Festa #2.2 – Halloween Special – Devadoothan

Yes I missed out on the posts from day two for this Halloween horror fest, but would that stop me from not posting on the movie anyway? Nope.

Just to give a brief through on what this blog festa is about, it’s on the top ten movies that scared ME. No, it’s not the top ten horror movies of all time, but a rather more personalised list. Most of the movies happens to be ones that scared me when I was a kid which is why they second movie also happens to be a Malayalam movie!

If you wanna check out the other movie I posted about, click to read the main post here!!!!

Now onto the next movie! It’s a pretty old Malayalam movie but there wouldn’t be a single person from Kerala who doesn’t know this one!

Movie title : Devadoothan (trans. The Heavenly Messenger)

Country of origin : India

Language : Malayalam

Directed by : Sibi Malayil

Written by : Ragunath Paleri

Starring: Mohanlal, Jaya Prada, Vijayalakshmi, Vineeth Kumar, Murali

Music : Vidyasagar

Released : 27 December 2000

Duration : 158 minutes

The movie starts with Vishal Krishnamoorthy (Mohanlal) receiving a prestigious musical award for his music, specially the symphony titled “Rhythm of love”

We get a flashback to him struggling doing odd jobs and businesses despite his deep knowledge in music. One day he receives an invitation from the principal of his college, to direct a musical play by the students. He initially doesn’t want to go for it, as he was expelled on unfair grounds from the college.

He was expelled under the instructions of the daughter of the late William Ignatius, who runs the school, Madam Angelina Ignatius. He was expelled from college for playing a special instrument called ‘Seven Bells which was locked and kept secure by Madam Angelina. Although he claimed the instrument played on its own, she never believed him and got expelled.

He helps the kids stage the play which is about Mary and Nikhil Maheshwar. Mary who is from a rich family, loves the not so fortunate Nikhil. Against her wishes, she goes away with Nikhil,never to return.

As he continues helping with the play, he hears sudden spurts of melancholic music playing out of nowhere at night (the same music that played when he got expelled), strange noises of dogs but without a dog in sight, and so on.

As he dwelves into the mystery of these signs, Vishal starts altering the play and soon discovers that the story is turning about to be about Madam Angelina and her past lover Nikhil Maheshwar who was blind, and went missing many years ago.

As he goes further into the world of the supernatural, he finds out the truth about the missing Nikhil Maheshwar, and what really happened to him.

Scary right? And super eerie. Imagine watching this as a kid!

One thing I don’t like about horror movies nowadays is that it’s all about the effects and the jump scares. As a person who enjoys a movie with a good story, accompanied by good execution of all the many factors the make up a movie, I have been really disappointed in some of the recent horror films, from recent times.

But like the first movie I posted on in this festa, and this one, the plot and theme are rock solid. And even though it was scary to watch I really wanted to find out what happened to Nikhil as well!

The entire setting of the college, the mystical instrument called the seven bells , the godly sight of the main character, the history surrounding Madam Angelina’s family and a beautiful but tragic love story all culminated to make this a really good film.

Even the surroundings in the not so crucial scenes, such as the cemetery, the chapel and it’s surroundings, that scary forest of all things.

Another highlight was definitely the music. Whether it be the romantic song between Nikhil and Madam Angelina or ‘Aleena’ – Karale Nin Kai Pidichal, or the fast and energetic song with the college students – Poove Poove Pala Poove, Vidyasagar really made magic with the music.

But the track that stood out the best? – it’s none other than Entharoo, which if you’re reading this is a song you must listen to,even if you don’t venture into the other songs!

If you’re not a kid and you’re watching this now, this won’t even be remotely scary for you. It won’t even strictly be classified under the HORROR category, but the eerieness and that climax, really made for it to be classified as a too horror film, in my Halloween list!

Have you watched this movie ? If you have let me know in the comments ! Do you know any other interesting movies like this? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to look forward to the next post in this Halloween festa!


    • Exactly! If you don’t know the language hope you get one with subtitles to watch. Also the song ‘Entharo’ that I’ve linked in the post, it’s like a symphony piece, if you are aware about Indian classical music and fusions, you will definitely enjoy the song!

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