Sequel Saga #1.4 – Insidious : The Last Key

Whether the insidious series is over or not, we do not know. But this fourth movie is the latest and currently last installation in the Insidious series. Now I was quite disappointed with chapter three. Does chapter four lives up to the names of the first two movies? Or does it go down further in terms of quality like I predicted in the review of the third movie? Well let’s see –

Country of origin : United States

Language : English

Directed by : Adam Robitel

Written by : Leigh Whannel

Starring : Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannel , Spencer Locke, Caitlin Gerard, Bruce Davison

Music : Joseph Bishara

Cinematography : Toby Oliver

Released : 5 January , 2018

Duration : 103 minutes

Genre : Horror, Supernatural , Mystery

The story has a bit of a flashback into 1953, when Elise is young and living with her family in New Mexico. Elise and her younger brother Christian encounter a ghost in their home, and eventually it leads to their mothers death.

Many years later, Elise is working as a paranormal investigator with Specs and Tucker. A man named Ted, asks them to investigate his home, and she realises that it is in fact her childhood home. When she reached there she meets Christian and his two daughters, one of which is revealed to have powers like Elise (hereditary I guess).

As they investigate the case, Elise finds out the truth what really happened to her and her brother all that many years ago when their mother got killed, and how they overcome the malevolent force.

This movie too is another prequel to the Lambert family haunting. To review this one, well where should I start?

Starting off with the incidents that happened when they were young, again it’s more of an insight into Elise and how she came to be who she is in the movies that happened later in the timeline of this whole story. Like how the third movie had a link with Elise and her husband, and how he had an integral part in the movie coming to a conclusion, this time it’s her mother.

This movie didn’t have any of our recurring demon characters but had another character altogether – Key Face. Now, at this point I need to talk about the plot of the movie. I was expected a downward progress with what I saw in chapter three, but thankfully this movie pulled itself up. On comparison with the first two movies I honestly can’t rate it better or worse because it really took on a whole new persona. The demon taking possession and being the root of some insanely horrible crimes? That’s pretty different from what we saw with the Lambert family for sure. So I’m not going to really put those movies up against each other, if you know what I mean.

And about Elise’s mother’s involvement in the story I’m okay with it mostly, although a lot of people on the internet weren’t because this was a horror packed film, and maybe not an angel saves the day kind of thing. But somehow if the entire thing is morbid from beginning to end, it really stretches it out – at least for me it does. The whole thing Elise’s niece being able to have her abilities was not what I was all in for. Not that it isn’t possible? It could possibly be some hereditary gift, maybe the next movie is going to be on how that ability came to be, in Elise’s family in the first family and might go even beyond in time (you heard it first here LOL).

On a horror perspective it was not as bad as on comparison to movie 3, but I felt the facets of the movie that had to do with the living were more scarier than the dead. Especially the victims from the home, and Elise’s other niece who happens to be comatose (another Dalton).

As a final connection we even have a phone call from Lorraine asking Elise to help her grandson Dalton (ooohhhhhhh!)

All in all would I recommend this one? I would, at least more than movie number 3! As a standalone, I’m kind of half and half on a recommendation but coupled with the first two movies it seems like an okay binge.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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