Festa #1.7 – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – Season 7

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog festa! The festa is basically a set of posts that are released based on a single theme. It’s an idea I planned when I reached my blog’s second anniversary. I wanted to start it with something special, so I decided to do it on FRIENDS! And what better time to do it than now, when we have just crossed 25 years since the airing of this episode! In each post I’m going to cover my favorite moments in the season the post is based on! So without any more delays on my blabbering!

Rachel and Joey goes sailing

Rachel and Joey goes sailing but as expected it ends up a disaster and the two just decide to dock the boat and drink beer!

When Chandler just can’t smile

I think it’s not just his problem but some people really have this issue! Monica and Chandler try taking an engagement picture. There’s just one problem. Chandler’s wierd smile!

The best nap. Ever.

Ross’s library book

Ross is happy that his thesis is now available in the library. But unfortunately his book seems to be at that place where the students go not to read, but to make out.

Naming all the states

Ross literally drives himself insane in one episode just because he can’t name all 50 states!

Phoebe’s bicycle

Knowing that Phoebe never owned a bicycle the friends get her one only to realize she doesn’t know how to ride it! They then take it upon themselves to teach her to ride a bike!

The Holiday Armadillo

No one can ever forget Ross’s attempt at teaching Ben about Hannukah!

The cheesecake

Chandler gets an accidental delivery of a cheese cake which turns out to be a huge hit. They’re even willing to eat it off the ground, the parts that didn’t touch the ground though!

Phoebe’s fire alarm

Phoebe’s fire alarm just won’t stop ringing! No matter what she does to it!

Ross and Joey are stuck.

After staying to watch the meteor shower Ross and Joey gets stuck on the rooftop which leads to many comedic sequences on them trying to escape!

Ross and his bagpipes

If Ross and his keyboard is not enough, he’s decided to make Monica’s and Chandler’s wedding extra special by playing the bagpipes!

The Soapie Awards

Joey gets nominated for the awards and doesn’t take his loss – that lightly.

But it’s okay because he steals a trophy that he accepted instead of a winner who couldn’t make it to the awards!

Monica realizes.

Although this ones not a major moment, at one point when a guy hits on Phoebe instead of her she realizes that she is going to be with Chandler – forever.

Chandler’s dad

Monica insists that they must invite his father no matter what for the wedding and the two set out to Vegas to meet him.

Joey the officiator

Joey needs to leave the war scene set to be on time for Monica’s and Chandler’s wedding as he is officiating it. But he turns up in his movie costume and performs his duties!


And Monica and Chandler finally get married!

Rachel is pregnant?

Although there’s some confusion as to who is actually pregnant, we finally see that Rachel is pregnant.

So those are my favorite moments off of Season 7! Let me know your fav moments in the comments below. If you wish to read onto the next season, click here. If you want to read on any other season, click here!


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