Festa #1.6 – F R.I.E.N.D.S. – Season 6

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog festa! The festa is basically a set of posts that are released based on a single theme. It’s an idea I planned when I reached my blog’s second anniversary. I wanted to start it with something special, so I decided to do it on FRIENDS! And what better time to do it than now, when we have just crossed 25 years since the airing of this episode! In each post I’m going to cover my favorite moments in the season the post is based on! So without any more delays on my blabbering!

Mondler decides to move in together

Finally although they cancelled their marriage plans, Chandler and Monica have decided to move in together. But that unfortunately means an uncomfortable conversation with Rachel as they can’t be roommates anymore!

The Porsche

Joey finds the keys to a Porsche in Central Perk and starts taking care of it, and even goes into buy Porsche clothes.


Monica and Chandler agree to babysit the triplets for Frank and Alice.

Chandler however gets a toy stuck in his throat and has to leave to the hospital with Monica leaving Phoebe alone to take care of the triplets.

Ross’s glow in the dark teeth

Ross bleaches his teeth but it ends up glowing in the dark!

The beef pudding

Rachel cooks a pudding but because the recipe book pages got stuck together she ends up making a dessert with beef in it.

Although Ross claims it tastes like feet, Joey enjoyed it quite a bit!

The Routine

Monica and Ross gets invited to the taping for the New Year’s Rocking Eve party but Ross and Monica end up to be a little too enthusiastic.

When Monica is sick but doesn’t want to admit she is

“Are you saying you don’t wanna get some of this?”

Episode 15 : “The One That Could Have Been”

Another episode which you can’t really term as “flashback” but more of what could have been-

Ross is still married to Carol, and Rachel to Barry although she’s fawning over soap opera actor Joey Tribbiani.

Monica is still fat and is dating a doctor while Chandler is an aspiring writer.

And Phoebe turns out to be a wall street lunch for Merrill Lynch.


Rachel and Phoebe are attending self defence classes but Ross tries to teach them the art of Unagi.

Joey’s broken fridge

Joey’s fridge breaks down and he is forced to eat everything in it!

Mac and Cheese

Joey gets kicked off the sitcom after he has a fight with the person who operates the robot.

Ross’s and Rachel’s date

Ross decides to visit with Elizabeth for a date at her father’s mountain cabin.

Only to find that Elizabeth’s father whose dating Rachel has brought her along to the cabin as well.

Chandler gets a ring

Although he freaks out when he finds out Monica reserved a place for their marriage, Chandler and Phoebe are secretly out together to get a ring for Monica!

Mondler 💜

Should I say anything more?

So there you go! Those are my favorite moments from the sixth season! Let me know your favorite moments in the comments! If you want to read onto the next season click here, or if you wanna read on about any other season, click here!


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