Crash Landing Into You (2019-20) – Ep-by-Ep summary

Binge watching is essentially the biggest factor in the entertainment we have today considering the vast expanse of streaming services. Although I love a good binge watch any day – there’s a certain thrill about waiting for those weekly episodes to come up – sometimes it can be humungous disappointment – sometimes huge thrills. So I decided to start on two Korean dramas on that note. Both of which should be published on my blog by now.

Crash Landing into you is a K-drama I started watching because I’m a fan of the two leads in this one. So this post is going to be an episode by episode summary. If you’re looking for a spoiler free, review of the series alone and details on the team who worked on it, click on this link to read it. So without any further ado !

Episode 1

Meet Yoon Se Ri, the young and successful CEO of Se Ri’s choice. The episode starts with she and her team sitting together and deciding how to cover up the scandalous post about her and her actor boyfriend. She seems cool about the scandal and is more concentrated on making sure the photos clearly show her dress and accessories which would help in the sales. That’s the most cool attitude I have ever seen towards a scandal in K-Drama land! LOL!

Se Ri receives a call that her father is out on probation. The sons and their wives all faun over him in hopes of being announced as heir. Se Ri appears very late and her father announces as the heir, which she accepts much to the dismay of her troublesome brothers and her not so enthusiastic mother. She says she will take it up as soon as the release of her new line finishes.

She personally decides to test her new paragliding equipment but fate has her getting stuck in a freak storm and carried away. Curiousitu question number 1 – can’t we predict tornados and stuff? Or are they unpredictable like earthquakes? Let me know in the comments below!

Back in the other side of the DMZ we see Ri Jeong Hyeok who has caught some grave robbers who tried to dig up artefacts from the south. His superiors ask him to let them off the hook but Jeong Hyeok is firm on his word – they must be investigated. I guess we know he has a firm stand – even to his superiors.

The next day Se Ri awakens stuck in a tree only to found by Jeong Hyeok who was investigating the damages by the storm. We see some comedic instances where Se Ri first things that Jeong Hyeok is the intruder but she finally it’s she whose on the wrong side!

Se Ri eventually runs away after Jeong Hyeok gives her directions. When she reached the turn she decides not to follow his direction and kept running forward. Lucky for her, the soldier running after her was drunk, the watch soldier was watching “Stairway to Heaven” and the electric fences were damaged .

Her brothers unbothered at her disappearance are trying their best to keep the news under wraps in fear of drop of stock prices. The younger brothers wife reminds him that they must first find the guy that conned him in order to become the chairman of the company.

Here comes Gu Seong Joon – the con man in question. He is currently on the run and need a place no one will find him or until the coast is clear – and a place is suggested where no one will ever find him. I wonder what place that is – I mean it’s so obvious LOL.

The people Jeong Hyeok arrested are taken away in a truck under the pretense of being let free after telling Jeong Hyeok’s senior the location of the artefacts. The men are killed by a giant truck in a planned murder and a woman who witnessed it is killed as well. I guess we found our villian too.

Se Ri runs and reaches a village and asks a man for a cell phone for which he just walks by. As she is wondering what’s going on – the lights come on – the people start exercising – the children March to school – she realises she is still in North Korea.

As a military vehicle approaches she is suddenly pulled into a home and as the light flickers on she sees it’s none other than Jeong Hyeok. Surprise! I guess we know how the story for the most part is going to go forward here!

Epilogue 1

As we see Se Ri wailing into her walkie talkies. Jeong Hyeok lowers his gun and watches her – with a smile. This kind of epilogue reminds of the cute ones we got from “My love from another star”.

Episode 2

The squadron and Se Ri are now in Jeong Hyeok’s home. All of them had a role in her reaching here and now need to find a way to get her out without the Security department knowing otherwise it’s the end for her and them. At this point there’s a lot of cute bickering going on which I found really amusing!

Se Ri is having a tough time dealing with how her life is at the moment and we see some funny instances as well with her calling Jeong Hyeok’s emergency number for shampoo, bodywash and scented candles! Which in my opinion, are important and worth the emergency!

Jeong Hyeok arrives in Pyongyang for the investigation of the dead tomb raider but is detained. He is immediately let go as the investigating officer find that he’s from a highly influential family.

