Journal 2.0

What do you think of when you hear the word journal or think about journal writing? Do you perhaps see a person (or yourself if you maintain a journal) writing paragraphs and paragraphs into a journal at night at the end of the day. Or do you get glimpses into how mysteries in movies and TV series get solved with the help of journal entries.

Traditional journals and diary entries usually had a-page-a-day system , but later that was remodelled into avid writers who would buy a huge chunky notebook and write as much as they want, at the frequency they want.

I used to be just like that, until thanks to Instagram , YouTube and Pinterest, I got to find out about new kinds and forms of journal entries some of which I’ve adopted. Now let me point out here, that none of these ideas are mine , but borrowed from the platforms I mentioned. I just collaborated ideas from here and there.

First things first, it’s the arsenal that you need to prep it up.

This is pretty less compared to the kinds of beautiful equipment some others have. Soon I will like to add other kinds of equipment to my arsenal soon. Although it looks like a lot, I basically just have some sketch pens, pencil colors, different colored pens and my FAVORITE brush pens that help me try out a little calligraphy in my own way?

Now what different did I make into my journalling? It’s simple-

Bullet Journal

First things first I started a bullet journal. To those who are not familiar with what it is, it basically a journal but your entries may mostly be in bullet points, and there would be pages dedicated to organising tasks and so on. Now you can make this into something really unique. Like your style. Each month you can go on a theme, around which your whole months things would be based on. I follow this YouTuber AmandaRachLee whose ideas and themes I really liked and decided to adopt.

So the first thing you would prepare are probably the pages that you would be updating throughout the year and not just a month. For instance,

This is what I call the future log. Since I’m starting my bullet journal in August the months start there. Here I would probably note down stuff that I got to remember months in advance. Like, an appointment, a wedding or party I’m invited to and so on.

And yes a fancy header index won’t go amiss either, although not completely necessary!

And it’s good to start the actual journal with a nice positive quote.

These two sections of the journal are for filling up entirely, but slowly with all the things that make me happy. Now while I leaf through it once in a while, I felt it would give such a huge surge of positivity to see all the things that make you happy!

And something that should be equally noted down just like the things that make me happy was I felt, this. We know ourselves best and it’s always best to have ourselves tell us these things that needs to be said often, this time via a journal.

Now these two pages with this huge bookshelf is to note down the books I read through a particular year to keep track of it. There were so many other creative ways to do this, but I opted for a simple book shelf. I hope to add more “entries” along the way!

As much as I love books, I love movies too. And why not have a “movie reel” to note down a those films I enjoyed? At this point I’m just noting down the films that I went to the theatre and watched because I always personally feel that the best cinematic experience is at the theatre.

Now that’s it for the pages I enter in a year. Coming to the monthly entries, I went with the same theme and almost same design that Amanda Rach Lee mentioned on her YouTube page. Which is a fruit theme.

This is the design I went for August and the quote for the month as well.

This part called the monthly log, is to note down all the highlights of each day. On the other page where this continues, I have a portion dedicated to noting down the tasks I must complete, this month. If I don’t complete it or I postpone it to another month, it would probably go to the Future Log.

This cute little calenders with the fruit legends are going to be track how my mood goes through the month. And it’s good to sometimes analyse this, to see how our life is going and our well being.

This habit tracker should be logging how much I’m making a habit of the things I should be doing as a habit. Another good thing if you want to know how any new or existing habit that you want as part of your lifestyle is keeping up.

Often I get asked at the doctor’s about the amount of sleep im getting, when I’m sleeping and the amount of water I drink. This for obvious health reasons, I’ve made a sleep and water intake tracker. For the sleep tracker the horizontal level is the time, and the vertical is the date. I would be sharing the hours I sleep a day to see how that progresses. Same for the amount of water I drink, something I want to improve on a lot!

And finally a playlist, just to know which are the favorite tracks I’m jamming to this month. This information would be appearing as a monthly feature on my blog as well.

Now after a this, we supposedly write down each date, and note down our activities, tasks etc.

I know my drawings looks childish and crazy but somehow in a mundane cycle of life, this coloroing and activity is something I enjoyed a lot. And like how my blog underwent a makeover, I thought some habitual things like maintaining a journal needed a makeover too and I felt this was a good way to go about it.

When I look through it later, this method would help me understand things so much better at a glance. And since it’s in bullets and little drawings and shadings I don’t need to spend a lot of time writing paragraphs into. Now I have nothing against the traditional methods, as I’ve been practicing it since I was a kid, but I felt a change is good.

Furthermore I decided I will share with you all my monthly themes as well as I begin each month!

Now aside from this there’s something else I’ve been up to, and that is –

Blogger’s Journal

Sure you can have Google sheets track your existing and pending posts but what about all the thoughts and pointers for each post?

Or a crazy new idea that you want to plan out as a new feature for your blog?

A bloggers journal is a scribble pad for this. I’ve been maintaining this as a part of all my upcoming features and posts!

The 5 year Journal

I bet this one is pretty familiar to some of you. It’s pretty simple all you got to do is have 365 questions, each at the start of a new page. Over 5 years, each day you would be answering a question.

This ones interesting, because you can actually see how your views change, how you as a person change, right in a diary!

Apocalyptic Journal

Having trouble managing a your bucket lists? Then this is the journal for you. Have all your lists written out,mapped and managed in a cute little notebook!

Your little book of questions and quotes

Finally, you know those little spiral note pads that you have no idea what to do but don’t want to throw out? How about you write down the beautiful quotes you hear during the day, or you note down, some question that’s always been bugging you? This actually helps you know!

I’ve mentioned a lot of trackers and journals that I’ve implemented but I bet you know a lot more about it. Or maybe you know some other uses or different kinds of journals? Or is this your first time seeing this kind of journal entries? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This looks seriously cool! In the past I used to have a journal that where I wrote entries in every day. But as time passed, and I gained more and more hobbies, eventually I gave it up. I still have the original journals, and it’s funny to read back and remember the days of the past. I have never held a bullet journal, and before this post I didn’t know much about it. So cool that you are sharing this! And you have mad drawing skills by the way! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was surprised at the kind of diversity this can bring! Actually yes you need a little time to set it up for a month maybe like 2 hours but after that, the entries are so much easier to maintain which is why I have adopted this! Hahha I think you’re the first person ever to compliment my drawing skills! I’ve just started exploring this creative world of journals myself including the bloggers journal it’s pretty cool! The amount of creativity on the internet! You wi be astounded!

      Liked by 1 person

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