying to The Gods.

maragrey and loras
Margerey and Loras, imprisoned by The Faith

Sansa is married to Ramsay who is raped in front of Theon.

sansa wedding
Sansa marrying Ramsay.

Episode 7 : The Gift

Once Jon leaves to meet the wildlings, Gilly is attacked by two men, who Sam tries to defend her from. He was almost going to lose until Jon’s direwolf, Ghost saves them. Sam and Gilly then consummate their relationship after that.

Sansa asks Theon to help her escape, but he in turn informs Ramsay who flays the woman who was helping Brienne contact Sansa.

At Stannis’s camp, Melisandre suggests sacrificing Shireen to which he refuses.

Tyrion and Jorah are bought by a slave trader who brings them to the fighting pit. Jorah defeats everyone in the pit and reveals his identity to Dany who is present and shows her Tyrion who he has brought to regain her trust,

Olenna demands for the release of both Loras and Margarey which the High Sparrow declines. Cersei is then arrested as well, for her incestuous relationship that she had with Lancel before.

Episode 8 : Hardhome

Cersei is left without a drop of water to confess her crimes to which she refuses.

cersei jail
Cersei, imprisoned.

Arya takes on  the role of Lana, an oyster merchant who must study a man who sells and cheats people with a marine insurance , and must poison him.

Arya as Lana.

Theon confesses to Sansa that he had in fact, faked the deaths of Bran and Rickon. Ramsay asks for some skilled men to meet Stannis.

Tyrion tries to convince Dany to accept Jorah but he is exiled again and he then asks for another chance at the fighting pits. Tyrion is then accepted into Dany’s council.

Jon arrives at Hardhome with Tormund and convinces the wildlings that he will let them settle South of the wall. As they are about to leave they are attacked by the whitewalker. Jon kills a whitewalker with his sword and realises that weapons made of Valyrian steel can kill The Whitewalkers (along with dragonglass which Sam discovered in the earlier seasons.) As the survivors of the battle leave, they witness the Night King reanimating the dead into new White walkers.

The Night King reanimating the dead.

Episode 9 : The Dance of The Dragons

During a storm, Stannis’s camp is destroyed and Ramsay ruins all the supplies. Daavos goes back to the Wall to get more supplies and Stannis allows Melisandre to sacrifice Shireen much to the objection of Shireen and Selyse. Shireen is burned alive at the stake.

Princess Shireen being tied down to be sacrificed.

Jon lets the wildlings pass through the wall.

Jamie and Bronn are then allowed to leave Dorne with Myrcella in such a way that her betrothed can get a position at the council in Oberyn’s stead much to Sand and her daughter’s displeasure.

In another fight at the pit, Dany is shocked to see that Jorah is there again. But the Sons of The Harpy attack again and Dany is rescued by Drogon who flies off with her.

Episode 10 : Mother’s Mercy

Shireen’s sacrifice leads to Selyse hanging herself and Stannis’s forces deserting him. Melisandre escapes to the Wall and Stannis is defeated by the Boltons and killed by Brienne.

Sansa and Theon escape from Winterfell together.

Theon and Sansa about to escape from Ramsay

Cersei finally admits to her crimes and as a punishment is made to do The walk of atonement where she walks through the streets of King’s Landing until the Red Keep, naked.

Cersei performing the walk of atonement

Jamie along with Myrcella and the others sail to King’s Landing but Myrcella is killed by poison.

Arya infiltrates a brothel and kills Trant. But this violates the rules of the Faceless Men and she loses her sight as a punishment.

Arya losing her sight.

Varys arrives in Mereen and rules the city with Missandei. Tyrion and Grey Worm in Dany’s stead. Dany is left in a field by Drogon where she is captured by the Dothraki. Daario and Jorah leave to find Dany.

Dany being captured by the Dothraki

Back at the wall, Jon is stabbed several times by the mutineers including Thorne and Olly, who did not like their decision to let the wildings pass through, and Jon dies. (GOT couldn’t get more tragic than this.)

Jon Snow, killed by the mutineers.


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