February 2020 – Playlist

Back with another monthly playlist! Please find the link to the YouTube and Spotify links here to listen! A short description of the tracks are given at the bottom!

La Vie En Rose by Daniela Andraade

Not strictly a song but rather a beautiful cover that I found on YouTube some time back. Her voice was very light and angelic, I just can’t keep listening to it! I think you will like it too!

My Favorite things (PT. 1) by John Coltrane

A jazz instrumental number of the classic from the Sound of Music, it’s an earworm for sure. If there are tracks similar to this, I would love recommendations in the comments for sure!

Ordinary Joe (feat. Terry Callier) by Nujabes

This months been an experiment to listening to really new sounds and I’m glad to find another top favorite artists with this track – Nujabes. For me this track is like soul music.

Stacy by Quinn XCII

It’s nice to get a fresh pop song amidst all the repetitions of sounds or beats that we are thrown into nowadays. This still remains my current favorite song ever!

Places We Won’t Walk by Bruno Major

If there’s one style that I never get tired off it’s the slow and light instrumentals from a lonely piano and some very prominent vocals. Just like this song. I’m sure many of you would love this song as well.

Flower by Johnny Stimson

Hearing this song I do feel like I am Johny Stimson’s “little flower” and “Casablanca sweetheart” and the “best part of his life”. You just cannot not hum to the main chorus “what can I do-o-o..”

Fly Me To The Moon (feat. Count Basie and his orchestra) by Frank Sinatra

I’ve heard a lot about Frank Sinatra but I’ve only actually begun to listen now at this point. So when I say this month has been full of new trials I did mean it!

Never Not by Lauv

“For as long as I live, I will never not think about you.” Yup it’s at this exact point in the lyrics that captured me into this song and made sure it came into this months playlist!

comethru by Jeremy Zucker

This month has been heave on the songs that showed vocal prowess more than the hard sounding BGM. That’s why this song, and never not by Lauv all happen to be this months favorites! It’s a common theme going around this whole playlist!

Jealous by Nick Jonas

We have been getting a lot of Nick through his times solo with songs like close. And nowadays a lot more of him via his reunioun with his brother as a Jonas Brother. This song was not something I listened to when it did release, but I found that Nick’s solo music is as interesting as is his music with his brothers. It has a style of its own for sure.

Lately by Forrest, Biskwiq & Ryce

This time it’s not just a new music style but another new artists venture! This chill song is good for when you want to just be laid back and have an afternoon rest with some chilled milkshake or juice if you’re lactose intolerant!


Now February was a very special month music wise. BTS was releasing their much awaited release of their new studio album! And technically this playlist should have been full up to the brim with that entire album but I’m having a separate post up for the songs on the album and it’s highlight so I limited it to the title track. It’s basically an anthem that says “Bring it ON” as they sing through an introspection of their career.


  1. You make me feel old when you say you have heard a lot about Frank Sinatra but just now listening to him. He was the rage in my generation. However, to be honest, I have never really care that much for him.

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