Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 5 recap

Something fishy is up with the Wen Clan and Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian seem to be spending more time together that probably leads to their friendship. So let’s continue on episode 5!

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Now that Lan Wangji has caught up with Wei Wuxian, he sets him to the task of writing up all the scriptures as part of his punishment. Naturally Wei Wuxian gets really bored and tries his best to pester and apologise to Lan Wangji. Lan Wangji eventually uses the Silencing spell and shuts him up. Eventually Wei Wuxian makes Lan Wangji throw off all the books after Wuxian swaps the book Lan Wangji was reading with an erotic book, and Wuxian escapes.

Meanwhile the Wen siblings meet and Wen Ning wonders what his sister is searching for , for which he doesn’t get an answer. At this point its revealed that Wen Qing is a doctor but laments at the fact that she can’t cure Wen Ning. What’s wrong with him though? Is it that Ghost General transition that he has?

While Jjang Cheng berates Wei Wuxian for ruining the name of The Jjang clan because of his antics, Lan Wangji and Lan Xi Chen get a request for their help in a village who seems to be facing troubles. Lan Xi Chen decides to go himself and is accompanies by Lan Wangji. Eventually Jjang Cheng,Wei Wuxian, Wen Qing and Wen Ning are allowed to come. Although a little doubtful on allowing Wen Qing to come, they let her join after learning that she has a prowess is medicinal skills.

They arrive in the town and get on boats on the Biling lake to investigate. It’s extremely foggy and they move forward.

Wuxian then quickly understand that there are water ghosts and soon the water ghosts start attacking them left and right. Jjang Cheng is injured and treated immediately by Wen Qing. Soon all the water ghosts become this huge aqua demon and while being attacked Wei Wuxian noticed Wen Ning’s eyeballs going white and something happening to him. Lan Xi Chen intervenes and kills the aqua demon and saves them all.

In between this there’s an interesting bit where Lan Wangji asks Wei Wuxian what his sword name is he says it’s “Suibian” which mean whatever. Although Lan Wangji doesn’t believe him, Wei Wuxian really couldn’t name his sword anything and went with that name!

That night Wei Wuxian tries finding out what is wrong with Wen Ning and doesn’t get an answer. Jjang Cheng contemplates buying a comb for Wen Qing and the Lan brothers discuss on how allk these events might be related, while they fervently hope it’s not.

Takeaways from the episode

I really wish they would tell what all these dangerous assumptions of theirs are because I am really confused. What’s really in the big picture? Also we seem to be having more interactions between the characters and more sub storylines too! Let’s see how it goes!

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