The Couch Potato : GOT Season 8

If you opened the link before the show premiere and thought this post has info on the episodes, then you are wrong. I am as clueless as you are. The series ‘Couch Potato’ was started to recap and review TV series that I binge watch because they are mostly long and we tend to forget things as we watch over time! So as each episode comes, I will be updating it here-

(Till then, to know the story upto this season, click here!)

I wrote the portion above before the season premiered. Like everyone else, I had very high expectations. The kind of twists and tales that come in the fan theories itself was enough to excite any GOT fan to really high less. And since I’m watching it in India it meant I had to wake up extra early on Monday mornings to watch it, which I did. But the finale season didn’t turn out exactly as I thought it would have been. Was it because my imagination and expectations were too high? Or was it because like everyone says, the writers screwed up? Honestly I don’t think there’s a REAL answer to it, although both sides of the argument have valid points.

Also I’m writing this post eons after the season ended, mainly because I had to over come my depression that the series caused first! So without further ado, here’s the final couch potato episode on GOT!

Episode 1 : Winterfell

Jon and Dany along with their combined armies reach Winterfell, in a rather serious scene, where the northerners stare at the silver haired self proclaimed queen Dany, to whom their king has now pledged allegiance. As soon as they reach Winterfell, they hear that the Night King and his army have breached the wall and are coming. The people also doubt whether Cersei will send her troops as she promised to Tyrion.

Jon and Dany arriving in Winterfell.

Back at King’s Landing , Euron gas returned with the Golden Company (although without the elephants that Cersei looked forward to a lot), and he demands marriage out of her, and they consummate their relationship.

Cersei then pays Bronn to kill her treasonous brothers- Jaime and Tyrion. Meanwhile Yara is rescued by Theon. Yara returns to retake the Iron Islands so that there is a place for Dany to fall back if needed, and Yara realising Theon’s allegiance to the Starks and their cause exist,let him go to Winterfell.

The Greyjoy siblings part ways.

At Winterfell Jon reunites with Bran and Arya.

The reunioun we have waited for!

Jon and Dany then go on a romantic dragon ride date, where in Jon learns to ride Rhaeghal.

Dany goes to meet Sam with Jorah to thank him for saving Jorah from the otherwise deadly greyscale disease. But Sam soon realizes that Dany had executed his father and brother alive. Upset, Sam meets with Jon and reveals the truth that he pieced together with Bran – That Jon is the son of Rhaeghar and Lyanna- Aegon Targaryen.

At the Last Hearth, Beric and Tormund meet the survivors from the Night’s watch. But there, they find a wight body of Lord Umber, a warning from the night king in a fiery symbol that surprisingly looks like the Targaryens sigil (many theories have been borne from this one scene)-

Jamie then arrives at Winterfell, to be met my Bran, who has been waiting for Jaime.

Scratch out what I said before. This is THE reunion everyone has been waiting for!

Episode 2 : A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms.

Jamie reveals to the Northerners and the firces of Dany that Cersei deceived them and will not be sending their troops to fight the army of the dead. Later Jaime is left free, as Brienne vouches for him. Jaime then aplogises to Bran for what he did to Bran,but he says he has no anger towards him for that as they are no longer the same people.

Brienne standing up for Jaime

Dany is now furious at her advisor Tyrion as he was tricked by Cersei. Jorah then talks to Dany to forgive him for his mistakes.

Dany then tries talking to Sansa, to gain her trust but fails to do so.

“Girl Talk”

The survivors from the Last Hearth then arrive and inform Jon and Dany about the impending arrival of the army of the dead.

Bran proposes that since, the three eyed Raven is the target of the Night King, Bran can be used to lure the Night King and be killed, this eliminating the army of the dead as well. The ironbirn then swear to protect Bran while he is laid as bait for the night king.

As everyone waits for the war to start, Arya seduces Gendry. Jaime annoints Brienne as a knight of the seven kingdoms in front of Tyrion, Podrick, Tormund and The Onion Knight. Sam gives his family sword to Jorah and Jon reveals to Dany the truth about his parentage. Before Dany can respond, news that The army of the dead has arrived, reaches them.

Episode 3: The Long Night

The war initially starts with a large part of the Dothraki and Unsullied wiped out. Y the army of the dead. Edd is killed while trying to save Sam.

The survivors fall back and the trenches are lit on fire. Dany and Jon engage with the Night King on the dragons, while many are killed in Winterfell including Lady Mormont and Beric who dies protecting Arya.

Dany tries burning the night king in dragon fire but to no avail. The Night King then uses his powers to awaken the dead, including the dead in the crypts of Winterfell, where the women and children were hiding.

Jorah is fatally injured while protecting Dany from the dead.

The Night King arrives in the Godswood with his generals and kills the Ironborn and Theon. As the Night King attempts to kill Bran, Arya flies in and tries to kill the Might King but is initially thwarted, but catching her dragon glass knife, she stabs the night king and kills him and the army of the dead along with him. The living have emerged victorious.

