The 5 Year Journal – February 2020

Hey! Now the 5 year journal may be something new if you haven’t read about it in my past posts so I will explain again what it is.

It’s basically a journal where one page is dedicated to a question. You have to answer the question one at a time everyday and basically repeat the cycle for five years. Your answers for each year should come one after the other. It’s strange and interesting to see how your answers change over the period of five years! It’s never too late or early to start these kind of things no matter what people say so here’s my January post in case you want to check that out.

As usual I have took help from Pinterest for the question I used in February as well!

Since it looks blurry here’s the link as well. There are so many formats of questions you can go with but this happens to be the one I chose.

Interesting questions this month- well let’s see–

Definitely the first question about my favorite piece of art. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m no art collector but that could really range out into a lot of things I believe as far as individuals are concerned. Questions 4 and 5 on color and health were also important questions. Color preference unlike what most people like to believe actually change as a person grows, matures and develops, so that would be an interesting thing to see. And rating our own health- more than the fact that the five years would show how our health improves or deteriorates, our rating of it matters as much. Mental health matters as much as physical don’t you think?

Questions listing our hopes, what challenged our morals, and our “superpowers” are expected to have some interesting answers as well!

This journal is perfect if you really wanna go for some low maintenance kind of journal keeping unlike the extensive and vibrant bullet journal setup that are popular nowadays (they’re up on my blog if you’re interested). Also another suggestion is, if you have some blank pages at the back of the notebook after entering all your questions, I recommend writing a letter to yourself every year! It’s really nice!

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