Indian Kaleidoscope – Secret Superstar : Review

Hello everyone! And welcome back to another edition of Indian Kaleidoscope where we venture into the colorful and vibrant field of Indian cinema!

Dreams are important. In the short amount of time that we spend living our lives we can say without a doubt how important it is to have a dream or a goal. Now I don’t mean just goals like getting an Oscar award or building a time Traveller. Or even goals like getting a promotion, or a degree or anything at all. I include dreams such as having peace, happiness and content in life as well. No dream is bigger or smaller than the other.

But what if there’s a hindrance to achieving that dream? I don’t know about you guys but I love those kind of movies, where the protagonist goes to every extreme possible to attain their goals or dreams.

So if you’re into those kind of movies, do read on!

Cinematic release poster

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Country of origin : India

Language : Hindi

Directed and Written by : Advait Chandan

Screenplay : Rifat Khandakar

Starring : Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Raj Arjun, Aamir Khan

Music : Amit Trivedi

Released : 19 October 2017

Duration : 150 minutes

Genre : Inspirational, Family, Drama

Insia Malik played by Zaira Wasim

Meet our protagonist Insia Malik fondly called “Insu” by her mother. She is passionate of singing and dreams of becoming a singer. She lives in Baroda with her parents, grandmother and younger brother, Guddu.

However pursuing that dream is not easy as her father is abusive at home, and she has a difficult family life. He takes out his anger on her mother, injuring her badly. He also favors her brother over her most of the time. Her father works away mostly returning once a week. Even a tiny thing such as less salt in his food can make him go mad.

Meher Vij as Najma, Insu’s mother

Her mother, then gifts her a laptop and an internet connection. Seeing all the exciting content on YouTube she wishes to showcase her singing as well but doesn’t want her father to know. Therefore she clads a burqa and records and posts her songs on YouTube under the username ‘Secret Superstar’. She becomes an overnight sensation as even called on by Shakthi Kumar (Aamir Khan) which she rejects as she heard a lot of negative rumors about him.

However Insia’s father, due to her poor test grades breaks her guitar. Shortly after which he finds that her mother sold her jewellery to buy the laptop for which he starts brutally beating her mother.

Frustrated Insia throws her laptop away. Her father soon informs the family of his plan to move from Baroda. Dejected Insia even travels to Mumbai and records a song for Shakthi Kumar as a favor for meeting his lawyer to arrange a divorce for her mother.

Her mother rejects it and Insia bursts out that her mother is a coward and is ruining all their lives.

The movie then shows the journey of how Insia comes to achieve her dreams despite all that, and how her mother breaks free and stands up for her kids.

Interesting right?

Overall I loved the premise of the movie. It was not a solo story of just the protagonist and her dreams but surrounding a normal family living in India who unfortunately becomes a victim of domestic violence.

More than the movie being one about dreams, it’s also for all the mothers out there. No matter how much we might fight or argue with our moms, at the end of the day they would do anything for us, and as kids we would do anything for them. The bond between a mother and child is so simple but complex and so beautiful. Definitely the purest form of love out there.

I loved the performance from all the actors. Despite it being an Aamir Khan film, his screen time as Shakthi Kumar was pretty less and it was Insia and her mother who really took to the screens. Both of them together and separately really contributed beautifully to the film.

One character that I definitely want to highlight here is Insu’s father, played by Raj Arjun. The character was executed so well that we really detest the character and the fact that we feel that, is definitely a win on his acting!

And I definitely won’t forget the characters , Guddu (Insu’s brother) and Chetan (her classmate who has a massive crush on her). They were by far, the cutest characters.

Being a film centred on her dream to become a musician, we definitely need to talk about the music. Personally, more than the tracks which was focusing on Insia and her singing there was one track which she sang for her mom called Meri Pyaari Ammi (My loving mother). The song on its own would really make us think about our moms and all the happiness associated with it. We also feel a mental connect between the motherly bond on the film that honestly you might feel your eyes stinging a little.

Another song that marks her fight on achieving her dream would be – Mein Kaun Hoon (Who Am I?) which a song fitting the whole theme of the movie.

Aamir Khan as Shakthi Kumar a passionate , yet eccentric music director

Highlighted throughout the movie along with this, was the perils of domestic violence. Though we don’t know about everyone, domestic violence is sadly a huge factor in this time and age we live in. In a lot of cases, I’ve seen some women who suffer as they don’t have a source of income or way to support themselves. It’s things like this that show, we must educate our girls and make sure they work and are independent! And it’s not just women who are victims of domestic violence. Statistics show that in some places it’s men who suffer more domestic violence and of course children as well.

This needn’t just be physical violence either. It also includes violence or harassment in any form, and at any point of time, we must never support the violence against anyone, especially in our own homes!

With all this said, do I recommend this movie? I sure do. It’s not a big question as to why this movie was received positively by critics and audience alike. I’m sure you will enjoy this movie.

If you’ve seen this movie, or have any experiences regarding this theme, do let me know in the comments below!


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