Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 3 Recap

Onto episode 3 where we are going into flashback mode! Time to find out what’s actually happening here! If you want to read recaps on the other episodes or a general review, brief episode summaries, click here

Wei Wuxian, Jjang Cheng and Yan Li (Jin Ling’s mother) who are all disciples of the Jjang clan of Yunmeng are on their way to visit the Lan clan of Gusu (from where Lan Wangji is) in order to attend an event. They get tired on the way and decide to rest at an inn and book rooms. But the innkeeper later asks them to leave as an influential guest has booked the whole inn. That happens to be Jin Zi Xuan of the Jin clan , who is also Yan Li’s fiance (so is he Jin Ling’s father? We are yet to know that , I’m not going to jump into conclusions). The Jjang clan are initially offered a few rooms but once Jin Zi Xuan arrive they are forced to leave anyways.

The disciples of the Jjang clan arrive at the Lan clan area but are denied entry as they do not have the invitation. Wei Wuxian yells them he had the invitation but lost it at the inn and tried to argue with the gatekeepers. It’s at this time that Lan Wangji enters the scene after a completion of a mission. He has a certain aura about him and Wei Wuxian immediately catches up on him, realizing he must be an important member of the Lan clan. But Lan Wangji makes it clear – no invitation, no entry. Wei Wuxian then returns to find the invite and returns with his favorite liquor and trespasses into Cloud Recesses and is caught by Lan Wangji.

He tells Wei Wuxian that he has broken many rules of the Lan clan including – arriving after hours, bringing liquor and the two engage in a closely matched fight. Lan Wangji finally takes Wei Wuxian to the calm leader and his elder brother as they are examining the body that Lan Wangji brought in.

The two of them tell Lan Wangji to give the adequate punishment to Wei Wuxian and also advised Wuxian that he is now a part of the Lan clan and must abide by the rules. Wuxian then sees the body as well , and the four of them seem to be having an insightful discussion on what this is. Lan Wangji finally tells Wuxian to write the rules of the Lan clan 300 times and he also finds out the that the rest of the Jjang clan was let in by Lan Wangji itself after seeing they lost the invite. On hearing that Wei Wuxian warms up a little more to Lan Wangji. At this point we understand that Wuxian is a light hearted, playful character that doesn’t take strict rules and principles but works based in his heart, while Lan Wangji is a man who works completely on the system but you can’t completely say he’s cold either!

Meanwhile back in the Wen clan (our supposed enemies) the clan leader Wen Ruohan asks Wen Qing to go to Cloud Recesses and find “the Yin iron” (is that the same thing as the tiger amulet?). Wen Qing asks if her brother Wen Ning can accompany her and he agreed (Guys Wen Ning is the same guy who was the Ghost General from episode 2!) . Another guy called Wen Chao also accompanies these two.

Lan Xi Chen and Lan Wangji have a discussion on their childhood hardships and how Xi Chen may have been too tough on Wangji. He asks Wangji to be friends with the young cultivators who have arrived and mention Wuxian as well and how good his skills are. Looks like that close matched fight has hurt Lan Wangji’s ego just a tad bit! Also it looks like all these different clan members are here for some sort of summer camp classes kind of thing too. I’m guessing we will meet several more characters from different clans in the coming episodes.

Takeaways from the episode

This summer camp like place seems to be the place where all this started , maybe because all these clan members are coming and meeting up and some clashes happened probably with the members of the Wen clan. Also from the previous episodes we see that Lan Wangji is an accomplished cultivator and for Wuxian to match him, means he is not so bad himself! We also met a lot more characters and new clans here as well! Let’s see how it goes!

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  1. Those are so useful! I’ll be reading them after each episode, you helped me immensely in understanding what the HECK was going on! =D

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  2. This was super helpful for me too! Just finished TMOPB and everyone has been recommending me this drama. I’m honestly still kind of confused but I want to give this drama a chance! Will be watching with your recap open on the side haha

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