Theon Greyjoy’s death
The fall of the Night King

Episode 4 : The Last of The Starks

After the war, the survivors mourn and burn the dead. Dany proclaims Gendry as a Baratheon removing his bastard name, and names him Lord of Storm’s end. Gendry proposes marriage to Arya but she rejects that and goes to King’s Landing with The Hound to get her revenge on Cersei. Bronn arrives to kill Tyrion and Jaime but decides not to as he is offered Highgarden in return.

Dany tells Jon to not tell anyone about his parentage. However Jon tells the truth to Sansa, Arya and Bran asking them to keep it a secret. However Sansa informs Tyrion, who in turn inform Varys.

Tormund returns to The North with the wildlings and Jon asks him to take Ghost with him.

On their journey to King’s Landing, Dany and her forces are attached by Euron and his fleet, killing Rhaeghal. Missabdei is captured as well. Dany considers attacking King’s Landing which leads to Tyrion and Varus discussing that Jon might be a good candidate as the King.

Jamie leaves Brienne and goes back to Cersei feeling he needs her.

Cersei refuses to surrender and ends up beheading Missandei.

Episode 5 : The Bells

Varys urges Jon to become the king, to which Jon refuses as he believes Dany is his queen. Tyrion then informs Dany about this and is executed by Dragonfire.

Jaime is captured but Tyrion releases him asking him to escape with Cersei and start a new life together. Arya and The Hound infiltrate King’s Landing. Meanwhile Cersei makes all the citizens of Kings Landing into the Red Keep as a form of protection. She however is using the people to stop Dany attacking the Red Keep.

Dany then goes on a literal rampage killing Euron and his fleet. Even after the best of surrender were sounded,Dany continue obliterating everything in her path. Cersei realizing this tries to escape.

The Clegane brothers meet and the brothers fight and fall to their death. The Hound before this, convinces Arya to let go of her revenge and escape as the entire city crumbles down.

Jaime kills Euron and tries to escape with Cersei but is killed as The Red Keep falls.

Jon retreats the forces and Arya barely manages to escape.

Can someone explain to me what the significance of this scene was?

Episode 6 : The Iron Throne

Following the battle, Dany instructs the Unsullied to kill the remaining soldiers even the ones who survived.

Dany rallies her forces and claims she will liberate the world like how she liberated King’s Landing. Tyrion denounces his title as The Hand and is imprisoned.

Dany the Liberator

Arya and Tyrion tell Jon of his dangerous it is for Dany to continue like this and Jon finally ends up stabbing Dany in the heart and killing her.

Drogon then comes in and seeing his mother dead, melts down the iron throne and flies off with her body .

The remaining Lords and Ladies then assemble to decide a ruler and Tyrion proclaims that the ruler must not be chosen as members of the family but as the person whose best fit to rule. He eventually proclsims Bran The Broken as The King.

Bran grants Sansas wish to have The North as a separate kingdom and with a new small council tries to being things back to normalcy.

Bran then banishes Jon to the Nights Watch to please the Unsullied who are now returning to Missandeis homeland. And thus, The Game of Thrones comes to an end.

Well at least they reunited.

What I felt

Honestly the first episode didn’t feel that bad. In fact the reuniouns and everything really built up the story.

The second episode felt more like a lag or filler more than anything else other than some notable scenes like, Brienne being knoghted.

As far as the third episode “The Long Night” is concerned, I think it’s one of those episodes that had the most hype. I actually felt there would be some exciting dragon fight scenes, but not so much. The strangest thing to me was how the night king was killed. I mean it was that easy to kill a villian who was hyped for like 8 years?

Episode 4 really continued the drag of the story . But once the final war sequence episode was coming we couldn’t but not hope that GOT will live up to it’s name. But we had to watch or rather endure was one and half hours of Dany burning stuff. Suddenly the arrows of the Scorpion that so easily killed Rhaeghal don’t even touch Drogon , Cersei literally tip toes past Clegane bowl and has a glass of wine before that, and in the end I don’t know what kind of crazy thoughts actually made Tyrion feel like Jaime should rescue Cersei and have a new life together. I mean dont you remember the stuff she did? And what made it even worse was the “Romeo-Juliet” kind of death, that Jaime and Cersei had.

With all the build up Dany had we hoped she would have turned out to be anything other than a mad monarch like her father. Life doesn’t always play out that way, and to an extent I’m actually happy with his her character ended. Drogon really saved the day by melting that crazy throne that’s the reason for all this crazy stuff.

If it would have ended somewhere along those lines I wouldnt have ranted this much.

But why is Bran suddenly the king? And what’s with his “that’s why I’m here” attitude? So what was the three eyed Raven for? To run government or find a lost dragon?

Or what’s even worse that cool assassin Arya decides to become Dora the explorer out of nowhere too. And if all that isnt enough Jon had to continue in the Nights watch (someone tell me why we still need a nights watch).

I don’t usually rant on my posts or reviews but maybe it’s because my expectations were that high. But not everything was bad. GOT did manage to maintain it’s impeccable cinematography and CGI and a lot of other things that it’s famous for. But no matter how good all this is, if there isn’t a good storyline to go with it,what’s the point.

Nevertheless GOT will be remembered as one of the most epic TV series of all time. It’s been a crazy experience and I want to know what you all felt as well. So let me know in the comments below.


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