Bachelor’s Vegetable Store : Ep-by-Ep summary

Coupled with my review on the Korean drama, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, I have another post which is an episode by episode by summary plus review on the drama.

Now this would obviously be having a lot of spoilers, so if you do not wish to know any spoilers and just an overall review, you can read this post here.

So without much further ado –

Country of origin : South Korea

Language : Korean

Based on : Bachelor’s Vegetable Store by Kim Young Han and Lee Young Seok

Written by : Yoon Sung Hee

Directed by : Lee Joon Hyung

Starring : Ji Chang Wook, Wang Ji Hye, Kim Young Kwang, Park Soo Jin, Hwang Shin Hye

Number of seasons : 1

Number of episodes : 24

Status : Complete

Released: 21 December 2011 – 8 March 2012

Broadcast channel : Channel A

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Melodrama

Episode 1

The story starts with a bit of a flashback you could say.

A young Han Tae Yang and his younger sister are caught by a vegetable vendor as he beleives they were stealing vegetables. Their grandmother comes and acts up a scene beating Tae Yang saying the kids parents are gone and she is taking care of them, and she is old and ill. Sad, the vendor gives them cabbages. At home, grandma checks Tae Yang is okay, and removes the padding on his body.

Althiugh they live like this, their grandma always tells them – “Everybody is capable of doing something, you just need to find it.”

We also see that the young Tae Yang has a strong fondness towards to vegetables and maintaining it.

We then see the next character Jin Jin Shim who sleeps off in church and dreams of her mother putting a beautiful hair clip on her only to wake up and realize she’s an orphan and alone.

However Jin Shim finds solace in Tae Yang who are close friends.

Jin Shim gets awkwardly invited for tea into the owner of dress shop’s store and becomes friends with the girl as she doesn’t have any other friends. Her mother seems sweet too.

While Tae Yang works part time in the field to buy a pager gift for Jin Shim, she hangs out with the mother-daughter duo even ignoring Tae Yang when they bump into each other on the street.

A magazine releases an article stating that chaebol Mok In Bum is getting a divorce as his wife wasn’t able to have children . Kang Sun (The Mother) reads this gravely and we see that the two had a past, and that the daughter is theirs, with a star shaped birthmark.

In Bum was ready to leave his position for his family but it was Kang Sun who forced him to make the decision to marry someone else and that she will take care of their daughter and prepare her to “befit his status” (Seriously, though?) Because of this Kang Sun constantly pressurises her daughter on her lessons.

Because of Jin Shim’s and Ga On’s friendship she distances herself from Tae Yang. But soon Kang Sun asks Jin Shim not to be friends with her anymore, as she has special blood and it’s time to meet her father, and she’s not required anymore.

We soon find that Grandma is now very ill and they try to find parents to adopt the kids but sadly everyone is okay with Tae Yang’s younger sister but not him.

Ga On realising that her mother meddled in her friendships entrusts Tae Yang with their shared diary, to give to Jin Shim.

In the diary, Ga On has mentioned that she will ask her dad to take in Jin Shim too so that they can become a family and asked her to meet at their usual place. But Tae Yang never gives the diary to Jin Shim.

Ga On hasn’t returned home and her mother and Jin Shim frantically look for her while Tae Yang finally informs them that she must be waiting for Jin Shim. But when they go there they only find a doll dropped by her.

We later see that she was chased by goons and died, in an accident.

Episode 2

Now with Ga-On dead, Kang Sun tries to commit suicide but is saved by Jin Shim. A miserable and guilty Tae Yang stays at Ga On’s memorial service. Jin Shim asks Kang Sun whether Ga On’s father will be informed of her death, when Kang Sun realizes that today is the day that was decided for Ga On to meet her father.

For now Kang Sun convinces Ga On’s father that they will meet another day as Ga On is not well. He pressurises for the three of them to be together which leads to Kang Sun asking Jin Shim whether she can become her Ga On (Uh-oh)

Jin Shim although desperately needing a mom runs to Tae Yang to ask him, but sees his grandmother being taken to the hospital.

Grandma gets better soon but the kids soon pray together in a church and leave where they meet Kang Sun. Tae Yang apologizes to which Kang Sun asks him of a favor. To never meet Jin Shim again.

