It’s a New Year.

I know I’m late into the whole thing but it’s better late than never. Somehow that’s a philosophy I’ve taken throughout 2019. Hopefully I will make up for it in 2020.

I’m not a huge fan of resolutions since most of the goals I achieve are not things I do little by little everyday and complete, but sporadic ideas and it’s execution like a project. One of the few things I’ve maintained diligently is my blog and it’s time to release the stats!


Views : 5918
Visitors : 3488
Likes : 937
Comments : 153

Search engine : 1884
Wordpress reader : 1026
And increased traffic from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

Views from 106 countries!!!

It might not be a big deal compared to other blogs which I am well aware of, however this is monumental, and has made me extremely happy. And I’m definitely going to try more and get this upto further heights as well!

Here’s the top ten posts as well!

Also a very happy new year to everyone! Hope whatever resolutions or dreams you have all kept will come true as well!


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