Sequel Saga #1 : Insidious

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Sequel Saga! This new feature on my blog explores those series of movies that are part of a saga of sequels based mostly on the same plot and characters.

I was confused on what movie series I should actually start this one with, like my mind was pondering in doing Harry Potter, because as far as I am concerned the first movie series that comes to mind when I think of sequel Saga is honestly Harry Potter!

But after much pondering, I’ve decided to do a post on the Insidious movie series!

Now for those who don’t know, the Insidious series are a set of horror films that were written by James Wan and Leigh Wannell. As of now there are four movies in this series which are –

  1. Insidious (2010)
  2. Insidious : Chapter 2 (2013)
  3. Insidious : Chapter 3 (2015)
  4. Insidious : The Last Key (2018)

Country of origin: United States

Language : English

Directed by : James Wan (1-2), Leigh Wannell (3) , Adam Robitel (4)

Written by : Leigh Wannell (1-4)

Music by : Joseph Bishara

Released : 2010 – present

Status : Ongoing

Duration : 409 minutes across 4 films

Recurring characters and their portraying actors

Elise Rainier : Lin Shaye, Lindsay Seim (flashback scene as a younger person) , Ava Kolker (flashback scene as a child/teen), Hana Hayes (flashback scene as a younger person)

Specs : Leigh Whannel

Tucker : Angus Sampson

Josh Lambert : Patrick Wilson, Josh Feldman (as a child or teen), Garrett Ryan (as a child or teen)

Renai Lambert : Rose Byrne

Dalton Lambert : Ty Simpkins

Loraine Lambert : Barbara Hershey, Jocalin Donahue (as a younger self)

Carl : Steve Coulter, Hank Harris’s (as a younger self)

Quinn Brenner : Stefanie Scott

Sean Brenner : Dermot Mulroney

Melissa Rainier: Spencer Locke

Imogen Rainier : Caitlin Gerard

Christian Rainier : Bruce Davison, Pierce Pope (as a child or teen), Thomas Robie (as a younger self)

Parker Crane : Philip Friedman, Tom Fitzpatrick

Bride in black : Tyler Griffin (as a child or teen)

Lipstick-face demon: Joseph Bishara

The Man Who Can’t Breathe: Michael Reid MacKay

Keyface : Javier Botet

The first movie is based on a family, whose son suddenly goes into a comatose state for many months. Over the passing time, the family becomes victim to many instances of spirits and otherworldly souls making appearances and sometimes scaring them in their homes in unexplainable manners.

Scared and helpless the family call upon, Elise Rainier to help them solve the issue and bring their son back.

But this movie turns out to be not an end, but a beginning to where the REAL STORY starts. The movie briefly mentions and ventures into the “Further” and “astral projection” (More on all that in the detailed post on the movie.)

This second chapter has a very tight knit connection with the first film and has a.lot of reveals as far as the Insidious world is considered. The Lambert family realises that something is amiss after Josh and their son returned from “The Further”.

This movie is actually a prequel to the two movies based off of the Lambert family. It’s about a girl and her horror filled experiences that she endures post trying to contact her mother’s spirit.

This fourth movie and currently the last movie in this series (although we do not know if we will get any more releases from this series) focuses more on Elise, her childhood and her gift as she comes to terms with some incidents in her childhood.

Now I’m not a huge fan of horror movies. Not because I’m scared (which I am), but a large part of horror movies turn out to be a bunch load of jump scares all cramped into a tiny shell of a story. I often classify a movie as good when it has a strong plot. Amongst the huge collection of horror movies and series, I think Insidious has a greater and more intense fan following due to the fact that it has a very strong plot. Although that only lasted mostly for the first two movies (more on that in the detailed posts to come).

All the four movies however can be connected in a timeline that forms the insidious story. And mind you it’s a little more complicated than that. Complicated as in, each movie does not include just the occurrences from that period of time where the story is happening because there are quite a lot of flashbacks involved.

Coming to jump scares, it’s not like the movies in this series don’t have jump scares. They do. And there’s a lot of them, but there are some jump scares that are pretty memorable to me. Like that one time Josh enters their old home in “The Further” and just along that door a veiled ghost just casually walks by!

Or that scary red faced demon that just pops up behind the characters!

I could go on I guess.

Maybe I should do a compilation post on it later LOL!

Now another thing that I liked about the whole Insidious series of movies was probably the abundance and creativity that went behind the horror characters. Thsi could probably be tied in with the point I said before – good plot.

The villians, or the ghosts or the lost souls, whatever you want to call them really,had an imaginative backdrop and story behind it that made it go beyond “a movie with just jump scares”

Also the concept behind the “Further” and astral projection and the eerie capabilities and talents of some of the characters to have themselves astral project into this other dimension was really good too!

All in all this makes the Insidious series really interesting. There were some disappointing parts in one or two of the films, but all in all I wouldn’t push off this series as a whole!

A more in depth post on each of the 4 movies will be coming and will be linked in the post so be sure to check them out!

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