Festa #2 : Halloween Special

Aaannndddd I’m back with another festa! Literally a while ago I had just published a festa commemorating the fact that it’s been 25 years since the first episode of the sitcom ‘Friends’ released. If you wanna check that out just click here!!

Now if you are wondering what festa is, it’s basically a series of interconnected posts. I will announce the theme on a fixed date and then release the series of posts, one by one every day. And this time the theme is – Halloween! Now Halloween is not something that’s celebrated in India, but the holiday has always been quite intriguing to me. So I decided that my first themed festa should be on that.

Now to no one’s surprise the theme would be on horror movies. It’s going to be a collection of the movies that scared ME. Mind you, some of those movies might not even be remotely scary for some of you but please try to understand that I am mega scaredy cat and when the scary parts in scary films come up I cover my ears and won’t look at the screen directly!

And the movies that made the cut? I will be updating them one by one as I publish them in this page! So keep a look out for it! There’s countless movies that scared me, but these were the first ten that came to my mind. So I hope you have as much fun on this horror fest as I do! Also this is not in any particular order because I just cannot decide which movie is scarier than the other!

Let me know about the movies that creeped you out too in the comments!

I will update the links to the movies, starting today as I go by, below, so please do check it out!

Day 1 : Ananthabhadram (Infinitely Precious)

Day 2 : Devadoothan (The Godly Messenger)

Day 3 : Child’s Play (1988)

Day 4 : Sixth Sense (1999)

Day 5 : Mayilpeelikkavu (1998)

Day 6 : Pizza (2012)

Day 7 : A Nightmare on Elm Street


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