A shout-out to Talent.

If there’s one thing I’ve loved about this platform was the kind of support the community gives to each other. Be it the comments, the likes or the genuine reads. The best parts I have seen amidst all the support are the article that my fellow bloggers post where they give a shout-out to new found bloggers with immense talent.

I’ve always wanted to do this myself but haven’t as of yet, not due to the lack of talent, but I was always doubtful if my small blog would even help that blogger flourish?

But whatever my blog is today, I am proud of it , and therefore have decided to give a shout-out to my 550+ followers on this platform on this talented newbie.

Say hello to justalibrary!

A new found bloggers that I met and befriended one must think that it’s due to the common nature in our posts that I have decided to shine the spotlight on this blogger. But you couldn’t be more wrong.

Although just started, my friend here has broached on automobile expo news, something I’ve never gotten around to appreciating but have started to, simple, humble and tasty recipes, and an upcoming gadgets column as well!

I’m proud to say that this blogger is garnering an impressive amount of views from the quality content and updates on the blog which is titled perfectly as – justalibrary.

I’ve however noticed that my friend has not yet tapped the WordPress community and I request everyone who visits this article to give that blog a visit, it surely won’t disappoint and please do follow and interact on the posts as well!

I’m also looking forward to what justalibrary has to put out in the future and look forward to that as well! All the best!

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