Chul Kang is shocked to know about his family details because he used to know Jeong Hyeok’s older brother – who is now dead. I smell some suspense here.

Jeong Hyeok mentions investigating about accidents involving Kamaz trucks as his brother died in one such accident as well.

As the soldiers leave Jeong Hyeok’s house for the day they get information an inspection is going to happen and urgently inform Jeong Hyeok, leading him to borrow the Colonel’s own car to get priority over the traffic.

As Se Ri goes through Jeong Hyeok’s stuff she sees a lot of sheet music and details on his performance when the inspection happens and she’s caught.

As Se Ri is brought out with guns on her Jeong Hyeok arrives in the fancy car and says “I would appreciate it if you would move that gun from my fiance’s face”. Expected move but still made me go OOOHHHHHH!

Epilogue 2

We see a Se Ri in Switzerland who wants to end her life post leaving her family. The institute doesn’t allow it, and instead asks her to check out the scenery which has cured many.

As she watches some paragliders Jeong Hyeok comes and stands beside her admiring the view as well. Oohhhhhh!

Episode 3

Now that Jeong Hyuk has announced that Se Ri is his fiance, he escapes from not procuring an ID by staying that she is an elite member of the secret spy unit – Division 11.

Meanwhile we have the entrance of Seo Dan and Seung Joon at the Pyongyang airport. Dan decides to meet Jeong Hyeok after her recital tomorrow and Seung Joon is taken to his elite residence as well.

Chul Kang now approaches Man Bok who is in a team that does wire tapping. He asks Man Bok to tap in on Jeong Hyeok’s home in return for better benefits for Man Bok’s son. We see a flashback of Man Bok listening in on the planned murder of Jeong Hyeok’s elder brother as well, that too under the instructions of Chul Kang.

Jeong Hyeok then tells his team what happened and they decide to let her go his a boat on international waters. Seung Joon meets up with Chul Kang at his residence and are now on good terms. Meanwhile Se Ri’s family back home are at discussions on who will take succession of her father and how to dissolve her own company, while her secretary and insurer tries to save her. Sheesh these people can’t even wait a bit?

As she says goodbye to the soldiers in a set of funny scenes where she gives them awards she boards the boat and goes with Jeong Hyeok to leave. As he talks to her about how she can reunite with her family, she cites how it wouldn’t be that much of a reunion. But suddenly the patrol boats arrive and they are about to be caught but just as they are about to be seen Jeong Hyeok in a typical drama fashion – kisses her. Again, I expected this scene for sure because I was sure she was not going to escape right now. But it still feels so cute! These two have some amazing chemistry I can give you that!

Epilogue 3

One of the cutest epilogues we see that although Jeong Hyeok received Se Ri’s tomato plant unhappily we can see him crouching next to it and saying happy words to it – including “piano”.

Episode 4

Se Ri sad at losing the chance to return home tries to paraglide back. Jeong Hyeok convince her how that would terribly fail and they are almost caught because of the transmission they sent but the two paraglide smoothly away and escape. Totally unexpected but the most uWu moment ever in this as these two grow close.

Se Ri worries she won’t be able to return home as Jeong Hyeok is not that high ranking an officer and tries to hang out with the wives of the influential officers so that Jeong Hyeok can be given the Preferential Star and get a promotion.

Jeong Hyeok and Kwang Bum investigate around the engineering department for the vehicles that had caused the accidents and get some leads.

Meanwhile Chairman Yoon decides to give the company to his younger son and he and his wife think of plans to dissolve her own company as well. We then see a situation cited where Se Ri’s mother had once abandoned her on a beach (I guess she’s not the real mother then sigh)

The next sweet Jeong Hyeok hand roasts some coffee for her and she gives a finger heart. He and his team try to ponder what the sign means which they decipher from the extensive knowledge of South Korean dramas that she likes him. Jeong Hyeok makes it clear at this point that he has a fiance. Dan travels by taxi to Jeong Hyeok’s village only for it to break down and for her to have a ride provided by Seong Joon. Meanwhile Se Ri gets lost at the marketplace at night only to be found by Jeong Hyeok holding up one of her favorite scented candles as they find each other in the crowd. Talk about sweet. And it seems like Jeong Hyeok finally found her favorite scented candles as well.

