Do What You Love presents : Festa!

Now what may be this festa you may wonder?

For my blog anniversary, last year I had the great opportunity to publish a series of posts on The Bangtan Universe. That actually took preparation for more than a month, and eventually I published it all on the my blog’s anniversary day – August 13..

This time I intended to do the same thing but this time I wanted to do it little differently. Lots of times we have movies/books that form a series under the same theme , say like The Harry Potter books or movies. What I wanted was to always do a collection of posts for it all, but I just couldn’t figure out how to. That’s when I employed my festa!

The first post of the festa will be on the theme on which the series of posts will follow. once I’ve announced the theme, then daily I will be posting one post each for the Festa, while updating the original article with all the links of the posts as I publish it! It really brings the mood of collective posts to something different, and I’ve decided to try that not just for blog anniversaries but whenever I want to execute an event related with a series of “anything” .

Do look forward to the Festa posts that will be up soon!!

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