November Bullet Journal update!

Back with another month and another theme! This time too I have picked off a theme from Amanda Rach Lee’s YouTube channel. I’m not strictly following just hers but for a novice like me, her some designs and doodles make it easier for me execute!

But I’ve seen some cute doodles on Instagram which I will definitely adopt and share in the future spreads.

The video I referred is this one – here!!!!

The theme I went with was crystals. I had a tough time drawing the segmented 3D effect within each individual crystal as you can see by my wonky lines. But what I loved most about their spread if the combination of blues and purples I chose for this months theme. It seemed like as good a combo as I did for September with all the greens.

I tried dotting it with the new Sakura gelly roll in white gem ink. I don’t know whether I made it better or worse, especially since my brush pen handwriting is not the best in the world.

The quote I went for, this month had to be something with a reference to the theme of crystals. But I found one that referenced it perfectly and somehow fit a year ending theme as well!

I went with the standard monthly layout. O like to fill each little box with the highlight of the day. And of course I closely followed the theme and accent color! Especially loving the colors since they’re my favorite colors!

Last October my mood tracker was full of differently shaped leaves, and this time it of course had to be crystals! Last time I made a slight mistake by choosing two colors for two moods that looked almost the same. Couldn’t really understand the mood variation there unfortunately. So I was careful choosing the mood colors this time.

I did a little alteration for the habit tracker as well. Didn’t want to switch my journal to landscape mode just to fill the tracker. So I shifted it’s alignment to make it easier to fill through the month!

The sleep and water consumption tracker remain the same as before!

Finally for the weekly spread, so etching that I started doing recently, I shifted things around a little. The boxes on the left are to note down what I’m actually eating. Then I have the seven days of the week and a small column to mark in anything I need to carry over to next week, which I found to be ready useful. And of course the usual notes and calendar view.

So that’s the spread for November! What did you think? Do you maintain bullet journals too? Or do you want to? Let me know in the comments below!

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