Festa #2.3 – Halloween Special – Child’s Play (1988)

Continuing my of festa on the movies that scared ME, we have our third movie out of ten, and that’s CHILD’S PLAY.

Those who were kids and freaked out watching this, give me a shout out in the comments, because I was one of them too!

Dolls were my favorite thing, at least up until then. Yes I understand this movie had sequels and recent adaptations, but I’m sticking with the original, the one that made us lose sleep as kids, I honestly feel this was THE horror movie for kids!

Now onto the post!

Title : Child’s Play

Country of origin : United States

Language : English

Directed by : Tom Holland

Screenplay by : Don Mancini, John Lafia, Tom Holland

Story : Don Mancini

Music : Joe Renzetti

Released : 9 November 1988

Duration : 87 minutes

Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer, Charles is shot down by Mike and his Eddie escapes. As he dies he vows to take revenge on them both and performs a spell in a toys store. The store is struck by lightning and Charles body is found along with a ‘Good Guy’ doll.

Karen Barclay buys the doll for her son Alan from a homeless man. While Alan is bring babysat, the babysitter is hit in the head with a hammer by an unknown assailant, and dies. The police investigates and narrows it down to Andy, to which Karen angrily asks them to leave. Andy says Chucky killed the babysitter.

Chucky then with Andy kills his accomplice and Andy is then admitted in a psychiatric unit. His mother soon realises something is amiss as she realizes Chucky has been functioning without his batteries and finally catches him.

The movie then contains how Chucky as Charles is revealed and how they bring him down once and for all.

Its just scary how that cute looking doll turned into that huh?

I didn’t watch this movie when I was like a tiny kid, but when I was slightly more older but boy did it scare me! It was the perfect horror movie for kids for sure.

Of course watching the movie now with it’s effects and imagery might not make it as scary as how graphic the content we receive nowadays is, but you got to admit that a serial killer doll is one of the last things we want to venture with.

Sure movies such as Anabelle really took it up a notch but honestly this movie was really a foundation for the upcoming ones. And it’s not a surprise that this movie turned out to be highly successful, with several remakes and sequels, even with a recent 2019 remake!

Often more than not, there are movies that I rewatch a lot before I talk about it on my blog, but this ones which I watched the least number of times, due to the horror factor,at least for me. I’ve watched the sequels as well and a sequel Saga will come up very soon!

But more than an analysis on the film, I want to hear from all of you on what memories you have, and what you felt with this movie, because I know a lot of you out there have things to say about this one!

Let me know in the comments!

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