Epilogue 4

The epilogu actually shows the story behind the picture that Dan was looking at in this episode.

At Switzerland Se Ri is approached by Jeong Hyeok and Dan to take a picture as she was recording her will before she died. Eventually Jeong Hyeok leads her back off the bridge and as Se Ri takes the picture, Dan looks at Jeong Hyeok while he smiles looking at Se Ri. I’m always a sucker for destined lovers.

Episode 5

Yes peopl the Meetup that we have all been dreading has happened. The love triangle finally comes up face to face but Jeong Hyeok managed to tell Dan that he and Se Ri are on a mission together and that she will leave soon. We also see that one of Se Ri’s brothers had set up her and Seong Joon on a marriage date but he had seen through him and understood he’s after the money after all and declinea his proposal.

Jeong Hyeok is back with a plan to smuggle Se Ri out of the country by letting her go as a participant to Europe as a track champion. There she would go missing, contact the necessary people and reach back home. For that she must go to Pyongyang and get her passport. As part of the preparation of the same she pawns her watch and buys clothes and gets a new haircut. At the pawn shop she noticed another watch, a watch which Chul Kang says to Man Dok, that if ever found would be the end of them all. I guess that’s Jeong Hyeok’s brother’s.

We see that Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri is travelling along to Pyeongyang and so is Seong Joon in the same train. After a 16 hour halt where they get more close, that finally take the passport photos.

It’s at this point that Seong Joon who is being chased meets up with Se Ri and we see yet another character meet up. Now that we know there was a connections between Seong Joon and Se Ri I guess things are going to get really interesting.

Epilogue 5

We see that a powerful Se Ri who has always pushed off her love affairs waits sad and drunk as Jeong Hyeok has gone with Dan to drop her.

Episode 6

This episode we see more intervention of Seong Joon and Dan into the story. Seong Joon on a pretense of helping Se Ri informs her brother about her whereabouts so that he can be pulled out of the money scam. Meanwhile someone sees Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri at the hotel and Dan for one is not happy about that one bit.

Things may be difficult for the two secondary leads but we see them being a comfort for each other as they meet on the hotel rooftop, both upset for their own reasons.

As Se Ri’s second brother and wife get proof of her stay in North Korea they plot to make sure she never comes back from there as well. Jeong Hyeok’s wedding is fixed to happen within a month.

Se Ri has another goodbye party with the soldiers in Jeong Hyeok’s team again and she leaves with one of the instead of Jeong Hyeok to the airport. As they travel to the airport they are attacked by the same Kamaz trucks that killed the people before as her plans were found by Man Bok with the bug. As her doom is imminent, Jeong Hyeok speeds up on a bike and shoots the assailants down. Thinking the coast is clear he gets shot on the shoulder protecting Se Ri and collapses. Noooooooooooooooo!!!

Epilogue 6

Although in the episode Jeong Hyeok was indifferent and didn’t give her a proper goodbye he was preparing the bike and the weapons and was closely following the vehicle as it took her to the airport. He was always protecting her. This cannot get sweeter. Seriously. The lengths he goes to for her!

Episode 7

Now that both Jeong Hyeok and Kwang Bom are injured, Se Ri abandons her plans to leave via the airport and takes them to the hospital. She even donates her blood for his surgery and he survives.

While Jeong Hyeok is sedated he dreams of how he had to leave his music education in Switzerland with the death of his brother and how at this beautiful lake side he plays this painful melody which he had originally composed for his brother. Side note – that view is breathtaking. I suddenly have an urge to visit Switzerland. Wish I had the money to.

After Jeong Hyeok wakes up he reprimands her for not leaving but eventually indetsnad the lengths she went to and the two finally share a kiss, they both like each other now!

Chul Kang and his battalion of soldiers come to arrest Jeong Hyeok but is stopped by his father. Meanwhile Se Ri meets up with Seong Joon on contacting her family as she is still under the idea that he is there to help her. Dan and Jeong Hyeok have a disagreement on their marriage but Dan refuses to back out of the marriage as she has waited and she is sure that once Se Ri leaves his feelings for her will go as well. Meanwhile Se Ri’s second eldest brother becomes the chairman of the group as well.

