October bullet journal update!

I’ve been doing my bullet journal since August and I must say I’m proud of how much I’ve maintained it without procrastinating. Honestly a lot of people have asked me how I maintain throughout but honestly the effort is in that one day you spend setting it up for the month. The remaining writing or rather updating takes just a few minutes!

Now there were a few gaps in the pages I had to leave in the month of August in preparation for September. I filled up those two pages with two doodles.

And –

Both these doodles are not my idea but was inspired from this video by the YouTuber “Doodles by Sarah”. Please do check it out and give lots of love! I love her page and I’ve recreated her doodles all over by bullet journal!

Now the October theme that I set is as always from a video by Amanda Rach Lee who is my biggest inspiration when it comes to bullet journaling. You can check out her video on which I based my theme – here.

This time it’s a more fall theme with browns and oranges and reds. The quote on the side was just something that popped into my mind as I thought about ‘fall’. There’s nothing better than having your journal strewn with inspirational quotes!

Last month, I started having my overall month look and my daily highlights in this calendar format. It looked so much more better than the line-by-line format that I did in August.

The mood tracker this time was directly inspired from Amanda’s as well! The habit tracker format remains the same as the previous months. So does the sleep tracker and water log. I’ve just adjusted the layout of how I arrange the time on my sleep tracker that’s all.

Ive included this new little section on this page where, usually my job demands I learn and acquire more know-how as well. I have been putting off my educational reading quite some time and I’ve decided to pick it up, and finish this one book in a month. I’ve divided the number of pages I must read for 31 days and I’ve marked at the top of the page, how many pages I must go through daily in order to finish the book this month.

Now as much as I try to be meticulous sometimes there would be days where I wouldn’t be able to put that count. So I’ve left the next side of the page to note down the reasons I skipped, to ensure minimum procrastination. Hope it goes well!

And finally the weekly format remains the same. Just that I increased the size of the food column to twice of what it was before, just because I couldn’t fit the names of the foods I’m eating in the earlier format from September.

So that’s that for this months preparation. Are you interested in bujo? Are you completely new? Or are you an enthusiast as well? Let me know in the comments below!


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