Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 2 : Recap

We have met the characters but have not gotten a grip on the plot yet, so here I am diving straight into episode 2. At this point I’m trying to keep up the with characters and plot as much as I can. I’m sure even if I miss something due to my unfamiliarity in his genre I will gather more info from reliable sources and update them here. Also if you want to read any of the other live recaps – click here

Wei Wuxian now on a donkey travel to Mount Dafan to look for something or to run away from Lan Wangji as like what happened at the end of episode 1 I really don’t know at this point.

There he meets some other “cultivators” (I used the term spirit dealer and exorcistionists but I guess cultivator is the formal word) who are also on the lookout for capturing evil spirits like the Lan clan does.

Wuxian then meets Jin Ling who is angered that his nets meant to capture spirits captured some humans instead. Wuxian interrupts and Jin Ling chastises Wuxian saying that Mo Xuanyu was expelled from Jin Ling’s clan – The Jin clan. We also come to understand that Mo Xuanyu is the illegitimate child of the old clan leader of the Jin clan.

At this point Jjang Cheng (the guy who pushed Wuxian off the cliff) enters the scene and chastises Jin Ling (looks like they are uncle and nephew). As he is about to start arguing with Wuxian, Lan Wangji arrives. Wuxian is terrified that either Jjang Cheng or Lan Wangji will recognise him and escape immediately.

Wuxian then by the stream thinks of his happy times with Jjang Cheng and Jjang Yan Li (are these three like friends or something? I’m guessing Cheng and Yan Li are siblings since their family names are the same , also Jin Ling is Yan Li’s son so I guess that’s true). Knowing that he chastised Yan Li’s son he feels bad too.

Lan Si Zhui (the one who helped Wuxian at Mo Manor) leads his clan and others to a temple with a heavenly fairy statue. Wuxian also arrives and realizes this place is very dangerous from his memories and helps everyone escape.

But the statue comes to life again and attacks and they all pounce into battle. Looks like these cultivators can like fly through the air and stuff. I’m guessing these are parts of the supernatural elements the genre was talking about and of course the fact that they are all cultivators.

With the situation going out of control, Wuxian cuts out a bamboo flute quickly and plays it but suddenly summons “The Ghost General” and the fairy is defeated by Jjang Cheng and Lan Wangji and everyone realize Wuxian summon him and they start to recognize he is Wei Wuxian, the one who died nearly sixteen years ago.

Jjang Cheng sets to attack Wuxian and Lan Wangji stops him and the two fight. At this point Wei Wuxian thinks back to the time when he was aa disciple of the Jjang clan along with Jjang Cheng and Yan Li.

Takeaways from the episode

We got a lot more character intros here and I’m slightly confused. Looks like Wuxian powers are quite different and stronger than the others. And I understand that all these characters are cultivators but from different clans. At this point we get that only Lan Wanji is really on Wuxian’s side while everyone else are set to kill him on sight! But I’m guessing the story is moving onto flashback mode so that we can find out what all this is about!

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