As Jeong Hyeok leaves to find Se Ri after seeing her get into Seung Joon’s car in the CCTV he is stopped by Dan who has now find out that Se Ri is actually a businesswoman from Seoul. He however leaves despite her confrontation. Seong Joon meanwhile stops Se Ri from leaving suggesting that he is a better option for her to leave than Jeong Hyeok.

Epilogue 7

In this epilogue Se Ri mentions a song she heard play in Switzerland that gave her the yearning to live again. And that happened to be none other than the melancholy song played by Jeong Hyeok as he was leaving Switzerland post his brother death. They are indeed destined to meet. This is just getting too cute for me!

Episode 8

We see Seong Joon try his best to keep Se Ri there even proposing to her so that she can leave with him under his British identity. It is at this point that Jeong Hyeok arrives and although she initially makes him leave she eventually reunites with him. I’m glad that reunioun happened fast because sometimes dramas drag out this temporary separation so much it’s agonising. Meanwhile Dan’s mother gets the soldiers drunk and Chi Soo reveals the truth about Se Ri but her mother now nursing a hangover can’t remember any of that.

Meanwhile we see Se Ri’s secretary and her insurer trying to tell Chairman Yoon the transmission they heard when Se Ri attempted to paraglide again but her second brother denies it all. What sort of brother is this. I hope the truth comes out and he’s jailed soon OMG.

As Jeong Hyeok wakes up he sees a make shift Christmas tree. Soon he receives a call from Se Ri who is kidnapped and is saying her last and tearful goodbye. As he tries to keep talking with her, he hears a gunshot. Now I know they won’t kill her off half way but NOOOOOOOO!!!

Epilogue 8

We see an old Se Ri who even works on Christmas as it’s a pointless holiday celebrating another person’s birthday. The same Se Ri now at Jeong Hyeok’s house goes all out on a Christmas tree and a gift for which she pawns her ring from Seong Joon as well. Love can change people in unexpected ways huh.

Episode 9

As expected Se Ri wasn’t killed but the gun just went off in the struggle. Jeong Hyeok gets arrested by Chul Kang and it looks like Se Ri’s captor is none other than Jeong Hyeok’s father. Wow.

Man Bok comes to have possession of the watch that would leak his and Chul Kang’s crimes. Apparently the gift they Se Ri bought for Jeong Hyeok was the watch. This drama is full of coincidences seriously.

Jeong Hyeok is released under his father’s influence and meets up with Se Ri. The two also come to know of their coincidental connection in Switzerland as well as they recount stories on seeing Jeong Hyeok’s piano. But this time Jeong Hyeok says he will make sure she is back home.

Se Ri’s mother and her sisters in law enter her home and her mother sees a framed photo of hers that Se Ri secretly took during an earlier visit.

An emergency squadron shift is announced due to a runaway soldier and the gang takes in Se Ri into the DMZ. Jeong Hyeok guides her till the border after taking the maximum amount of time and tells he has reached his limit and he asks her to cross and go so that she will be found by South Korean soldiers.

As she painfully crosses the border we see in true lead hero style , Jeong Hyeok cross it himself and kiss her one last time. Awww I can’t bear this why do they have to separate!

Epilogue 9

Jeong Hyeok finds out that Se Ri has arranged his books in such a way that the first syllables spell out “I love you, Ri Jeong Hyeok”. heart!

Episode 10

After the heart breaking goodbye at the DMZ border, our heroine is back just when evil sister in law was planning to dissolve the company! Talk about right timings.

Man Bok confesses and provides the information to Jeong Hyeok on what really happened to his elder brother.

Now back home Se Ri feigns amnesia in order to avoid unwanted questions of where she has been all this time. Although she is happy to be back with the modern luxuries she misses Jeong Hyeok as well.

With all the evidences Chul Kang is sentenced to jail and hard labor. But as he leaves he tells Jeong Hyeok about something crucial that he has missed and how it is going to affect Se Ri. He then goes through the documents again and finds a discrepancy in the amount of smuggled goods. He realises at this point that something is amiss. Chul Kang is met with an accident and brought about as perished but he actually escapes into the South and can be seen following Se Ri. Oh no!

As Se Ri who couldn’t sleep walks amidst the crowd at night, she sees Jeong Hyeok waiting amongst them and she is shocked. Well so am I even though I did expect it I mean we can’t have six more episodes without the two meeting can we?

