Festa #1.8 – F.RI.E.N.D.S. – Season 8

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog festa! The festa is basically a set of posts that are released based on a single theme. It’s an idea I planned when I reached my blog’s second anniversary. I wanted to start it with something special, so I decided to do it on FRIENDS! And what better time to do it than now, when we have just crossed 25 years since the airing of this episode! In each post I’m going to cover my favorite moments in the season the post is based on! So without any more delays on my blabbering!

The Halloween party

Can we really ever forget this Halloween party? Especially Chandler’s costume?

Football or helping in the kitchen?

Chandler watches an “important” game on TV just to avoid doing any of the chores in the kitchen. For which Phoebe joins him later.

I hate Rachel club.

Will (a guest appearance by Brad Pitt) reveals that Ross and him had founded an I hate Rachel club and was the source of the rumors about her.

The pretend date.

Joey sets up a dinner date with him for Rachel as she is unable to go for dates due to her pregnancy.

Joey loves Rachel?

Surprise twist of events! Joey is in love with Rachel and even tells Ross the same!

Rachel’s due date

The due date for the baby comes and goes but there’s no sign of labor. just as it seems hopeless, Rachel’s water breaks in the end of the episode!

The labor room

Just like the due date , labor seems to be a delayed affair for Rachel as couples come and go after starting intense labor. Finally the last couple which is Janice comes in – and they have had about it.

Monica and Chandler want a baby

Monica and Chandler decide that they want a baby as well and reach s decision to try having a baby.

The engagement ring

Ross’s mom gives him an engagement ring and asks him to marry Rachel!

Emma Geller Green

The baby is born and it’s a girl after a 21 hour long labor.

Rachel says yes?

Ross contemplates proposing to Rachel. Joey picks up the engagement ring which Rachel mistakes as Joey proposing and says yes,just as Ross is about to do the same and arrives with the flowers. Talk about bringing us on the edge!

Well those are my favorite moments from Season 8! Let me know what your favorite moments are in the comments below! If you want to read onto the next season, click here. If you want to read onto another season, click here!


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