January 2020 – Playlist

Wow! I know I’m super late publishing this a week into February, but for me its always better late than never! My playlist posts are something I do not wish to delay at all but it so happens that I had to considering some work I had! But music never ages, and so won’t playlists so here goes with the new playlist.

As usual here are the Spotify and YouTube links for my playlists where I have noted down all the songs for your ease to listen. This month has a fresh new vibe in the beats and the genre as you can see below!

Thaarapadhamaake by Prarthana Indrajith

A slow, beautiful and very vocal song from the movie Helen, it was a really soothing song especially as the movie soundtrack. The movie is in itself very enjoyable (a review coming up very soon), but this song was the one that I loved the most from this film. It’s been a long time since I had a Malayalam song in my playlists, but I’m glad it’s this song, it’s beautiful indeed.

Suga’s Interlude by Halsey and Suga from BTS

A brand new collab out of Halsey’s new album Manic, this was a collab with a member Suga, from BTS, I had read in an interview that Suga was confused as to why Halsey’s request for a collab came to him, as he is not fluent in English. But as far as Halsey was concerned, Suga is relatable to the sentiment of her new album and therefore felt he was apt. The best part is that Sugas feature in the album has him rapping in Korean, not English.

Always Be Here by Chung Jin Woo

Now this past one month I have been binge watching two K-dramas simultaneously so be ready to see a good number of OST additions in this months playlist! This melancholic and deep song is from the K-drama, Chocolate which is available to stream on Netflix (a review coming up soon).

Breakeven by The Script

A classic song that I heard off of a radio and struggled to find (since there’s no Shazam), this was and will continue to be an eternal favorite of mine!

Winter Flower (feat. RM) by Younha

I closely follow releases from and related to BTS including the collabs. While some collabs have been my favorite and have been featured on my blog, some didn’t make the cut to my liking. This song however definitely belongs to the favorites section. RM’s feature in it was really good but the limelight here is completely on Younha whose vocals were so powerful I was shook when I heard it the first time. A really good bop.

Black Swan by BTS

If BTS has a new release then you can bet everything that I would have it featured on my playlist. This time it’s the song black swan which was released as a single as part of the releseases related to their new album that is set to debut in February – Map of The Soul : 7. The interesting thing here is that this song has an MV performed by MN dance company to a more contemporary version of the song. The version available on audio is different but I’ve included both of them in the YouTube playlist anyways. The song is very different from what has been seen from BTS so far and for one am really excited to see what’s in store in the album!


I had mentioned I had binge watched dramas right? This is another one from the drama Chocolate. That drama has such strong, sad songs that I am a sucker for. I couldn’t help including this one.

Special by Yubin

I swear this is the last one – from this drama. 😁

Clair de Lune, L. 32

Yes, I’m not just a modern genre girl, I go for the classics too. I don’t think this needs more explanation.

Flower by Yoonmirae

I did mention I was bingeing another drama right? As much as I recommend the drama – Chocolate, I highly recommend this one too which is currently streaming on Netflix, called Crash Landing On You. Once you watch dramas you can’t help following the tunes on it too! I guess that’s evident on the playlist this time!

Here I Am Again by Yerin Baek

This one too is another song from the same drama that I just can’t get enough of!

Pyscho by Red Velvet

I’ve always relied on Red Velvet for the cutesy bops but this time they really blew the roof of with this powerful number. It’s definitely addictive. You can’t stop yourself imagining you performing this on stage, or at least I can’t!

What A Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers

The latest release from the JoBros definitely did not disappoint! I loved the music video and all the references on it as well! Another bop!

So that’s a wrap for my playlist this month. The links for the playlists are up there at the top if you wanna give a listen! Which songs were your recent favorites, any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!