Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 4 recap

And cloud recesses begin with episode 3! More clan interactions and more characters! Let’s see what we have got! Also if you wish to check any other episode recaps, a general review or brief recaps, click the link here to get the main post where I have linked everything!

The cloud recessed start and it starts off with the immensely strict rules of the Lan clan. Wei Wuxian starts whispering with Nie Huai Sang and Lan Wangji gets irritated from that for which Wuxian playfully waves at him. The different clans come and give their intro and their gifts to the Lan clan.

Just as Jjang Cheng is about to give their gifts Wen Chao and the members of the Wen clan enter forcefully and interrupt Jjang Cheng’s intro to which an argument ensues between Wei Wuxian and Wen Chao. As they draw swords the Lan clan interrupts and disarms them. Wen Qing then apologises and introduced themselves and gives their gift from the Wen clan. The elders of the Wen clan are uneasy as the Wen clan has never participated for this before and they seem to be getting stronger as well. However they cannot kick their guests out and decide to move forward cautiously.

Wen Qing can be later seen roaming around the Gusu mountains in search of the Yin iron. Good way to keep your cover. Wei Wuxian finds her and Wen Ning and feel a suspicions.

That night Jjang Cheng complains to Yan Li that Wei Wuxian is always reckless and gives a bad name to the Jjang clan, but she tells him his morals are right, just like the last leaders of the Jjang clan and they are interrupted by Wei Wuxian who has brought some fish he has caught. I don’t know whether this tension between both of them is enough for them to feel the enmity they feel later on but let’s see.

On the first day of the cloud recesses Wei Wuxian gets into trouble and is quizzed for which he answers correctly all except for one. Lan Wangji then gives the three correct answers for the same and Wuxian says he knows the three answers but was thinking of a fourth option which angered the clan leader as it is an unorthodox and more evil method. He is punished to writing the scriptures a 1000 times and is to be supervised by Lan Wangji.

Wei Wuxian roams around and find Wen Ning practicing archery with some impressive skills for which he gives some pointers. Wen Qing appears and he asks her what she is doing but she leaves with Wen Ning without answering. Lan Wangji catches up to Wei Wuxian to start off his punishment.

Takeaways from the episode

Well, what is this Yin iron or tiger amulet and why is she looking for it so intently? Also I sense some early complex between Jjang Cheng and Wei Wuxian at this point too. This could possibly be one of the factors he doesn’t like him in the future? Also the scene with Wuxian me ruining the unorthodox methods – is that the thing that leads to all the problems later? We are yet to find out.

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