While Tae Yang innocently kills one of his chickens and makes soup as an apology, Grandma is at a photo studio to take her memorial picture. Grandma sees them taking graduation pictures and Kang Sun calling her Ga On. She tells Kang Sun that she wants to have a word with her.

The next day on Tae Yang’s birthday, Jin Shim doesn’t go to celebrate and instead gets a haircut (this is getting super creepy at this point).

Eventually Jin Shim gets the tattoo, for the same star shaped birthmark and Kang Sun asks her who she is and she replies “Mom”.

Tae Yang is shocked at this and sad but soon finds a lunch bag made by Jin Shim in his locker.

Kang Sun tell her they must leave at once but Jin Shim now runs off to say goodbye. She meets Grandma while trying to find Tae Yang and Grandma realises that there is something terribly wrong. She later confronts Kang Sun, gets a heart attach and Kang Sun knocks her pills away. (Could she get any more evil?)

Meanwhile Jin Shim says goodbye to Tae Yang like they will see each other tomorrow.

Back home, the children find their grandmother, dead. (As if things couldn’t get any worse).

Eleven years later we see a grown up Tae Yang (Ji Chang Wook). He is literally the most positive person you could meet and he proudly attends his sister’s graduation.

Only to find that she spent all the money for tution fees on clothes, to look pretty and get a rich husband much to the annoyance of Tae Yang. (Good to see the siblings share this antagonistic and comedic relationship).

We now meet Jin Shim (who is now living as Ga On and will be referred to as Ga On from now on) is working as a parking attendant but is revealed to be the daughter of the conglomerate.

Ga On argues with a co-worker about being honest at the job (look whose talking) which is witnessed by Kim Young Kwang (I smell a secondary lead here!)

The episode ends with both Ga On and Tae Yang a little apart looking at the sign of a vegetable market, where their new future awaits.

Episode 3

Ga On starts her job as a market auction announcer (I’ve never heard of this job but sounds interesting). Her colleagues are quick to tell her she’s a woman and that she won’t survive at the job.

Meanwhile Tae Yang starts his first day at the job with high energy only to realise how physically gruelling the job is.

Ga On’s father is happy that she is learning the work from scratch instead of starting at the top like a normal heiress but her mother doesn’t like her doing this at all. Seriously what does she like?

Her mom feels she should just find another rich guy to marry and live with as the job that Ga On pursues does not befit their status.

Although both of them struggle at their jobs, they ultimately become a helping hand to each other.

We then meet Lee Seul Woo who along with his mom and ex-girlfriend Dan Bi are picking dresses for a launch party. A party to which Kang Sun and her daughter are attending as they are one of the backers for the program.

Seul Woo and his mother aren’t accepted that well as they are “new money” and Seul Woo finds out that Ga On,the parking assistant is indeed the daughter of a chaebol.

Eventually Ga On and Seul Woo meet with their mothers and have a heated argument as Seul Woo feels angry at how his mother was insulted at the party due to her status, and Ga On does not like the way he speaks to her mother.

The heated argument between the two really goes to show that there’s going to be some really complicated relationships between the two. As hard as Kang Sun makes Ga On’s life with her expectations, Ga On will always protect her like a daughter would for a mother.

Episode 4

Seol Woo although angry at how things event, eventually cool off.

A farmer comes and creates a ruckus as the market auctioneers sold off his produce at half the price. Ga On debates back with him saying it’s his fault, as he should have picked up the phone, and that the weather is bad.

Ga On’s colleagues, the farmer and Tae Yang are all surprised at how harsh she is. The weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse and everyone rushes to save the produce.

Because of an eventual argument between them both, they had to rush to save the produce which leads to Tosa Jung, one of the owners of the market, being furious at them.

Eventually Tosa Jung wants them fired but Tae Yang jumps in and says it’s his fault. At this point Ga On considers the issue resolved and leaves poor Tae Yang who has now lost his job and has to pay a debt to Jung Tosa for the losses. I am not liking her one bit. Is this how you work your way up from the bottom?

