The 5 Year Journal – March 2020

Hello and I am back with my update on my five year journal! Now if you are wondering what a five year journal is it’s basically a diary with 365 questions. Each question is answered daily over a period of 5 years. Over the years seeing how our answers change over the most simple or the most intense questions show us an introspection on how much we change over time! On my blog I post about the questions I answered this month and the questions and responses that I found the most special!

The questions for this month were as follows (I got this from Pinterest if you’re wondering) –

The first question that struck me was the name of your best friend whose not your spouse. I don’t have a spouse now but having a best friend like realtionship with my spouse is something I hope to have in the future! But this question answered over the years can perhaps show the nose reliable and unreliable people we have had through our lives! Hoping for some reliability there!

The next question was about saving or spending! Oh how I wish it was the latter LOL! But I’m trying to be as conscious about my spendings as I can! I hope for some better financial planning and improvements soon! Financial advice and saving tips are always welcome in the comments!

Strangely enough this month towards the end most of my answers were based off of the depressing times we are facing now what with our battle with COVID-19. The question with who are the heros it would be the people who are working without rest against this battle that we are facing as a human race. Honestly if you reach through the questions you would answer most of them based on this situation too!

Anyways I really hope everyone is safe and stay inside and make sure to eat healthy and maintain all healthy habits as well!

So what questions did you find most striking? Do you also mainatin a five year journal? Let me know in the comments below!

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