Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 8 recap

So now Lan Wangji is setting out to find the other pieces of the Yin iron. But without Wei Wuxian! How are things going to turn out? Let’s find out!

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Wen Chao seems to be taking a more violent route now as he barges into Lan Xi Chen’s room and asks why the mountains are so heavily guarded and even threatens about harming Lan Wangji. Very subtle.

The Jjang siblings find out a letter from Wei Wuxian that he is going to hunt on his own and would be back soon. Clan leader Jjang and the Jjang siblings have to return urgently to Yunmeng and leave instead of looking for Wei Wuxian. Meanwhile he has caught up with Lan Wangji to find the pieces of the Yin Iron to which Lan Wangji doesn’t object. It’s not like he can shake off Wei Wuxian. He must have realised that by now! Meanwhile Wen Chao spies on them with a Wen clan shadow owl, while Wen Qing watches worriedly. Sooner than later the piece of Yin Iron with them starts reacting which means they are near another fragment. Already?!

The duo along with Nie Huai Sang has reached a burnt down place but Wen Chao has beat them there and got the fragment.

Wen Qing tries to tell Wen Chao that they must now go to Yue Yang now but he chastised her saying that she now has a soft corner towards the other disciples who came to Gusu. He tells her they will stop next at Mount Dafan, where her clan lives. Wen Qing reminds him of the promise by Wen Ruohan that her clan will be unharmed, but he ignores her and breaks the seal of the heavenly lady statue.

Sending trouble Wen Qing meets Jjang Cheng who is on the lookout for Wei Wuxian and gets tipped by Wen Qing that they are in Mount Dafan and are in trouble.

Strangely enough Lan Wangji and party get accommodation at the Heavenly lady statue and find that it was powerful rock that evolved into this fairy form only to start snatching souls some 20 years ago. As per the name etched in the temple, someone from the Wen clan hasld resolved that problem. However that night, the statue awakens and they have a battle with it as well.

As they somehow manage to subdue the statue the clan people start turning into zombies and attacking them.

Takeaways from the episode

Looks like Wen Qing has some morals here and she has some back story with her clan? I guess we need to keep watching! And as of now the Wen clan has the maximum parts of the Yin Iron too right!