Epilogue 10

We see that it’s not just Jeong Hyeok and Chul Kang who have now arrived in ten South but all of Jeong Hyeok’s team and Man Bok who have brought in with the military world championship track team by Joeng Hyeok’s father to find him and bring him back home. As serious as their mission is the sequences to follow are comedic as they venture into a very different world.

Episode 11

Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri then talk at a cafe where eh explains to her about how the dangerous Chul Kang is now here which led him to come at this point. The two then go to Se Ri’s home and we see some cute sequences the two of them. In between that the evil brother and wife visit and Jeong Hyeok hiding listens and understands the truth about the family circumstances she lives in. Evil sister in law sees a pair of men’s shoes as she leaves and understands that Se Ri is not alone.

The rest of the episode shows us two couple bonding – Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri and in the other end, Dan and Seong Joon.

At the end of the episode we see Chul Kang has arrived and is almost going to shoot Jeong Hyeok when Se Ri risks it all and shouts out at Chul Kang, hiding and after shutting off the lights, by which time Jeong Hyeok comes next to her aid.

Epilogue 11

Another flashback scene, where see see another coincidental meteup between our love triangle characters many years ago in Switzerland.

Episode 12

After their encounter with Chul Kang, Se Ri has a doctor come around secretly to her home to treat Jeong Hyeok’s wound, Thai doctor however relays the information to her brother and he wonders about Jeong Hyeok’s true identity.

As Dan and Seong Joon come to be closer we see that Seong Joon has a real motive behind coming close to Se Ri’s family as his father was cheated out of money by her father and he wants his revenge. That explains a lot actually.

We see that Se Ri and Jeong Hyeok are finally reunited with his team and all is well and she finally takes them around her home and shows that everything she said about her life wasn’t fake. This was an entertaining and funny scene sequence. This gang together always leads to some funny sequences.

Chariman Yoon finally confronts evil brother about how he stopped Se Ri’s return, and we see a sequence of scenes of what happened with Se Ri and her step mother and how step mom is deeply apologetic now. Don’t really get what made her get apologetic but okay I’m not going into too much questioning at this point.

When Se Ri reaches back home she sees no one is there and thinks they have left back to their home and starts crying loudly only to find that they were hiding for her birthday surprise. As she runs out embarrassed, the couple have an intense moment only to have Chul Kang in the shrouds after striking a deal with her evil brother to finish things once and for all.

Epilogue 12

As Jeong Hyeok finished the game he sees a voice recorder on her table and listens to her last message to her family as she was about to jump off a bridge in Switzerland. As he listen sand realises it’s her birthday he suddenly hears his and Dan’s voice asking to take a picture. He realizes – it’s destiny.

Episode 13

As we see a lot more romantic sequences if couple things and deep conversations over a suspension bridge, and even cuter sequences with the soldiers who came to bring Jeong Hyeok back, we see that Chul Kang has approached Man Bok and is emotionally blackmailing him about the things they did together and how much Man Bok owes him.

Chairman Yoon finally realizes evil brother and wifes tricks and literally kicks him out of his position. About time.

Towards the end of the episode we see an intense face off with Chul Kang and team and our hero and his team. But in a desperate attempt to avoid Jeong Hyeok getting killed by Chul Kang’s bullet she drives her car in and gets shot instead. I knew this was evident considering that Jeong Hyeok once took the bullet for her but ouch.

Epilogue 13

Although his team was supposed to leave the country with the athletics team they didn’t and stayed with Jeong Hyeok to end Chul Kang once and for all but end with seeing a limp Se Ri in a crying Jeong Hyeok’s arms.

Episode 14

Although Man Bok had Chul Kang at gunpoint he didn’t manage to shoot and kill him off. Guess I’m going to be seeing more.of Chul Kang too ugh.

Both Se Ri and Chul Kang are in bad shape. Chul Kang gets patched up in those dingy secret hospitals while Se Ri is under observation and in coma.

It comes to a point that Dan’s mother realises that Jeong Hyeok really likes someone else and asks her to live her life freely and not on a promise made so many years ago. Dan and Seong Joon finally end up in a full blown romantic relationship. Awww these two are the right balance really. Even more so than our main leads, don’t you think so?

