The Alphabetical Music countdown.

If you’re wondering what this is? Well – we have YouTube rewinds, and YouTuber rewinds and well rewinds of all kinds. Now that it’s December it’s time for those posts to wrap up the year as well. And what do I have in store? First would be of course a playlist! Now there won’t be a monthly playlist for December as I have this wrap up post. I’m going to be going through my music library and decide which song I like out of each alphabet. If I were to make the list based on any other criteria I would have ended up putting out my entire music library! And I am the ultimate BTS fan girl, but I will be framing this playlist without choosing BTS, because I would just end up just choosing their music for every alphabet! So without any further ado!

Here’s the link to the playlist in Spotify and YouTube. Now please do note that Spotify may not have every song, so please refer the YouTube playlist for every song!

Special characters

We all have songs that start with numbers, and so do I. And my favorite among that?

7 Years by Lukas Graham

Album : Single

Genre : Soul-Pop

This song has been my favorite ever since I added this song to my library. It’s a song you just can’t get fed up of either. it’s a beautiful song Lukas wrote about life and the changes that happen over a period of time. He says he stopped at the age of 60 in the lyrics because his father passed away at the age of 61, and he wanted to experience it, to believe life after 60. It’s a soulful, slow, but powerful song.

The Letter A

Now this one’s tough. So many songs start with ‘A’!

All We Need by Raury

Album : All We Need

Genre : Alternative Hip Hop

Can you guys believe this is his debut studio album? Really amazing work on this one for sure! I can’t describe this song in words. It must be listened to.

The Letter B

Beautiful, Baby, Bad – I’ve just noticed most songs start with these words!

Better by Myself by Hey Violet

Album : Better By Myself

Genre : Pop

Yes yes, this is another song about breakups, and how we are better by ourselves. But honestly, the beat on this was infectious! And this song was led me to this new artists as well!

The Letter C

There don’t seem to be a lot of songs here, but words like Cheating, Call seem to the titular favorites in this alphabet!

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Movie : Hannah Montana – The Movie

Genre : Country, Country-Pop, Pop

We all know the Miley on the wrecking ball and the mothers daughter that tells people to mind their own business. But a lot of us especially people like me, remember her as a part of our childhood – as Hannah Montana. A show, that really rocketed her career, the movie was quite anticipated at that time. This isn’t however is ageless, full of meaning and just the right song to push you up further when you feel like giving up.

The Letter D

Dark, Dead, Don’t – the words that made more than one appearance in song titles. D seems to be having a lot more dark music I think, at least from these words.

Different by Woodz

Album : Different

Genre : K-Pop

No. K-pop is not just bubblegum pop. And of you think so, you’re sadly misinformed. There are just so many genres that it uses, and it’s more so an industry than a genre. And this song is one of those songs that can prove that.

The Letter E

“Every” seems to be the common word here!

everythinggoes with NELL by RM

Album : mono.

Genre : Mixtape/Playlist

This song here was a clear winner. When mono released, this was easily my top favorite as well. It literally transports you into another dimension.

The Letter F

‘Fake’ and ‘Forever’ are the two words highlighted in this alphabet!

Finally // Beautiful Stranger by Halsey

Album : Manic

Genre : Country Pop

A melancholic song about first loves, this was Halsey’s comeback with her new album. This was released on its own, along with SUGA’s Interlude which was her collab with SUGA.

The Letter G

“Game”, “Go” , “Good”, “Goodbye” – a lot of songs seems to be centred around these words!

Gotta Go by Chung Ha

Album : Gotta Go

Genre : Pop

Combined with a twist on the sounds of a flute, and some immensely powerful vocals, it’s her twist on the princess theme, and how she knows the boy and wants her to stay but it’s already 12 o’clock.

The Letter H

“heart” , “Hello” , “Hold” and “Home”- those are the most common words coming up in this section!

Heart To Break by Kim Petras

Album : Heart To Break

Genre : Pop

An embodiment of glass, the ups and downs of a relationship, and being an openly trans woman, she has made sure that’s been openly symbolised in this track and it’s video. I heard it once at a clothing store, and knew I had to find out which song it i, Shazam it, and now it’s on this list!

The Letter I

To no one’s surprise there’s just one word that strikes as common in this – and that’s “I”.

I Need Somebody by DAY6

Album : Every DAY6 October

Genre : Pop-Rock

A Pop-Rock song lamenting why we are alone, this is a high-energy song on loneliness. If you’re wondering how they both fuse – then you must check out this song.

The Letter J

There’s only one word that’s repeating for me – and that’s “Just”. It doesn’t give a lot away, could be anything right – sombre, happy, – anything.

Jeevamshamaayi from “Theevandi”

A beautiful song sung by Shreya Ghoshal and G Harishankar, this song was huge hit and a favorite for singing on live duet stages. Gathering an impressive 54 million views on it’s video, it’s a song that although has been some time since it’s release, it’s still many people favorite.

The Letter K

Strangely though there’s just one word repeating here – “Kings”

Kaathalae Kaathalae from “96”

Performed by Chinmayi and Govind Menon, this song was a huge hit and it still is. It’s smooth play of violin, and the rustic nature sounds in the background, it’s short, but powerful.

The Letter L

Leaving , Let, Look, Lie, Lose, and obviously Love – are the top words in this section of the library.

Lovebug by Jonas Brothers

Album : A Little Bit Longer

Genre : Pop

I know. I know. Everyone’s raving about Sucker, Cool and their new album. But can we really forget these songs that were Jo-Bros classics?

