Bullet Journal Setup – February 2020

2020 is the year I intend to do a complete session of the bullet journal system. A hobby I started in August 2019, it’s something that has renewed a creative curiosity inside a person who can’t draw to save her life. You can see all my setups from the time I started by clicking this link. Now onto the February spread. This one was inspired from this setup video from my favorite BuJo YouTuber Amanda Rach Lee and certain other Pinterest and Instagram posts which I will tag as I go by.

The first thing is the color palette I chose for this month. I always choose four colors since my mood tracker has basically 4 moods for which I use the color palette. Choosing 4 colors makes it easy for me to prepare the weekly setup as well. This time it’s a hearts cliche February theme so I went for some colors like a classic red and black and a grey and magenta popping pink. I’m using Crayola super tips so unfortunately I don’t have shade names.

As you can see I have directly recreated the cover page from the YouTube video I have linked at the top but in a more wobbly fashion!

The quote that I went for this month is a quote on love but a very important quote on loving ourselves, because that’s what’s most important right? This quote is from BTS’s speech at the United Nations for their Generation Unlimited program in partnership with UNICEF for youth all around the world. I felt this was the most apt quote. I have used this quote around my journal before too! I mean how can you not?

This times monthly glance is quite similar to the January one but more bigger and in the color palette of this month. I noticed that if the boxes are too small I can’t fill the highlight of each day in them properly. And yes I have mentioned a happy birthday wish for myself there’s because it’s my birthday month!

The mood tracker is inspired from this Pinterest post right here! Again you can see the wobbly way I’ve divided up the heart! I intend to fill this one up with stripes rather than coloring them in, because if I color them I’m I won’t be able to see the numbers!

My habit tracker used to be a more tabular format all this while, for which I’ve only change the alignment from a portrait orientation to that of landscape. However this time I have this February 2020 dimension boxes. With each day I complete a particular habit I will be crossing the little area in my dotted notebook.

I generally do not like to over complicate the weekly layouts because you have to make them like 4-5 times depending on the month and it’s where the actual planning and recording is so I like to keep as much space for writing as possible. This one is inspired off of this particular Pinterest post. I have each of the weeks from 2-5 in the 4 colors and for week 1 which has just February 1, I have done a one page setup with all 4 colors from this months palette.

Apart from this I have set up the usual playlist page. This time I don’t have a new goal. I am continuing my January goal (procrastination sigh) and the tracking of that will be in the same page from January itself.

So that’s my spread for January! Have you done yours too? Leave me a link in the comments if you have I would love to see it! If there are suggestions, tips or anything at all do let me know in the comments below!


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