Watch With Me : The Untamed – C-Drama (2019)

A few days ago I had announced that I would be launching a new series on my blog called – Explore With Me!

Now this series can be a series of posts with continuos updates on my exploration into it. Now if it’s a TV series that would mean episode recaps as I finish watching them. If it’s a book readathon that would mean interjectory posts between chapters or sets of chapters. Now I also have another category on my blog called festa where I have a running series of posts but that’s not really an exploration into something I have never tried but compilation posts on categories I am more well versed in!

Now obviously there many be not many that are actually doing a watch with me on this, but that won’t mean the posts don’t mean sense because it’s a fun documentation of my exploration into the same! I want to go for the most hyped releases, things that I was super excited to see in this exploration series which is why I chose this drama!

Now the internet is a place where you find so many interesting things and for a few months I’ve been seeing that this particular Chinese drama is being raved by so many people on the internet!

Now I’m not unfamiliar when it comes to non-English dramas but I have only ever watched one Chinese drama so far! I’ve had so many people recommend this to me due to the storyline,the character sync, story set up and so many other things that people are raving about! Seeing all that, I’ve gotten very excited and have decided to explore it as well.

So before I set into watching it – why don’t we get a premise and let you know what my expectations are based on that? Oh, and I almost forgot, once the watch with me ends, I would definitely be uploading my review of the series as a whole and mini episode recap post for anyone who wants to just get a geist of the episodes. Now be warned the episode recap posts will most definitely have spoliers! So let’s check out what the premise of this drama is –

Straight off the bat from the promotional posters I’m guessing this is based on ancient times – well duh.

Also, it so happens that this book was based on a book and there is also an anime series with this book as well, so I guess I might be checking both of them out once I have my verdict on this series!

Also guys looks like the genre is not just historical but mythological as well – so I’m guessing supernatural elements? Demons or stuff ?? Or is it like that one Superman like lead that saves everyone else?

Also the series is a set of 50 episodes with episode durations ranging around 45 minutes.

The story as per Wikipedia states that it’s based on a martial arts like world where there’s this powerful Wen clan who kind of rule over many other smaller clans. Like a kingdom maybe. And I’m going to assume at this point that the Wen clan are our enemies or evil beings in the story.

And our two principal characters are the fun filled Wei Wuxian and the righteous Lan Wangji who become friends. I get from the synopsis that we do not have a lead heroine here. I’ve also come to understand from the tweets that these two are the main leads and have an almost romantic chemistry between them. And that things were toned down a little for Chinese television unlike how it’s in the books. But that’s from what other people say. If I’m wrong on that point, feel free to point out my mistakes in the comments but don’t give me spoilers as I have not finished watching it!

Seems like Wei Wuxian who is straight off the main “main” lead protected the innocent people of the Wen clan (I thought they were evil? Guess I gotta watch and find out what that’s about) and eventually goes missing to resurface sixtenn years later. Oohhhhhh! I like!

At this point of time, our duo now solves a series of “murder mysteries” and uncover the truth.

This drama did really well commercially, which I saw in all the tweets raving about it, people seem to be acknowledging that it has a really good storyline, which is what I look for the most into, more than anything else because if the foundation is all wrong then it doesn’t matter how good whatever that goes on top of it is, if you know what I mean. Also I didn’t get the mythology element here yet because the synopsis sounds very non mythological to me but I guess I will comment on that more once I start watching!

I’m also very interested in the chemistry between the two. It has started an immense fan following, fan edits, fan fiction and what not and I know that these two must have been amazing at that point for the fans to be enjoying it that much!

So enough of chit chat let’s start watching! I will link the live recaps below as I watch and update them! Let me know in the comments what you feel too! And please make sure not to include spoilers!

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Mid-watch review and expectations

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Episode 50 (Final) recap

Spoiler free review of the series


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