Watch with me : The Untamed : Episode 9 recap

Wen Chao is now really going to evil mode as he must get his hands on all the fragments of the Yin iron! Meanwhile our heroes are stuck battling a zombie apocalypse! What will befall our favorite characters now? Let’s see!

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The zombies are closing in on them and Lan Wangji sets a shield to hold the for the meantime. They can’t attack the zombies too much as they are still alive. While they think about how they should escape, a strange sound plays outside and the zombie moves towards that. Wen Qing has used her powers to distract and hold the zombies while Jjang Cheng has arrived to their aid. They all then rush towards wen Qing.

As they try to reach outside Wen Qing is trying to deal with a shadow owl from the Wen clan and isn’t happy that Jjang Cheng has showed the others that she is helping them. They question her on how they can save the people and she tells them it’s it possible if they kill the shadow owl. Wei Wuxian casts a cage spell around the three to protect them from the zombies until he and Lan Wangji are back from killing the owl and head into the forest.

Eventually the duo is able to killed the owl and return to the place where they have bound their friends. To nobody’s surprise Wen Chao is the one behind this shadow owl. As they head back the duo notices their friends are not there and go to find them, they also realise that all the people are now back to normal and are wondering what happened to them.

At the tomb of the Wen clan the old woman who led Wuxian and party to the lair of the heavenly statue is apologising to Wen Qing about everything that happened. Wen Qing asks them to leave this place and the others start wondering what connection she has to these people. She then explains that she belongs to this clan who is a clan made up of medical practitioners from the Wen clan. One day the heavenly statue starts acting up and snatiching souls. Wen Ning’s soul was almost snatched until their father intervened and had his soul sucked instead. That explains the strange phenomenon we observed when the lake monster was attcaking with Wen Ning. Post that Wen Qing doesn’t remember anything. At Qishan, Wen Chao complain to Wen Ruohan about how Wen Qing helped them but the clan leader is angry that he dismissed his orders and that Wen Qing was just protecting her people.

They try to extract more information from her on the motives of the Wen clan on capturing the fragments of the Yin iron. They explain to her that the heavenly statue had a piece of the Yin iron, which when removed caused it to start snatching souls and the person behind that is Wen Ruohan. Wen Qinb dismisses that as Wen Ruohan was taking care of her and her brother since then and that she can’t talk anymore and must return to Qishan as her brother is there.

Now at Yeu Yang, they gather information from the locals and find that something strange is up about the Chang clan of YueYang. They go to investigate and on hindsight don’t find anything absurd until they find the Yin iron reacting. They go inside and find a literal massacre of the entire Chang clan. As they investigate the bodies they find that these bodies were used as puppets like the zombie at mount Dafan before they were killed.

Takeaways from this episode

I guess zombies are going to be a recurring feature in this series now that it came in Mount Dafan and this Chang clan home as well. Also we haven’t fully explored the full extent of the powers of the Yin iron either. Meanwhile Wen Qing who was a suspected villian turns out to have circumstances that led her to help the Wen clan!