Sometimes, we need a makeover.

Don’t you get that feeling that you need to be a new person, fresh and exciting, and brimming with new possibilities? Well I felt that, but not for me, but for my blog!

My blog is a very simple and humble one. I’m no expert at any kind of review I do on my blog. However, that never stopped me either. I’ve gone on to do different things on my blog and now I’ve finally decided to give it a makeover.

And it’s not just in look, but in content.

Currently what you see above, is my blog. Now other than the usual set of posts what makes this a really big makeover is the fact that I have finally figured out how to embed a drop down menu for all the categories on my blog and that looks something like this –

Now, some categories may seem familiar to those who have visited before. Therefore you must have noticed that there are some new ‘additions’. Now if you don’t know anything here, that’s totally fine. Because I’m not writing this post just to announce I made a make over, but rather to do an introduction into the categories and features on my blog. So- the first one being,

Awards and Milestones

Now we all know that the true excitement is maintaining a blog, is when we hit actual milestones, be it the number of likes, follows, or comments or views. Or be it the fact that we get nominated in some meaningfyl awards and recognition by our fellow bloggers. Therefore this page is a shout-out to all the best parts of my blog, that I’ve celebrated.

You can view that, here.


My blog has not just been a single stop for my reviews and posts but also a lot of other things. It could be when my favorite movies or books hit huge milestones in time, or I’ve written some special reviews or posts in association with a bigger message, or when I shared my most fond memories and experiences after starting my blog, or it could be just things that I just wanted to say. This category also has some of my first attempts at blogging, recorded.

You can view that, here.

Special Series – Festa

Now, festa is a concept I haven’t brought into my blog yet. But I do think that now is the right time, to announce that. Once before on my blogs anniversary last year, I had released a series of posts on a single theme. Last time it was about the fictional universe surrounding the K-pop sensation, BTS. I spent more than two months drafting all those posts and finally published them a in one go.

Preparing a large set of posts were really exciting to me, because it was like a project and it was exciting- the preparation and result. I was excited at the thought of starting that again, but this time I thought instead of publishing all the posts around this theme, in one go, why don’t I publish them one by one, one day at a time – kind of like a festival.

That’s how the concept of Festa came along.

There are some exciting Festa plans about to come soon in that section!

You can view that, here.

The Movie Reel

Now of you notice this category on the menu actually has drop downs. But if you click on just movie reel itself, you will see a lot of posts. Movie Reel is a parent category that has all the posts on all the movies I reviewed over these two years, irrespective of language, genre etc.

Now of you look at the drop down, the first thing you’re going to see is Old Is Gold, this sub category is the hallway of the classics- movies , that I took am attempt to – not review, bit rather revisit its Glory.

The next drop down menu is The Movie Bucket. The major basis on which I divided my blog is according to, language and the movie bucket happens to be my little bucket full of all the movies which were produced originally, in English. There’s such a vast expanse of movies that I watch in English that I HAD to create a separate category.

The sub menu would be The Indian Kaleidoscope. Being Indian myself, it would be a shame if I didn’t create a category for Indian movies right? Get ready to explore an array of different Indian languages, movies and posts!

The last sub menu here would be, The Global Kaleidoscope. If I have separate categories for Indian and English , I should be having a different category for all the remaining languages I explore in movies, thanks to subtitles. It’s a chance for me to explore differenta languahes, cultures and what not. A whole different experience. However there’s one language I kept very separate and that’s –

It’s called Hallyu

For those of who are not familiar Hallyu refers to the Korean wave. Whether it is the dramas, the movies or anything really they’re all really popular. And to be honest the reason I really started exploring different languages and genres was because my interest grew after watching Korean films and dramas. So this is the one stop for everything Hallyu!

Remake Rewind

It’s a category where I haven’t started yet, but there are some exciting posts in the making that will be published soon.

More often than not we see some really good movies being remade entirely into new films, but into different languages. This category aims to explore, the different makes, of the same story, how it was similar and how it was different.

Double Features

My ultimate favorite section on my blog and one for which I love to do posts.

The double feature is a feature that compares two things – be it movies , books or whatever that have an uncannily similar theme, but are entirely different. Sometimes the two things I compare may be miles apart but when I actually think through the connection, it’s quite interesting! You can check that out here.

The Couch Potato

Now why would we become couch potatoes? The answer is simple – when we binge watch TV series. So I guess you know what this category is about.

Bangtan Universe

Anyone who knows me well enough know that I’m a die hard fan of BTS. It’s no surprise they have their own category on my blog. Be it my exploration into their music, or just how they inspire me, or my thorough analysis into their fictional universe centred around their music, videos and performances, this category is everything BTS.

The Book Worm

Does this really need an exploration. Here you can check out the books I read, what I liked and what I didn’t like. Click here to check it out.


I’ve experienced a lot of anime,years ago when I was a kid. Now as an adult, I’ve slowly started inching my way back into the very expansive world of anime. now Im a total newbie here, but nevertheless I’m enjoying this category a lot!

The Manga Worm

What’s the joy in enjoying anime, if you don’t enjoy a little manga too? Although hard to come by, I’m trying to go through as much as I can. It really brings back fresh waves from my childhood making it all the more pleasant for me.

The Playlist

No I’m not going to review music. I don’t have even the slightest knowledge to review music.

But I don’t think there needs to be any pre acquired knowledge to enjoy music right. This category will house those monthly playlists of mine,that I’m jamming to. There’s another reason this category is now introduced (for which you got to look forward to another special post that will come up soon).


Now when you go through as much content as I do, it so happens that some artists and their artistry strike you especially. And you end up enjoyinb literally their whole career. Therefore I only felt it’s apt to have a category for my favorite artists.

Short films and documentaries

This category is also presently empty. Not because I don’t watch anything, but because the posts are all lined up, ready to be released! Stay tuned for this one!

So yes that’s all to how my blog underwent a makeover and my latest categories and plans! What do you think? Let me know in the comments! I’m looking forward to your support as well!


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