Festa #1.4 – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – Season 4

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog festa! The festa is basically a set of posts that are released based on a single theme. It’s an idea I planned when I reached my blog’s second anniversary. I wanted to start it with something special, so I decided to do it on FRIENDS! And what better time to do it than now, when we have just crossed 25 years since the airing of this episode! In each post I’m going to cover my favorite moments in the season the post is based on! So without any more delays on my blabbering!

Monica’s jellyfish sting

While on their trip to the beach, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. Desperate for help, Joey and Chandler step in.

And we all know how they helped right!

The Canoe

Joey tries to sell the entertainment center only to be locked inside it and have their things stolen.

With that gone, he now gets a canoe of all things. The second episode off of thisseason where this airs was especially funny as to how it ended. Joey sits at one end of the canoe thinking happily, whereas Chandler stares into space and thinks about his uncertain future from the other end of the canoe!

Joey’s New Girlfriend

Chandler hits on a woman at Central Perk, who he finds very attractive.

Only to find that Joey’s New girlfriend Kathy! A good number of episodes into the episode actually have Chandler and Joey coming off on disagreement due to this woman that they both like!

Ross and his keyboard playing

Cue the entry of Ross – the keyboard extrodinaire!

Chandler in the crate

As penance for kissing Kathy, Chandler spends a long time in a shipping crate until Joey forgives him.

Monica’s eye patch

Monica gets ice in her eye and decides to visits Richard’s son, an ophthalmologist as well, with whom she has feelings.

Eventually she wears an eye patch over her eye as well.


Seven. Seven. SEVEN.

Phoebe gets implanted.

The big day has finally arrived and Phoebe is getting implanted with Frank’s and Alice’s embryos. But a lot of pressure is on her, as this is the couples only shot at this.

The quiz

The boys and girls have a quiz with Ross preparing the questions and a “lightning round”. If the girls win the boys must get rid of the rooster and the duck. If the boys win, they get the girls apartment.

The boys however win, after the girls are unable to figure out what Chandler’s job is!

Ross meets Emily

We meet the new and soon-to-be-vital character Emily as Ross gets bullied by some rugby players!


Chandler lies to Janice to avoid a romantic involvement with her by telling her he’s going to Yemen. The lie gets so big that he actually has to book a ticket and go to Yemen.

The light switch

Monica the perfectionist goes crazy when she can’t figure out what a certain might switch in the boys apartment does. She literally hunts through the entire electrical framework as well.

Towards the end of the episode, Monica tries to switch the light on and off only to have the TV in the girls apartment go on and off.

Phoebe the vegetarian

A now pregnant Phoebe who’s a vegetarian craves meat as she is now getting appetite changes.

They’re triplets!

Phoebe finds out over a doctor’s appointment that she is in fact having triplets! Frank and Alice are however worried about taking care of three kids and Phoebe looks for ways to earn money.

Ross and Emily

Ross tells Emily he loves her but she leaves for London. Desperate he goes over to London only to find that Emily had a change of mind and came back to New York to see him. The two then tell each other that they love each other over phone.

The Knicks game

The girls give Knicks game tickets to the boys and switch over the apartment while they are at the game.

Ross proposes

Ross proposes to Emily to which she says yes.

Ross happily announces it to his friends. But we see that Rachel isn’t too happy about it.

The sleep clinic

Due to Joey’s excessive snoring, Chandler sends him to a sleep clinic.

But towards the end, Chandler starts dating a girl who yells in her sleep instead.

The wedding dress

The girls try on wedding dresses and find the joy and enjoyment in it.

The baby shower

The girls throw a baby shower for Phoebe and gives her gifts that she can use after the pregnancy since she isn’t keeping the babies.

I found this was really cute.

The best men.

Ross doesn’t know who should be his best man. Joey arranges a stripper for his bachelor party only to have the ring go missing in the morning and they suspect the stripper took it.

Evebtually though, it is revealed that the duck ate the ring. Ross also decided to have two best men.

London, baby!

The friends are now in London, and Chandler gets tired of touring around the place with Joey as he goes on and on saying “London, baby!”

Like I said before I love it when there is a change in environment than from the usual set like how this season started with the beach. Now it’s London!

Rachel decides to go to London

Phoebe talks to Rachel about her and Ross and Rachel finally makes the decision to go to London, although Phoebe tries to stop her to.

Monica and Chandler?

After having a tiring and depressing day Monica and Chandler end up sleeping together! Which shocked me at first but when I thought about it later, I should have expected it.

The two decide to meet later as well.

Rachel arrives in London

Rachel meets Ross, but ends up not revealing her feelings to him.

So those are my favorite moments from Season 4! What are your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to read onto the next season, click here. Or if you want to read on to any other season, click here!


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