Se Ri comes to consciousness and hears the real intentions behind her evil another from a bug put by Man Bok. Finally these things actually make some use not just for the villians in the story.

Not only is evil brother and his wife officially removed from the family from those voice recordings but they are arrested as well. Se Ri also gets to understand the real emotions behind her step mother as well and they reconcile.

Our finale scenes see Seong Joon cornered and at the end, and Jeong Hyeok who has a face off with Chul Kang only for both of them to be caught by special forces. Why why why..why can’t we just have Chul Kang just ended and they can go back home in peace why involve the special forces? We are in for a lot more drama you guys!

Epilogue 14

We see that although Jeong Hyeok said he was leaving the home that day to settle things with a rival from a video game we see that he actually stocked up her home with ACTUAL food and recorded a song to help her sleep instead of using pills.

Episode 15

Seong Joon is captured and it all but seems to be the end for him only for him to be let free when his captors are sleeping. He escapes and manages to hide inside Jeong Hyeok’s house somehow.

Meanwhile Jeong Hyeok and his team are arrested by NIS, and there is no torture or intense questioning like they fear. However, Jeong Hyeok has decided to take all the blame, and when Se Ri visits claims all the things were just an act and that she was stupid to even believe that. An already sick Se Ri is heartbroken and collapses and is carried away, much to Jeong Hyeok’s shock..well what did you expect that she would leave the place with a skip in her beat?

Back at Jeong Hyeok’s home, Seong Joon proposes to Dan and is dropped off at the airport to leave the country. As he is about to leave he hears that Dan is kidnapped and he tears his ticket and goes to her rescue since he is going to miss it anyways. We see a gun sequence with Seong Joon effortlessly shooting down his enemies only to be shot right when he’s not looking. Nononono…..this can’t be! You can’t kill him off! He’s like my fav character! Nooooooooo!

Meanwhile a collapsed Se Ri is at the brink of her life as Jeong Hyeok watches her fight against blood poisoning. Although it looks like the end of her character I know fur sure this is not now her story will end.

Epilogue 15

The NIS examine footage of Jeong Hyeok with Se Ri and comically come to a conclusion that he is just a man who is deeply in love. Awwww!

Episode 16

We see that Seong Joon indeed dies while Dan cries helpessly next to him in the ambulance. Somehow I was hoping he would have been saved!

Jeong Hyeok’s father is being blackmailed by the Military Director fr two days ago with photo evidence of Jeong Hyeok in South Korea from Chul Kang.

Se Ri on waking up is told by her stepmom that what he told at the questioning centre was not true and in reality he loves her a lot but is being sent back to North Korea in exchange of some South Korean prisoners. She of course wants to say goodbye and step mom drives race car style to the border God knows how that happened. We see a tense few minutes were arms are raised but yeah couple gives a heartfelt goodbye. Nooo my heart is about to combust seriously.

While on their way back into North Korea they suspected some foul play by the military Director only to be saved by Jeong Hyeok’s father intervening and shooting down all the goons.

While Dan is depressed but holding on after Seong Joonsy death, we see a depressed Se Ri as well. But we see that she suddenly starts receiving scheduled messages from Jeong Hyeok’s phoen. Although not exactly the same I am kind of getting the vibe we had from the final episode of DOTS.

He leaves behind many little tasks, gifts and memories for Se Ri and we see her slowly ce back into life. His final message tells her that he should possibly be waiting in the land where the flowers from the potted plant that she is taking care of is from which as we expected is Switzerland. I mean the clues were strewn all over the drama.

The two of course meet in Switzerland ironically after a tough paragliding landing!

Epilogue 16

We see that Dan is now an independent woman who is not bent on the fact that she must marry to have life come to a meaning although this stage was reached after quite some pain. We also see concluding sequences for all our beloved characters as well.

And we see that via a musical foundation for musical prodigies Se Ri visits Switzerland frequently and spend time happily with Jeong Hyeok.

So that’s the end of the series! I’m sniffing with tears, and exploding with happiness, and so many emotions all at once! What did you feel about the drama as a whole while watching it? My review on the drama is also up on the blog and you can find the link at the top of the post! Please do leave comments on what you felt as you binged through the drama as well!