Sequel Saga #1.2 – Insidious : Chapter Two

Welcome to the second part of the first sequel Saga! If you are here after reading the first two posts, thank you!

If you haven’t read the first two posts, then I recommend you should!

Now onto the review of the second movie in the Insidious series!

Country of origin: James Wan

Screenplay by : Leigh Whannel

Story by : James Wan and Leigh Whannel

Starring : Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins, Barbara Hershey

Music by : Joseph Bishara

Released : 13 September 2013

Duration : 106 minutes

Genre : Horror, Supernatural

The year is 1986, Lorraine Lambert calls in demonologist Elise and her associate Carl to find out what’s wrong with her son, who seems to be be haunted by a woman. Elise then finds that Josh is being pursued by evil spirits and soon suppresses Josh’s ability to astral project himself into the Further.

25 years later, Renai is being questioned by the police for the death of Elise (Yes, Elise gets killed at the end of movie 1, I apologise if that turned out to be a spoiler).

The police inform Renai that if Josh’s fingerprints are there anywhere on the crime scene then he will be prosecuted for the murder. The family then move into the family home of Josh where they continue to experience strange occurrences. Eventually Renai understands that Josh is now possessed.

As Specs and Tucker go through the old footage from Elises’s investigations they come through a break through. They realise that the spirits in the further can be in a non-chronological manner and that the real Josh is in fact stuck in the further and that his body is possessed by a demonic spirit.

They then along with Carl investigate to find the truth behind what happened to Josh now and in the past, and they try to find the origins of the spirit that has now possessed Josh – The Bride in Black.

When I found that this sequel was releasing I was surely expecting some background story on the evil woman spirit that confronted Josh as the end of movie 1. In a way although I didn’t predict it exactly I expected the backdrop story surrounding Parker Crane.

What I didn’t expect was the intertwining with Josh’s past and present and how it answered more questions than what had originally occurred to me at all! Especially, the non-chronological timeline associated with “The Further” . I think that’s what took this movie to the next level.

At a certain point I felt there were too many jump scares maybe or it may not really have been the number but more of the style of it’s that felt repetitive. Thankfully the plot that came with the movie saved the day and made sure this movie didn’t disappoint too much!

As far as acting performance is considered I think Parker Crane/The Black Bride and his mother caught the spot for me. The other actors were not bad, they just didn’t grab my attention as much as the others did that’s all.

Overall I think it was this movie that solidified a lot of people into steady fans of the franchise. Like I mentioned in the main article, what sets apart this franchise from a lot of the other horror movies was the plot, theme and setting which for a movie titled under the horror genre, pulled off really well.

Would I recommend this? Sure I would. In fact do watch movies 1 and 2. It won’t disappoint. Let me know what you felt in the comments below!

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