Tae Yang depressed and drunk meets four others. One whose an ambitious manner and goes on dates looking for a prospective marriage only to be mistaken as a thief. Another person who was training to be an idol for years but got kicked out due to a scandal with a girl. And finally a guy,whose smart but can’t land a job as he isn’t good looking, enough.

As funny as how the situations are depicted here they actually shine light on a sad reality too if you think about it.

Later the next day, Tae Yang mentions that they can be each other’s 119 (Like the 911) and can help each other in an emergency.

We soon see Kang Sun visiting a fertility clinic obviously having desperate attempts at having her own biological child again. There she cowers in fear as she meets her husband’s ex-wife.

The episode ends with Tae Yang about to enter the market place again, with Ga On watching him.

Episode 5

Tae Yang wants to repay Jung Tosa for the mishap with the produce and wants to do so by selling produce. Jung Tosa doesn’t agree initially as he feels Tae Yang doesn’t have it in him, but he soon gives him keys to a truck and asks him to get some produce from Gold Mountain Farms.

Once he reaches there, he realises his task is not that simple and calls his four friends from the drunken night, but none of them answer his plea for help.

Meanwhile Tae In, is behind Seol Woo as she feels he is the perfect candidate to be her rich husband. She somehow manages to get close to Dan Bi and we see that Dan Bi’s step mother is the lady that was divorced from Ga On’s father due to “infertility issues”.

Tae Yang’s friends eventually come to help but they develop a skin condition due to them picking figs without wearing gloves. Tae Yang then thanks then for the help and leaves to finish the task in his own.

Although they never got the figs, Tae Yang’s positive energy and perseverance earn him a stock of sweet potatoes to which Jung Tosa finally admits that Tae Yang can do it.

At an event in an orphanage, Kang Sun witnesses a girl fall off a ledge leading her to cry for Ga On. Her father sees this and at night, asks Ga On what happened when he was apart from them and Ga On struggles to lie to him, which he notices.

Tae In who comes to the orphanages also recognises Kang Sun as “that witch ajhumma”.

Episode 6

While Tae Yang happily tells Tae In of how he is closer to his dreams of a vegetable business, it’s revealed that to this day, Tae Yang is still looking for Jin Shim, sometimes even losing jobs in pursuit of that. I guess first loves die hard! Tae In does not tell her brother about seeing Kang Sun.

Over time, their experiences at the market deepens Tae Yang’s and Ga Ons relationship.

Meanwhile Seol Woo’s mother is impressed at how Ga On has done in her education and starting from the small jobs, that she wants Seol Woo to now approach Ga On, an idea he rejects .

This leads to his mother preventing him from using his car, until he gets Ga On to date him. Dan Bi is revealed to be Jung Tosa’s daughter and the two seem to be having some issues related to her mother’s death due to which she lives apart from him and her step mother.

Tae Yang invites his friends to join his truck vegetable store business venture to which they soon accept. Each member puts in different contributions. We see them getting the produce, prepping up their truck, business plans and everything as the episode ends.

By this time we are getting a more solid view on where this story is going as we have gotten an outlook on all the characters in this series.

Episode 7

The new vegetable bachelor’s are not having an easy journey in selling vegetables with only Tae Yang trying his best at getting their customers. The boys then even go to doing funny performances on the road to get customers. Although the others are shy, with Tae Yang’s infectious energy they too participate and start selling out their produce daily.

Meanwhile Seol Woo in an attempt to get his car back, becomes closer with Ga On whose working more in the market.

On Ga On’s birthday her father throws a private family party and throws a montage of old photos of Ga On before he and Kang Sun separated causing her to cry.

However after this Tae Yang throws her a mini party, just the two of them with a slice of cake. Meanwhile Tae In, after convincing Dan Bi decides to stay with her as she lied she has nowhere to go, a ploy to woo the rich Seol Woo.

Meanwhile as the boys make good progress on business they get beat up by some goons in the area for money. They are however saved by an unknown stranger.

The next day Tae Yang starts alone, as he understands the boys would no longer want to come and do this after getting beat up badly. Ga On sees how injured Tae Yang is and applies medicine for him, only to be seen by a disapproving Kang Sun.

