Watch with me : The Untamed : Episode 10 recap

So the Wen clan is turning into full evil mode with a huge massacre at the Chang clan home now! What more are we going to find out about the Yin iron now? I feel it’s still has a lot of things we can find out about !

Also if you don’t want to read full detailed recaps and just brief summaries, or a spoiler free review, I’ve linked them here, so you can check it out!

They find that the person behind the Chang clan massacre was Xue Yang. Suddenly two other cultivators come in – Xiao Xeng Chen and Song Lan, and with a little help from the others they are all about to capture Xue Yang.

At this point they realise the two cultivators who joined them are really famous ones as well.

As the Yin iron continues to react they search the Chang Manor, Xue Yang and question him as well on his allegiance with the Wen clan but to no avail. By this time Nie Huai Sang has arrived with Meng Yao at the Chang Manor.

Meng Yao informs them that Nie Ming Jue (the clan leader of the Nie clan) wishes for them to Nie sect. They do so and take Xue Yang with them as well while the other two cultivators leave. As they leave Wuxian finds out that the one of them were disciples who might know his mother, but he doesn’t get any leads. As they arrive at the home of the Nie clan they see that security has tightened. Apparently the Wen clan has sent out a notice to all the clans to send out their top disciples to attend a lecture. A lecture like the kind the Lan clan conducted.

As Xue Yang is sentenced to imprisonment in the dungeons until they get more leads on the Yin iron, Meng Yao requests the General to assist him in increasing the security in the dungeons. The General doesn’t listen but even chastises Meng Yao saying his duties are just to clean the house and that he can’t take orders from a prostitute’s son. Ouch. I feel bad for Meng Yao. Meng Yao however somehow keeps his anger under control.

The next day Wen Chao has come with a battalion to release Xue Yang and a battle ensues.

As Nie Ming Jue runs over to check on the dungeons he sees that Meng Yao has killed the General with which he had a bitter relationshio with. As Meng Yao tries to blame that on Xue Yang, Nie Ming Jue decides to kill him and just as he is about to –

Meng Yao jumps in front of him as a Wen clan disciple attacks.

As Wen Chao arrives, he tells Wuxian that his clan has gone to the Lan sect to get the other frangment and that by the time Lan Wangji arrives that place is going to be in ruins. He warns Nie Ming Jue to hand over Xue Yang to avoid the fate of the Lan clan. He also informs that he has invited Wei Wuxian from the Jjang clan for the lecture at the Wen clan. Not Jjang Cheng?

As Meng Yao begs for forgiveness and explains he killed the General as he always chastises him and was seen releasing Xue Yang, Meng Yao had to kill him. Nie Ming Jue doesn’t believe Meng Yao one bit but can’t kill him as he saved his life and decided to banish Meng Yao from the clan.

Takeaways from the episode

Wen Chao is really on a roll now with him literally starting to annihilate clans at this point.

I feel really bad for Meng Yao though. It’s a general trend in historical dramas – this character whose really good at heart but his origins are not “Noble” enough for him to be taken seriously anywhere! I wonder what’s going to happen to him. Also Wei Wuxian has been asked to represent the Jjang clan at the Wen clan lecture when he is not a direct son of the Jjang clan. I wonder how Jjang Cheng would take that? Please don’t tell me their relationship is going to go rocky!

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