Bullet Journal Setup – January 2020

Hello everyone! Its the end of the year and you know what that means – fresh new bullet journal setups! I’ve already shared my 2020 bullet journal setup which you can read Here!

Now it’s onto the January setup. This months adaptation is based on a beautiful post I saw on Instagram. You can click the link to check out the original post. Based on this cover page I played around with the spreads for this month. Now onto the spreads!

The color palette for the first month of the year was more subtle colors – I went for a peachy pink, a more brighter pink, a blue-gree blue and a light ashy grey. Unfortunately I don’t have the exact color names or numbers since Crayola super tips are not labelled in that manner. I added an extra color apart from the colors mentioned in the first Instagram post basically. And this is the color palette I went forward with on this mouth, as you will now see.

I went for cute individual color blocks for this month with the same color palette as that of the main cover page. For the heading I’ve used a black Tombow dual-tip brush pen and the rest of the black writing are in a Sakura Pigma Microns. I’ve tried adding some weird snail like loops in the corner too just for the fun of it!

For the mood tracker I’ve adapted the leaves theme again, something that I had done in my October 2019 – Autumn leaves setup. This time the shape and color codes of the mood tracker resonate with this months theme that’s all. To update the of as per the color codes I will be carrying those 4 supertips which I used for this month in my purse to make it easier, in case I travel as well.

The habit tracker was really simple. Also I don’t know if you have noticed I’ve given this rounded and alternate lowercase-uppercase font style for the headings this month as well. I felt it looked cute like the theme!

There are five weeks in total in January so that’s five weekly spreads – the first spread was multicolor with all the 4 colors of the month while the next four weekly spreads were with each color on its own. There isn’t much difference from what the format. I have spaces for each day and a space for plans for the next week, notes, a calendar view, and a space for tracking all the food I eat!

Post this I have my usual monthly playlist and I have a goal to finish a particular book as part of my studies so I have a tracker page for that too.

Following that, I would be having a log of my daily life as well mostly in a short format. Although bullet journal systems doesn’t really involve detailed journalling like the traditional system, it’s not a strict No there. You can go around their however less or more, or plain, or colorful or any way you want! That’s the beauty of bullet journalling!

I hope everyone liked this adaptation as well! Do share me spreads if you have done them, or if you have seen some cool spreads yourself that can be tried in the later months!

Also a very happy New Year to everyone!


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