Episode 8

Ga On’s mother obviously disapproves of her relationship with Tae Yang as he is beneath their “status”. It is also revealed that Tae Yang is visiting the church where the orphanage is on the 15th of every month in hopes of meeting Jin Shim.

We later see Jung Tosa meet up with Seol Woo’s mother who are old friends who then reveals Ga On, who is working as an auctioneer in Tosa’s market that she is the heir of the Mok family group. Startled Tosa asks his wife of he should send Ga On away for her sake. Something more is there to the divorce for sure at this point.

While the bachelor’s are back in business, Kang Sun proposes her daughter for marriage to another rich family only to have that lady reject it, not because of Mom group, but because of Kang Sun’s low background.

Seol Woo’s mother sees her being insulted and helps her. Eventually she suggests Seol Woo as a match for Ga On which Kang sun rejects as not worthy. This lady and her preferences are really getting to me. She should answered about her status to the lady that insulted her , not helped her!

Evebtually at a party, Tae Yang finds out that Ga On is from a wealthy background and later walks out with her from there as Dan Bi insults him to Seol Woo, as he is a mere vegetable seller. Although there’s some hesitation, Tae Yang finally opens up and asks her name- to which she answers “Mom Ga On” ; a name quite familiar to Tae Yang.

Episode 9

When she reveals her real name, Tae Yang tells her that he once had a friend called Ga On who died because of him. Ga On is shocked to think that this might be her Tae Yang from the orphanage and lies in shock at home.

The boys try very hard to get permission to start their business in an apartment complex to no avail. Meanwhile Ga On convinced her mother that there’s nothing between her and Tae Yang, but Kang Sun has someone do a check on him and bar him from the market.

Tae Yang eventually find out that Tae In moved out and is even more shocked to find it is at Dan Bi’s home. Ga On and Seol Woo have a fight and he finally decides to enter the business.

Meanwhile Mok and Kang Sun come across his ex-wife with Tosa and he finally realized that she is married. At both homes the mood is bitter as Tosa is bitter towards Mok, who hurt her heart. Kang Sun is irritated at how calm Mok is, but truth be told Mom feels guilty for what happened between him and his first wife.

With Dan Bi’s kitchen the boys make a cream (which Tae Yang gifted Dan Bi as well) out of natural ingredients with benefits which eventually grants them permission to start their business in the complex. TaeYabg also befirends the man who saved them when they were getting beaten up too.

Then cue cheesy K-drama scene where Seol Woo saves Ga On from a shattering bulb. They have to squeeze this in some how huh! LOL

Kang Sun’s secretary sees Tae Yang leave the market after handing Tosa his first set of profit. The secretary offers a huge food contract in return for firing Tae Yang.

Outside the market Tae Yang tries to avoid Ga On as he feels they are just too different. But by that time she had seen his lunch bag which she gave to him when they were kids as she was leaving and realized this is her Tae Yang.

She calms him and plants a kiss.

Episode 10

The next day at the market the boys find out that they have been banned from obtaining any produce in the market and Tosa even asks for his truck back. Devastated as they are, they end their business “Fresh Men”.

Tae Yang desperately waits outside Jung Tosa’s home in the freezing cold for another chance. Ga on finds out about what happened to Tae Yang and called Seol Woo to get Tae Yang’s number to which Seol woo feels angry as he thought things were moving between him and Ga On. Meanwhile Tae in who was near Seol woo thinks over that familiar name- Mok Ga On. Uh oh.

Dan Bi tries persuading her father for Tae Yang but to no avail. He later spends time with Ga On and feels better. Fresh Men then split for good the next day after a goodbye meal. However when Tosa finds out he did business with Mom group, he cancels the contract.

Ga On meets up with her father who wants to revitalize the business where she gives him the idea to have a competition where the winner gets store front space and capital from Mok group. Tae Yang and the boys see this, and joined by the scruffy man who saved them decides to take a trip to a professor to study properly for the competition.

Meanwhile Seol Woo’s mother collapses due to business pressures.

The Fresh Men finally arrive at the farm to start their preparation for the competition.

