September Bullet Journal update!

I recently started my bullet journal journey last month for August. Unlike a lot of my ventures, I’m glad to announce that it’s still continuing strong and I’m throughly enjoying it!

I will also update on the little stuff that are now strew across the pages of my journal, like doodles etc over the month of August as I was updating it.

Now of course I don’t take credit for any of this, I owe the credit of the creativity to the following links by Amanda Rach Lee and this super cute video on puns of encouragement by Sarah. And there are of course countless users on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube who also gave me a lot of ideas! I merely arranged them in a book but here goes!

The first thing I introduced in the August journal as I noted my daily tasks and all was this really cute quote on Instagram! Being a Potterhead myself, I just couldn’t not include this one!

Of course being the BTS fan I am you will see lyrics and quotes from the band strewn across the journal too!

Another thing that Ive started to do right now is having pages in the journal dedicated to swatches of the equipment I use. Now I’m happy to say that my equipment has broadened quite a bit ever since I published my post Journal 2.0.

Although I initially did this just to see a broadened view of my equipment, this was also helpful as I know how each item would show up, and stay as time goes by on the paper.

There is nothing like cute little doodles that you can put across some entries for that extra bit of positivity!

Just before September began I had a recent acquisition of more equipment which I made sure to swatch too!

Especially with these two quotes I found on Pinterest, I tried my hand at my drawing skills and I’m happy to know it hasn’t turned out that bad!

Although a little late I have included this page as well where eventually I will have lots of doodles and entries strewn with who I am.

This also seemed like an apt entry in a personalised bullet journal as well as categorising and prioritising our needs are definitely important!

This sun-moon tracker seemed like a good idea to me as well, because amongst the endless things I need to do or work on, it’s nice to have right next to it, the things I am, and the things I’ve done.

This ones just a cute little page I dedicated for my routines.

Like the about me page, there is also a page I included called “my ideal life”. This cloud can have several lines stretched out that can point out to how I would like my ideal life to be. Realistically thinking, of course attaining everything may not be possible, but a girl can dream right?

I have been thinking of some good method to actually note down my savings and what better than a savings jar! I had a goal put at the top with the amount I desire to reach this year and markings for each level or milestone I reach in my savings.

Positivity pages can never be too many either!

I tried my hand at copying this beautiful drawing I saw on Pinterest. I guess it didn’t turn out to be that bad minus the little shifts in proportion as I tried to draw it.

Another attempt at different styles of writing although I have to admit, I have a long way to go as far as writing is concerned.

Finally onto the September theme I adopted Amanda Rach Lee’s theme of September (the link of the video is at the beginning of this post) and the theme happens to be succulents . Not sure how well the shake turned out but I’m happy with the color combination.

For August I went with listing down all the days one by one and across each date I would mention the highlight of the day. That didn’t feel creative enough so this time I went with an actual month layout which I’m much more happy about.

The mood tracker this time is circular. I’m sorry about the really bad circle because I really didn’t have a compass or protarctir to draw it out neatly enough and I suck at free hand exercises. There was this tip that I used which I got from Amanda’s video which was to have a thick black outline for the entirety of the image which I liked a lot and made it very special!

Finally I made the decision to have weekly trackers for all the weeks of September to just have an overall weekly update. This time I also have something to note down the meals I’m taking too. For more inspiration in weekly planners you can use this link that I used to find a weekly spread fit for your needs.

Aside from this I had my playlist , sleep tracker and water tracker as we which are just like last time but with an odd succulent here or there to grasp the theme I set for September.

So yes that’s that for September!

Do you guys do bullet journalling? Have any nice ideas? Let me know in the comments below!


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