Festa #1.9 – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – Season 9

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog festa! The festa is basically a set of posts that are released based on a single theme. It’s an idea I planned when I reached my blog’s second anniversary. I wanted to start it with something special, so I decided to do it on FRIENDS! And what better time to do it than now, when we have just crossed 25 years since the airing of this episode! In each post I’m going to cover my favorite moments in the season the post is based on! So without any more delays on my blabbering!

Chandler agrees to move to Tulsa

After getting no sleep, Chandler dozes off in a meeting and accidently agrees to manage their work at Tulsa! This was in a way so relatable!

Mike Hannigan

After realizing Phoebe has never been in a long term relationship, she starts dating Mike Hannigan and even exchanges apartment keys with him only to have David the scientist from Minsk arrive!

Monica at the piano bar

Monica gives off a performance at a piano bar which was received enthusiastically but not because of her singing!


Joey is having a tough time sharing his favorite doll Hugsy which Emma is now really fond of.

Chandler and Ross’s vacation

After getting a non refundable vacation, and Monica not able to get time off, Chandler goes for the vacation with Ross instead.

Family planning

Monica and Chandler take their family planning to the next step and decide to visit a fertility clinic only to be met by Janice.

Phoebe’s proposals

Scientist David and Mike both propose to Phoebe of which she accepts Mike.

Charlie and Ross

Charlie whose dating Joey helps Ross on his presentation and they find that they are interested in each other.

Rachel and Joey?

Meanwhile a jealous Rachel of seeing Joey with Charlie encounters Joey and a holiday setting in Barbados.

Well those are my favorite moments off of Season 9. Let me know what yours are in the comments below. If you want to read onto the next season, click here. If you want to read on to another season,click here.


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