Episode 11

Whike the Fresh Men desperately try to prepare their plants, Tae In is forced to reveal to Seol Woo that she moved in with Dan Bi to get close to him. Later though we see Tae In and Dan Bi becoming closer, and indications of Dan Bi having feelings for Tae Yang. I smell a love quadrangle coming up people.

Eventually Seol Woo’s mother is arrested for tax evasion leaving a helpless Seol woo.

Tae Yang and team have submitted their plants for the competition.

Whike they wait for the results Tae Yang takes her to (their) old orphanage and tells that his first love is Jin Shim, but now it’s Ga on. The wierd circumstance though!

The boys pass the first round of the competition. Seol Woo discovers that his mother might have to serve jail time to avoid her other tax evasions from coming to light. Jung Tosa tells Ga On that she must tell him why her mother is trying to destroy Tae Yang.

Meanwhile Kang Sun is now pregnant which makes Ga On more uneasy.

In the next round of the competition the boys must sell a fixed number of apples, but no more than one per customer and none to family members. However as a penalty for being late, the quality of their apples are much worse than their customers.

Meanwhile Seol Woo requests Ga On for help on his mother’s situation.

Episode 12

Although the apples look bad, they taste excellent and the boys try to use that strategy but it doesn’t seem to be working as well.

Seol Woo on meeting Ga On’s father begs him for help but he says he can’t as she has broken the law.

The boys hold a funny skit as Snow White and manage to sell their apples which impresses the judges as their marketing strategy was very good.

The boys eventually win the competition and are informed they must have the sales of a premium store in 6 months or else they would lose it. Jung Tosa is confused as to why the mother is trying to push the boy down, whereas the father is helping him. As Kang Sun comes to Mom’s office she is shocked to see Tae Yang talking to Mok.

Hwang says goodbye to everyone and Kang sun finds out about the true identity of Tae Yang and once Ga On is home, angrily questions her about it. Uh oh things are getting really bad !

Episode 13

Kang Sun wants Ga On to sever all ties with Tae Yang to which she eventually resigns from her job. Tae Yang meanwhile is busy working on the new store and is also given back the truck as he needs Tae Yang, in return if telling him who made him lose his job at the market.

Seol Woo asks Ga On to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his mother as she is about to be arrested.

Tae Yang meets Kang Sun who severely insults him and mentions that she has no idea where Jin Shim is. Later as Tae Yang meets Ga On he tells her about this meet up worried as how the past still seems to be hanging on. But Ga On asks him to forget about all that for now, as tomorrow is the store opening.

The boys starts their business steadily, but later gets a complaint that their produce is bad. They find that in the boxes from the market the top of the box has good produce whereas the bottom is filled with bad ones. When they go to the market for an exchange they get none. The next day armed with cutters they examine every box before they buy but that is met with a lot of harsh resistance from the market.

While Ga On comes to end things with Tae Yang she is called by a drink Seol Woo which makes jealous. Tae In meets Mok and adds up things together slowly coming to the truth.

Episode 14

The boys business steadily gets better as they invest in only the best produce. Dan Bi seems to be getting closer to her family, and Tae Yang, to the annoyance of Seol Woo.

Tae In meets up with Kang Sun after Kang Sun found out that Tae In had a conversation with Mok. She talks to Kang Sun like she’s figured out how the Ga On who was dead twelve years ago is still alive.

Ga On breaks up with Tae Yang mentioning that she now needs to start her dream of becoming the successor of the family business.

Tae in threatens Kang Sun but she reminds her that her brothers business is surviving on the money from Mom group.

Yoo bong looks for the mysterious pretty girl that helped him, to no avail. But the girl calls for a delivery which Too Bong does..

Ga On starts at work with her father and visits the shop which puts Tae Yang in a difficult position. Tae Yang eventually collapses from exhaustion and is admitted..Dan Bi is furious that Ga On doesn’t care about him even with him in this condition. She then later finds Tae Yang missing from the ER, as he sits and waits for Ga on, again. He really didn’t deserve this. If she was going to do this she could have bailed out earlier. Honestly at this point I think Dan Bi is better for him!

Episode 15

Tae Yang eventually returns to work.

When Kang sun and Ga On visit Mom at office, they see Tae In there. She didn’t reveal anything but just wanted to shout at Ga on for hurting her brother twice. Kang Sun is not happy at Tae in’s actions either.

