Sequel Saga #1.3 – Insidious : Chapter 3

Continuing on my look into the Insidious franchise, we are at movie three!

Movies one and two took us through the struggles of the Lambert family as they fight in a parallel between the living and the dead, with a strange place called the “The Further” and the family travelling into the world by astral projection.

Now onto chapter three, let’s have a better look at how the story of the Insidious series expands!

Country of origin: United States

Language : English

Directed and Written by : Leigh Whanell

Starring: Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannel, Lin Shay

Music by : Joseph Bishara

Cinematography : Brian Pearson

Released : 5 June, 2015

Duration : 98 minutes

Genre : Horror, Supernatural, Mystery

The story is set in a time that is long before the Lambert family haunting. Quinn Brenner contacts retired demonologist Elise Rainier to contact the spirit of her mother. Elise helps, but stops after sending a dark and malevolent spirit. She advised Quinn not to try communicating with her mother again.

One day, Quinn sees a mysterious person waving at her, which leads to an accident and both her legs are broken.

Now in bed, she begins to experience certain paranormal activities, especially related with a spirit dubbed as “The Man Who Can’t Breathe”. When things get really bad her father contacts Elise to help her, but Elise happens to be at a point where she is weakened by her husband’s death and feels she cannot fight against the malevolent forces.

He then finds Specs and Tucker who are a growing sensation on the internet and ask them to help. As they investigate on Quinn things get really bad, as Quinn breaks from her braces and attacks after being possessed.

Convinced by her friend who tells her she is strong and can deal with any evil spirits after what she did for the Lambert family in 1986 (the second movie with the young Josh), she decides to help Quinn.

The movie then shows Elise’s exploration into the Further as she helps to stop this demon, as well as come to terms with the challenges that she is facing as well.

Although set aside from the Lambert family a lot of the things felt similar what with the “guest appearance” of the bride in black, and the red faced devil, courtesy of the challenges that the character Elise is facing in this movie.

Unlike the previous two films, this one didn’t sit well with me AT ALL. Unlike the past two films that had a good plot, this one just lacked that. It decided to go with the “human that tries to contact a spirit, but contacts the wrong spirit and gets haunted theme” which I felt was cliche as far as the world of horror movies are concerned.

Elise is turning out to be more of an “Ed and Lorraine Warren” of the Insidious franchise with this third movie, although with one exception. Whether she’s alive or dead, she will be helping the characters ! Somehow this movie ventured more into Elise. Her life, her husband and her fears. I think the whole storyline is bending into Elise’s story more now (something that turned out to be a heavy influence in movie 4 as well).

Considering the horror factor- no I’m not impressed. I’m a wimp in that department but the jump scares was just – expected. It didn’t have as much of a punch as it did in the first two movies. The originality in the horror factor seems to be declining movie after movie unfortunately too.

Despite that there were some highlights. As much as the story bends into Elise, it still gives a good glimpse into the Insidious universe – I have to admit that. This essentially showed the formation of the Elise that we see helped the Lambert family many years later in movies 1 and 2.

We also see how Specs and Tucker came to work with Elise as well. A trio that breathes some positivity into the morbid feel that the movie generally maintains!

All in all would I suggest this movie? Well if you are doing a binge on the series, yes, it’s definitely a vital enough part. But on its own? Maybe not. I’d rather suggest one of the first two movies. So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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