Bullet Journal Setup – April 2020

Hello everyone! Time really flies and it’s already time for the next bullet journal setup for April! As I mentioned before none of this is my own creativity rather I’ve adapted some cool posts I found on the internet. I would be linking the posts that I referred to so that you can check out the original.

Times are quite dark and depressing with the spread of COVID-19. It’s been more than ten days since I’ve been stuck in my home and it is really getting boring. India has enforced a 21 day lockdown which still has more than two weeks to go so there was a lot of time to kill and be bored about. Since food is not of a lot of variety I’m missing so many of my favorite foods and am yearning to go a trip. One of the best trips I went to was in 2017 when I went to Manali in North India. Thinking about that I came across this mountain theme and decided to do the April setup on that. The posts I referred to are this, this and this from Instagram. So without much further ado!

I’ve been wanting to do a double page layout for some time now and I seem to have found the perfect theme to implement that! I mean mountain ranges can go on and on if you know what I mean! Also unlike the original post I’ve played up with 4 different shades of purple from my Crayola super tips collection and used a black Tombow dual brush pen as well. The writing is actually lyrics from Miley Cyrus’s song The Climb which was the first thing that popped into mind when I drew this setup!

The setup for the monthly highlight calendar view is the same as before just that I have added some black connectors in between and changed up the font for April as well.

After a long time I’ve gone for a circular mood tracker! The only pain about this is dividing the circle into equal spaces for the month! Without a protractor it is very difficult! As you can see I have done a very wonky job at that!

The habit tracker remains the same as last time. I somehow find this format most comfortable. Just that it doesn’t allow a lot of space for designing which explains the wonky trees in the background! Maybe I can play up the habit tracker more in future months!

And finally the weekly setup is more spacious and less geometric with way less harsh linea and more smooth curves. I have 4 weeks each in one of the four colors I have chosen for this month,and then for the fifth week I have combined all 4 colors!

I have my customary page for The Playlist but this time I have a quarantine activity log. I’m getting some bulk work I’ve been putting off done since I actually have some spare time now and thought it best to note down specially. Also I had that one page free!

And that’s this months setup! What do you think? If you have done setups as well please link them in the comments so I can check them out! Also please do stay safe and wash your hands and stay at home during these dangerous times! My prayers are with everyone! We will come out of this!

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