Bullet Journal setup for 2020!

There’s lots of new year posts circling around the internet, and I’m not far behind on it either. My first new year inclusion was the Alphabetical year end playlist. And now it’s my bullet journal setup for 2020!

Unlike setups that I do every month – this ones are for the ENTIRE year of 2020. The work for January spreads will be up soon as well.

Now as always I would love to mention this loud and clear! None of these are my ideas, they are just adaptations off the internet, YouTubers, Instagram and Pinterest. I will try to link in the original posts as much as possible! It’s always a joy to recreate things into my own and that’s why I’m sharing it here as well! So here goes!

The first would of course be the cover page. I found this beautiful page off of Pinterest and the keys are just the legends that are generally used by most people that do bullet journalling. This time I added a bit of washi tape too. This is my BTS washi tape which I got off of my 2019 Seasons Greetings box! And I must say I’m loving how it looks!

Next would of course be an index and a future log which is just a layout of the whole year in case you need to shift events over the year.

Mental well being is as important as physical and I found it apt that I should include a “Things that make me happy” page and a “things I should stop doing to myself” page as well.

Last year I had like separate trackers for movies and books and everything but I felt that was a waste of pages and space so I decided to do a more concise kind of style , classifying them all under the things I checked out this year.

2020 at a glance and my ideal life were two spreads I felt that I could have as a mix of goals and dreams, and learnings from the year to come! Can’t wait to see how it fills out!

Other than a mood tracker that’s present every month, this seemed apt and I saw some lovely output out of this tracker once the year was done and everyone had filled in it! So I definitely needed to try it as well!

Now this one is not in my journal but I have two adaptations of this – one for cleaning and other for the personal routines I maintain. Due to how personal it is, I decided to post the original article and not my adaptation of it that’s all!

These two trackers are off of Pinterst as well. Due to the urgency needed in my money management skills I really had to put these in too!

And finally an “About me” page. Not because I don’t know about myself but it’s nice to see how this spread changes year by year as a person goes through a natural courses of changes, all hopefully for the good!

Now about the equipment – I’ve used Steadtler finetips, Crayola supertips, Tombow dual ended brush ends, Tombow Fudenosuke, Sakura Pigma Microns, Sakura Gelly Rolls and Uniball Eye gel pens – mainly.

If you have your own adaptations and ideas do let me know in the comments as well!

The post for the January spreads will be up soon!

And happy New year and happy bullet journalling!


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