Meanwhile Seol Woo approaches Tae Yang for a job which both of them don’t seem too happy about.

We see the back story of Mom’s ex-wife that after their divorce, she was in a monastery and about to kill herself only to be saved by Jung Tosa. Nowadays she strives to be healthy so that Dan Bi does not lose a mother again.

Seol Woo is having a hard time being accepted by the others at the store. Yoo Bong gets closer to the lady he likes, and we see that Chan Sol and his noona have a secret.

Tae In meets Kang Sun only to physically threatened. Once home Dan Bi calls Tae Yang after seeing Tae In in this state. He searches her phone and sees missed calls from Ga On and is shocked as to how they know each other and what happened to Tae In. He confronts her the next day to know the truth.

Episode 16

Tae Yang sees the mother daughter duo together and starts suspecting the true identity of them both. Ga On considers telling Mok the truth as she feels it still isn’t too late. But her mother tells her once the truth is out she will no longer be the doting daughter but an enemy.

Meanwhile at the store Ho Jae’s mother finds out about him working as a vegetable vendor and shouts at how demeaning the job is and drags him off.

We find that Seol Woo is working with Kang Sun to ruin Tae Yang in return for money to bail his mother. Things just couldn’t get any worse huh and doesn’t this lady need to take care of her pregnancy or anything?

Tae Yang eventually find out the truth about the real identity of the impostor daughter. He subtly hints it at her too. Her mother asks her not to lose a grip on him now and she returns to talk to him. He however ignores her the whole day and she walks back home alone only to be followed by Seol Woo from a distance. As she cries, he rushes to comfort her.

At the end of the episode Mok receives an envelope with a photo of the young Ga On and Jin Shim, with the picture titled at the back, the happy days when Ga On and Jin Shim were young.

Episode 17

Mok asks her if she knows a Jin Shim from the picture but she states she doesn’t have any recollection. But that same day he has a conversation with Tae In who States that Jin Shim was very close to Ga On and her mother, which leaves him doubtful.

Once confirmed that it was not Tae In who sent the pictures Ga On requests Kang Sun to not harm her any more . He questions Tae Yang too and he understands he is being lied to by everyone.

At the shop Ho jae returns and Yoo bong sees a man at his lady crush home. Kang Sun tries offering money to Tae Yang to leave forever but he says he can’t as he has a responsibility to the boys. Mok starts investigating into the identity of Jin Shim.

Episode 18

Kang Sun gives some old conviction records of one of the boys to use as a bad image to Seol Woo. What’s worse is that the rumors on Chan Sol don’t seem to be decreasing either. Finally he reveals the truth to them and although shocked they accept it. Despite getting a chance to be an idol again he rejects it to continue working with his brothers.

Mok finds out Ga on died many years ago when exactly then Kang Sun says she has found Jin Shim and that they should have lunch together. He agrees.

Also Jung Tosa’s wife is ille and only has a few months to live.

As she is about to reveal the truth to her father, her mother calls and threatens that she will commit suicide. Meanwhile Seol Woo bails his mother and reveals he got the money from Kang Sun.

Episode 19

The truth is now revealed and Mok leaves home to come to grips of it all.

Chan Sol is asked to take his chance at getting his career back and leaves for Japan immediately.

Kang Sun starts her plan to ruin Tae Yang once and for all and Seol Woo is now accepted into being one of their true friends at the shop.

A man comes in stating that he got food poisoning and causes a huge ruckus finally leading to a fist fight. He admits himself in and says he was grueviousky injured and the food harmed him too. One of the members resign and Tae Yang threatens the man for lying about it. It seems the company might have to intervene soon. Seriously she already messed up her own life why mess up others too?

Episode 20

The bad press about the shop continues and business goes for the worse. Ga on discovers that Seol Woo was an informant for all this to happen. She then finds out her mother is the cause of all this and asks her why she did this now that the truth is all out. Because of the bad press, the company decides to close down the store as well.

Tae Yang eventually finds out that he was kicked out of the market initially because of Kang Sun as well and confronts her. Ga On confronts Seol Woo for his actions and reveals to him how her whole life has been a lie and how it has done nothing good for her, which is why he must be truthful.

