September 2019 – Playlist!

It’s been a month since I published my August playlist! Can’t beleive another month flew by so fast!

This time the playlist is focused more on new released from some of my favorite artists! So here goes!

Aaradhike by Sooraj Santhosh, Madhuvanthi Narayan and Vishnu Vijay

Heres the link for YouTube.

This beautiful song sung about the person we love is from a recent watch at the theatre which is the movie – Ambili. The review is coming out soon too! The whole flow of the song is smooth and gentle, but I love the sudden flow that comes in between the song as the lyrics alternate each other. Definitely hits you in the feels.

Kudukku Song from the movie Love,Action, Drama

Here’s the link for YouTube.

Although there isn’t anything overly powerful or impactful in the movie or the song, you have to admit the song are one of those energetic songs that you would hear on a loop and Bob your head to.

everythingoes (with NELL) by RM

Here’s the Spotify and YouTube lyric video link (unofficial).

The whole playlist by RM is such a masterpiece – intricate, deep and would dig into the deepest facets of your brain.

This song combines RM and the wonderfully talented NELL on a beautiful number. You can literally imagine yourself on a boat on the endless and beautiful blue ocean, arms stretched out.


Here’s the Spotify and YouTube link (official).

The title track of Seventeen’s third album, it definitely didn’t disappoint. The album as a whole is wonderful but this track deserved it’s spot as the title track. The way it changes from powerful to the most subtle and gentle modes of singing makes it even more of a great listen. And don’t even get me started on its video. SEVENTEEN is know for their amazing sync and this – is no exception.

Pink Walk by GAHO

Here’s the Spotify and YouTube link (official).

I have been a huge fan of GAHO ever since I stumbled over his song ‘Stay Here’. His powerful vocals and mesmerising voice caught my attention not just then but with song too. He’s one of those musicians in the South Korean music industry that don’t have maybe, the flamboyance of K-Pop but shines just as bright with his impeccable music talent. His voice modulations are amazing.

Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G) by j-hope

Here’s the Spotify and YouTube link.

Mixed out of the original song and the latest release from BTS member, j-hope after his highly successful mixtape, ‘Hope World’ – I guess you can say this song was the best of three world’s. With it being a trilingual song containing English, Korean and Spanish and a highly energetic choreography with dancers from all over the world, it’s definitely THAT BOP.

Bullet To The Heart by Jackson Wang

Here’s the YouTube link.

Jackson Wang a member from the popular group GOT7 released this song very recently . His voice has a slight roughness to it that really delivers his emotions as he sings about the bullet to his heart.

Second Life by SEVENTEEN

Here’s the Spotify and YouTube lyric video (unofficial).

I just couldn’t ignore this track from my playlist this month. As much as a bop, Fear, the title track was, Second Life was a track where the vocal prowess of Seventeen really came out. It really transports you to another world.

How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love by AKMU

Here’s the YouTube link.

Another find that I made along with GAHO, was this amazing sister-brother duo, AKMU. There’s another top favorite by this artist in this months playlist but this ones off of their latest release. With a mellow BG, their vocals shine through for this emotional ballad. AKMU is another example of musician who don’t fit into the flamboyance of K-Pop but are amazing and shine through with their amazing talent.

1 on 1 by Leven Kali

Here’s the YouTube and Spotify link.

A classic and effortless bop. Leven Kali is also a recent find of mine and I’m glad I did too. A must listen.

Melted by AKMU

Here’s the Spotify and YouTube link.

People who love AKMU’s music would probably be having this song high up on their playlists. Be it the addictive beat or the sync between both their voices. This song is AMAZING. I highly recommend you give it a try. It’s hard not being a fan of AKMU even after listening to this one.

Enough (feat. Akacia) by Alex Lustig

Here’s the YouTube and Spotify link.

Alex Lustig is also a new find of mine, although he’s not a recent find. Although heavily infused EDM based music is prevalent now, I wasn’t that big a fan that I would go through a lot of EDM tracks. Alex Lustig has a very unique way around that, which appealed to me. Since then, I’ve been exploring quite a few tracks of his, and this one is my current favorite!

So that’s the tracks for this month! What do you think? Are any of your favorites here? Or do you have some other bops to recommend? Let me know in the comments!


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