March 2020 bullet journal setup!

Hello! And I’m back with another bullet journal setup for March! Now as usual I will begin with my usual disclaimer – that none of this originated from my creativity, but rather from other talented people I see over the internet. Therefore as I mention the setup I adapted for March, I will make sure to credit and link the owners of that creativity as well!

This months themes and layouts are heavily dependent on Amanda Rach Lee (my favorite BuJo person ever) setup for March in 2017. Please find the link of the post here!!

Now onto the post.

I always pick my color theme in 4 colors at the minimum because that helps in setting my mood tracker which you will see as you read on and in my other posts.

March is India, is HOT. It’s basically dry and hot and burning everywhere and cool greens are shades you can’t see anywhere but wish you could too. Which is why with an entire green setup. The four shades are from my Crayola super tips collection so they’re not numbered and I can’t let you know the exact shades as of now.

You can see that the cover picture for the month is a direct inspiration from Amanda’s video. I couldn’t really find any quotes that went with palm trees so I decided to go with this one! Also note: I’ve only given black outlines with my Sakura Pigma micron pens only for the palm leaves on the cover. All the other palm leaves have been drawn in straight with the supertips. I thought the cover page deserved a little bit more emphasis that’s all.

Next up is the monthly setup. I kind of liked the big page filled block setup that I did in February and decided to adopt that in green and in the layout of the month of March as well. If you’re new to this, unlike what some other people use this monthly grid for I usually use it to note down the highlight of the day – yes, even for the most boring mundane of days.

This mood tracker idea was one I found on Instagram. Since then I’ve been dying to use this one and I finally got to in this Palm leaf theme! Mood trackers are the one item that I love customising the most of the bullet journal because you can really push your creativity there! You can see that in my other month setups as well! As you can see my Habit tracker is back to the landscape style with the dates in horizontal and the habits to be tracked in vertical. This month is a start of many new things and I would love to see how those things turn out!

And finally the weekly setup. I went with a very simple setup that came from Amanda’s video itself. There were five weeks in March, so each week was designed in each accent color as above, and the final three days was sketched out in all 4 colors as well!

If you’re wondering whether this much space is enough for me to write my daily logs it’s actually fine because, my daily logs are actually in a separate one page a day diary. I wasn’t really intending to keep a separate journal at that, but it just so happened I got a brand new 2020 journal as a gift and I just can’t waste it!

So that’s the setup for March! Let me know how you liked it! If you do BuJo spreads no matter how simple or extravagant I would love to see it as well, please link them in the comments below!


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