March 2020 – Playlist

Hello everyone I am back with my new playlist for this month! Things have been sombre with COVID-19 going around but that didn’t stop me preparing this! This time it may be a little smaller than usual but not because of the epidemic but mostly because BTS released their new album and I was fully on it!

Here are the links to the playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

What a beautiful world by Louis Armstrong

I’m sure even if you don’t know this song by its name you will definitely recognise it when you listen to it! I had the same experience. The exact place I heard it from,I’m not sure, might be a movie maybe? Maybe someone can help me in the comments for that!

Feeling Good by Michael Bub

This song came to me as a recommendation and I haven’t stopped listening to it since! It’s a definite ear worm!

Stand By Me by Ben E King

Another song that has aged like fine wine, this too is one of my favorites! I wish I had discovered this sooner though!

Zappaguri by Jung Jae Il

Nope, I’m still not over Parasite! This was one of the tracks played during the scene where the Kim family must wrap up the proof of their antics in the house before the Park family arrives. One can agree that this song really was the icing on the cake for that scene!

Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals

Another song that was a surprising entry to my playlist! We have the the second installement movie of “To all the boys I’ve loved before” to thank for this addition! It’s part of the main leads intro scene and the moment I heard it I knew I must find it!

Midnight Sun by OTR and Okiyo

This ones an instrumental version again from the same movie. There are some people who love having the pure instrumentals or the synthesised electronic beat BGMs in their playlists and I am definitely one of them!

I can’t believe by CYN

Another ear worm from the movie. And did I add the entire OST into the playlist- Mayhaps I have! LMAO.

Open Tales by Bora York

Out of all the songs that we like there are those special songs that we keep liking the more we listen to it! And this month – it’s this song!

Lift Me From The Ground by San Holo

More than the discovery of the song I’ve also gotten a chance to discover a brand new artists with the discovery of this song!

You’re mine by Lola Marsh

Lola Marsh was a new face for me at all but this new track of hers was a pleasant surprise and an earworm that I’m still going through!

Lovers by Anna of the North

This too was another addition from the soundtrack of the movie that I mentioned! I knew I had to add it once I heard it!

Wu Ji by Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo

Now if you’ve gone through the latest internet trends you might have heard about this Chinese drama – Untamed even though you didn’t know what the hype is. I’m currently watching the series and there’s a “Watch with me” going on my blog which you can check out to know more! The songs title is actually a mashup of the names of the two lead characters who I’ve seen and heard have am amazing on screen chemistry and are very close to the heart for many fans. Fun fact, this song was recorded by the artists who played the characters in the TV series as well. The song really captures those emotions well and I had to add it here!

So that’s the end of the playlist! What do you think of the playlist? Let me know in the comments. If there are any fresh new songs or artists you think I must check out, let me know in the comments below!

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