Ga On finally talks to Mok and tells him she is leaving home now to which he is saddened. He finally returns home and asks Kang Sun to leave now that Ga On is gone as she was only a child when Kang Sun dragged her into this ploy. She throws a ruckus and eventually the episode ends with her waking up from a bad dream clutching her stomach in pain. Mok was right here though, the kid was young but it was the adult to blame. I am kind of happy at the decision that Ga On took though. It seems sensible and fit, she finally made one good and bold decision in this series!

Episode 21

The baby has indeed suffered from a miscarriage but Kang Sun being hysterical refuses to have a surgery to clear out or risk getting an infection. Mok receives his daughters official letter of resignation and is deeply sad.

Seol Woo helps Ga On settle into a hotel.

The boys find out it was Seol Woo who caused all this mess and Dan Bi and his mother confront him for the same, as his mother says, I don’t want to be bailed out because of such a bad act.

Tae Yang sees that Seol Woo is with her at the hotel and punches him out of anger at what happened to her and his store.

Yoo Bong meets up with the stalker of his crush and he reveals that this is an act she plays all the time to scam people and he becomes devastated.

Mok finally finds out how his daughter died because of Tae Yang and although Seol Woo tells him the truth about the rumors he orders the shop to be forced shut.

Episode 22

Mok now somehow calm asks to visit the hospital for a check up for the baby, to which she rushes to the hospital and begs the doctor to not tell him the truth.

But he is confronted by Jung Tosa who wants to know to what extent the couple wants to destroy Tae Yang and even Seol Woo’s life in the process. But at that moment his wife collapses and she is rushed into care.

The boys part ways and Dan Bi finds out about her mother’s illness and that she has just a year left. Eventually Kang Sun collapses and Mok finds out how days ago she suffered a miscarriage. He looks like he has had enough from her by this point, I mean who wouldn’t.

Now back in their home town the two start their time as a couple as who they really are, whereas Mok has finally had the last straw and asks Kang Sun to leave and let’s just say she went nuts after that.

Episode 23

Jin Shim finds the horrible state her mother is in and decides to stay with her. Meanwhile Dan Bi spends quality time with her mom in all the time that’s left for them.

Dan Bi and Tae Yang talk and she realises there is no one but Jin Shim in his life.

Tae Yang meets up with Seol Woo and asks him not to destroy his life anymore out of guilt as what’s happened has happened. Also, Tosa meets up with Tae Yang and gives him a job as he might not be around that much for some time, and he needs someone he trusts to take care of things.

He eventually starts his truck business from scratch only to be joined by the others as well. Jin Shim returns home to see Kang Sun fine but eventually Mok asks her to leave home and be his adopted daughter.

Jin Shim gets a call saying her mother is missing after taking a car, and is confronting Tae Yang as he is what keeps her daughter away from her. Enraged he tells her although he feels guilty about the past, what happened to her now is truly her fault. Finally someone said it to her face! Furious she tries to kill him with the car, only to be saved by Seol Woo but Uh-oh the car is headed straight for Jin Shim! As if we didn’t need any more theatrics here!

Episode 24 – The final

Don’t worry the last swerved the car on time and got admitted in a hospital. Mok arrives and asks her to leave her and come with him but she insists she can’t as she is all that’s left for her.

Mok tells Tae Yang that he intends to adopt her which would make their relationship difficult to which he answers that if he’s adopting her, there shouldn’t be any conditions attached. He goes, where she goes.

Jin Shim then takes care of her mother. Tae Yang proposes to her and starts the business again, as that is their combined dream. Chan Sol has a baby girl. Jung and family are handling the situation while Seol Woo now takes care of the market. Yoo bong erases all misunderstandings and start their relationship as well. Kang Sun finally says that they can celebrate their daughters birthday on Jin Shim’s birthday and not Ga On’s. The only time this lady has talked sense is here people.

And I guess from here it’s a happily ever after.

Overall –

There were a lot of ups and downs and a lot of theatrics but bachelor’s vegetable store happened to pack in a lot more than a young man bringing up his business from scratch. If you want to read my complete review on this drama – click here!

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