The Letter M

Move, My , Mother, Miss, Mine – a lot of words similar to ourselves, again, like we saw in I but in another form.

Melted by AKMU

Album : Play

Genre : K-Pop

My favorite brother-sister duo of all time, this pair is one group where you won’t see any high sync choreo, flamboyant sets or apparel, but just excellent music. And this is one of my favorites performed by them.

The Letter N

Here it’s mostly a lot of “No” and “Not”!

The Night by Eric Nam

Album : From the OST of the K-drama “Encounter”

Genre : OST

Eric Nam’s voice is another unique sound. The premise of this drama is about two travellers who meet in Spain and spend time together. Once they return the male protagonist finds out that the woman he was with is none other than the CEO of the company he works for, who is rather only . Both the characters have very fine taste in art, literature and so on so the music that surrounds their romantic moments happens to be of that nature as well, at least that’s what I think. This song is a one-man-show by Eric Nam’s vocals, that’s without a doubt.

The Letter O

There’s just one word that’s repeating and thats “Outro” πŸ˜‚

Our Page by SHINEE

Album : ‘The Story of Light’ EP. 3 – The 6th Album

Genre : Pop

Shinee is a really successful K-pop group especially in the early 2000s, but things really took a bad turn when one of their members Jong Hyun committed suicide. Although the members haven’t openly talked about it a lot, this song was one where they did and their pain regarding the same, is evident and clear as the 4 members sing together next to a fifth, but empty mic.

The Letter P

There’s just one word – “Party”. And a good number of them seem to be party numbers as well!

Pink Walk by GAHO

Album : Pink Walk

Genre : K-Pop

Now, just because this is labelled as K-Pop it doesn’t event come under a typical music kind at all. This too is another one-man-show with his vocals. Another artists that I love in the leagues of Eric Nam, AKMU is this artists GAHO. And it’s not surprising as to why that is either.

The Letter Q

No. I don’t have a song in Q. But- if you do, and have some recommendations I would love to see them in the comments!

The Letter R

Rock, Roll, Round – mostly verbal words in this part.

Remember by KATIE

Album : Remember

Genre : R&B, Soul

Have I really figured out what this song is all about ? Every time I try to with the complicated MV and everything I just couldn’t – the beat and her voice makes my mind go all dreamy and spaced out. The music really sucks you into this void.

The Letter S

Okay I’m not even going to go into common words because there’s like a gazillion songs starting with S! There are a lot of contenders! And with a lot of deliberating I have come to this choice!

Sparkle – Movie version by RADWIMPS

Album : Your Name OST

Genre: Alternative/Indie, Rock

This is definitely my favorite anime music of all time and movie as well! I’m sure anyone familiar with anime is familiar with this movie and why everyone loves it so much! Now I’ve tagged the live performance of this song by RADWIMPS in the YouTube playlist because that definitely is as enjoyable as it is to see, as it is to hear.

The Letter T

The word that pops up the most – “This” – again could be anything really!



Genre : K-Pop

Like the title suggests it’s about how the group remembers things from before, and now and how they hope to say a simple word – thanks, and hope it reaches where it should.

The Letter U

There’s not a lot of repeats here, considering how few the number of songs are I guess!

Under Pressure by Alex Lustig

Album : Under Pressure

Genre : Electronic, Dance

When they mean electronic, they really do mean that. There’s no lyrics in this track, just an addictive electronically generated beat.

The Letter V

Again – very few songs – literally no repeats!

Vision of Gideon by Sufjan Stevens

Album : Call me By Your Name OST

Genre: OST

I’ve raved about this song on my review on this movie and in my monthly playlists! And there was no choice but to choose this song as a final countdown as well! You need to listen to it to understand how mesmerising it is,and how it fits the movie so well.

The Letter W

This alphabet seems to have a more questionable nature – a lot of why, where, who , when πŸ˜‚

Why Do We by DMEANOR

Genre : OST

If I have to pick between hard EDM,party songs to more slow, but powerful emotional songs I think I will definitely go for the latter. Also given a choice of instrumental or vocals, if the track has vocals in it, I would definitely would want that to shine more in the track than being overpowered by the BGM. A lot of the tracks that I mentioned before, are tracks like that, and so is this one.

The Letter X

Nope nothing in this alphabet either, but again I would love your suggestions!

The Letter Y

I think the word that would pop up here is an obvious one – it’s “you”!

You Are Here by Lee Hyun

Album : BTS World OST

Genre : OST

A track off of the OST by BTS for their video game, this one was sung by their senior at their company Lee Hyun. While I’ve heard a lot of music from BTS and TXT, it’s true I’ve never ventures into Lee Hyun. But I have to say he has a very powerful voice. Even when there’s a strong BGM in the background his voice strikes through it crisp and clear! A definite favorite from this OST!

The Letter Z

Nope. I don’t have anything here either. Suggestions are welcome!

Foreign Language

Often titles in foreign languages tend to go at the bottom as they are not in English. The track that I am presenting here is one that’s only there on SoundCloud but I will try to attach it in the YouTube playlist!

Ddaeng by BTS

Here’s the SoundCloud link in case you’re interested in the original link.

A song posted for free during their festa which is dedicated to their fans. This is a track that disses all their haters in a typical sassy style that BTS excels in. For all those people saying BTS are forgetting their Korean roots I guess this was a reality check!

So that’s my playlist countdown! What do you think! Do you have any favorites? Or any songs to suggest? Do let me know in the comments below!