Festa #2.4 – Halloween Special – Sixth Sense (1999)

Continuing my journey on the top movies that scared the wits out of me, this time I’m taking a more, popular and well known movie choice, which is the movie ‘Sixth Sense’. There’s something that sets this movie apart from the other movies that are in this list, and that’s the fact that this ones a recent watch, while the others are ones I watched when I was more younger. On a scale of how much it scared me, it wouldn’t reach the top, but it deep creep me out,and definitely shock me out at the end!

Country of origin : United States

Language : English

Directed and Written by : M Night Shyamalan

Starring : Bruce Willis, Toni Collette, Olivia Williams, Haley Joel Osment

Music by : James Newton Howard

Released : 6 August 1999

Duration : 107 minutes

Genre : Supernatural Horror Drama

The story starts with Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist. He returns home with his wife and celebrates as he has received an honor for his work in child psychology.

However that night a man trespasses into their home. Malcolm recognises him as Vincent, who was once his patient as a child for hallucinations. Vincent angrily confronts Malcolm for failing him and shoots Malcolm, after which he fatally shoots himself in the head.

The next fall, Malcolm starts working with Cole Sear. He tries to make this as an attempt to fix up his life, especially his degrading relationship with his wife. Cole’s mother is worried initially about her sons social well being, but soon starts suspecting worse as she sees physical injuries on Cole.

Although distant at first, Cole eventually confides in Malcolm his problem – he can see ghosts.

Initially Malcolm thinks that Cole is making this up and thinks of dropping the case, until he listens to some tapes with Vincent and hears a Spanish man begging for help in the audio. Realizing that Cole was mentioning the truth, Malcolm then guides Cole as to use his ability to help, and to adjust and have a normal life.

The movie then tells the story of how Cole finds his way about his ability to see ghosts and how Malcolm finally comes to terms with his personal life, with the help of Cole.

Where do I start when I talk about this movie?

This movie was definitely a highlight film from the nineties. You rarely get such good films nowadays. Was it a horror film? Yes but not one that is filled with just jump scares and no plot. Is it Supernatural? Yes it is, but it doesn’t cross over to a level of fiction like Harry Potter- it’s still realistic. Is it dramatic? Yes it is, but not ones that got you emotion filled scenes pumping out the drama. All in all, I feel it’s a perfect balance of the three – horror, Drama and Supernatural. You rarely get to see such a delicate balance in movies that release today that seem to weigh in on any of the factors involved rather than balance it.

The movie really kept us wondering till the end. Shyamalan’s method of story telling kept me wondering and thinking about psychology, ghosts, the after life, the last wishes of the dead and so much. And that last reveal – I really didn’t expect that! Not that I expect big climaxes or I’m smart to detect them beforehand, but somehow I didn’t even remotely expect such a huge twist to come on me, considering how the movie was flowing, and that’s something I really appreciate here!

Coming to acting prowess, although it’s Malcolm who is the main character in this whole thing, I think Cole (played by Haley Joel Osment) . He switched from a child like innocence, to an adult like maturity in scene to scene. A definite talent, and in my opinion one of the major highlights in this movie for sure.

Coming to things I wished there were more of, I wished there was a little more of a look into what really happened with Vincent, because his appearance in the beginning of the movie really struck my curiosity big time and I was maybe hoping for a big reveal or more light in that direction.

Or that part with Cole angrily shouting at his teacher or talking about what this school really was. When he started communicating and helping the ghosts I expected maybe a history lesson on the gruesome stories that happened on that property as well.

Maybe my imagination did go crazy, probably out of watching too many movies but that was my thought process as I watched the whole thing! Not that how the movie is structured, disappointed, but they were factors that were monumental points of the storyline as well!

I know a lot of you have watched this movie as well and would have some interesting things about it, or your experience on it, so give a shout out in the comments below!

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