Crash Landing Into You (2019-2020) – K-Drama review

I am back with another drama review! Now there is a good chance that you have heard about this drama because during it’s airing and when it finished it had literally one of the highest ratings ever! Now fear not the show is available on Netflix to stream as it is a Netflix original! Now without much delays onto the review! Now this review is spoiler free but if you want an episode by episode summary click here, it’s especially useful if you want a run through the first few episodes to understand the flow of the drama as well!

Country of origin : South Korea

Language : Korean

Title : Crash Landing on You/ Emergency Love Landing/ Crash Landing of Love

Directed by : Lee Jeong Hyeo

Written by : Park Ji Eun

Created by : Studio Dragon

Starring : Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Kim Jing Hyun, Seo Ji Hye

Opening theme : “Sigriswil” by Kim Kyung Hee

Number of seasons : 1

Number is episodes : 16

Status of the show : Completed

Genre : Romantic drama

Meet our protagonist the young and energetic Yoon Se Ri. She is the head of Se Ri’s choice a fashion and lifestyle company that’s doing well. Not only that she is the daughter of one of the biggest conglomerates and due to the incapability of her brothers , her father decides to give the position to Se Ri. Like every complicated rich family setup, the siblings are like enemies and do not get along at all, and they are horrified at the decision to hand over the company to her.

Just days before she is to be announced as the next chairwoman she decides to test out some paragliding gear for her new company release. A freak accident however leads her to land in the DMZ area between North and South Korea. After several instances she finds herself trapped in North Korea and I’m the home of Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok. As much as he wants to report her, her escape into the country would be pointed as his and his teams carelessness and he decides to hide her and help her leave without anyone knowing.

Things however get interesting as we see another character Seong Joon arrive in North Korea. He is on the run from Se Ri’s second brother after conning him off millions of won and decided the safest and most out of reach place would be North Korea. He had even been proposed as an arranged marriage proposal for Se Ri once which she however had rejected. Aside from the intervention from this character –

We see that hiding Se Ri and her escape is.more difficult takes longer than expected and with the arrival of Jeong Hyeok’s fiance things are not going to get smoother are they?

The story then revolves around the 4 characters, Se Ri’s return and the struggles associated with the same, and the destinh surrounding our characters – Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri.

Now where do I start with this review. We.of course have our lead star Se Ri on which the whole story is built on. She is the typic chaebol (rich family through the generations ) kind of girl and as expected she has all the drama surrounding that too what with the step mother and the brothers and their never ending hunger for money. Se Ri is well accomplished on her own but getting the family company an added bonus really took her up heights until she landed in the DMZ that is. At this point we see that the entire world and lifestyle that she lived in is completely shaken.

Before I move onto the characters that remain, the setting of the story especially the village Jeong Hyeok and Se Ri lived in and the other places must be talked about. Although it is difficult to determine how accurately things were depicted in the story from a creative and originality point of view I guess we can give a pretty good score for the production design and cinematography. From what I got to know from some research a good part of the story was quite authentic maybe except Dan’s dressing style which was a little out of place. Although we can always take creative imagination out on a place in a story it shouldn’t really kill the uniqueness that place has in reality so I guess they might have faced some challenges on that but did do a decent effort on that!

Another spectacular location that tied this story up was obviously Switzerland and the connect that our protagonists had there. Is it just me or is that one of the most beautiful set locations ever? I really felt like packing my bags and living there seriously. It’s natural beauty at it’s best and I hope it’s preserved that way too seriously! Nothing would hurt more than it’s natural beauty to look artificial or to be destroyed.

Coming back to our favorite soldier Jeong Hyeok. He was the perfect description of a righteous man who had his priorities set straight. Although a man of principles and processes he was also a man who would take the biggest risks for the people he loved. He was a character that was just not about brute Force, action, or a romantic scene but was also a man who understood and appreciated the arts. In conclusion a perfect balance. There were several scenes which were just too adorable when it came to him as well which was a breath of fresh air on ten serious nature of the story. He has as much a complicated and serious family story as Se Ri, so you could say he fit in with her character like a matching jigsaw puzzle.

Now the thing about our leads is that destiny was a strong factor in their relationship. They are in fact the definition of the destined star crossed lovers. Was that necessary in this story? Somehow I felt it was. You do see stories of such dissimilar people falling in love so I think the story writers probably went for this destiny theme to add some freshness and vibrancy in the story.

Now the thing with Seong Joon’s character is – I really loved the character. And boy did the character have a lot of potential to add in the story and I’m not even talking about it in a love traingle perspective either. But we really do get a breakthrough on this character probably at the end of the second last episode. And I’m not giving any spoilers here , but I am so not happy with the conclusion then gave this character at felt like they had to conclude it as they couldn’t fit more into the storyline so they did what they did and this was the result. That really saddened me.

The issue with me for Dan was not in her conclusion but in the use of her role throughout the story. Such a powerful, independent and dynamic woman really shouldn’t have been this fazed by the occurrences but I guess something was required to fuel the relationship between the leads and I guess Dan became the point for that. Dramas really can be classified into two. Ones that have amazing supporting roles and ones that don’t and for me this was the bad side.

Other than related characters we had plenty of supporting cast other than Dan and Seong Joon and they were honestly the break of fresh air in the serious aura that this drama maintains. Especially Jeong Hyeok’s subordinates and their squabbles with Se Ri!

Now coming to the plot, until the point that Se Ri actually returned back home, (no this is not a spoiler), was the point where we stopped having the suspense. Beyond that it was quite predictable in a way how the story was going to go.

Nevertheless I won’t put this drama down. It had all the probability of turning out to be ordinary of repetitive at some points but the creators bent around the character depth, interventions, their past, and many comical scenes that blended together in perfect balance for this drama to form. There wasn’t an over load of any emotion really and that is what really drove this drama to the success that it faced for sure. The actor performances of their roles were undoubtedly really good which led us to getting attached to the characters as well.

If you’re looking for a drama with a different theme interspersed with some entertaining elements and a really good team performance then this is a drama that I would most definitely recommend!

Did you watch this drama as well? Or do you wanna watch it? Do let me know in the comments! I’ve linked an episode by episode summary which of course has spoilers at the top of this post so do check it out if your interested and would like a run through of a few episodes as well!


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