Watch With Me : The Untamed : Episode 11 recap

So far we have seen that Meng Yao has been having a touch time what with his birth status and finally ends up being banished! Nooo! And now the Wen clan is having a “lecture” and has called all clan successors? Sounds suspicious to me! Let’s see what happens next!

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Now with Meng Yao banished and confusion at the Nie clan, Wei Wuxian is concerned about Lan Wangji and the Lan clan as the next Wen clan troops have gone there. But clan leader Nie Ming Jue points out that their home town might be in danger too and they both travel back there. Thankfully there are no problems as of now, and they are even able to see some smaller clans arrive here for safety as well. The two then kneel and wait for clan leader Jjang to come fearing they will be punished. But all they got were concerned questions as to how they are and to eat some food.

While eating their meals they inquire where Lady Jjang is and clan leader Jjang says she is resting. But lo and behold she enters, obviously angry. And why? Because she is furious that her son the heir to Jjang clan is being sent. She is angry as Wei Wuxian always has a choice whether or not to go but her son does not. Wei Wuxian interjects and mentions he can go but both clan leader and Jjang Cheng don’t let it happen and she starts screaming about how clan leader Jjang favors Wuxian as he is the son of the woman he loves. Omg they had this backstory too? She then just leaves the dinner table just like that.

As Lan Wangji returns to Gusu he is attacked by the Lan clan but just about manages to escape. Back at Gusu the Lan clan is under attack and clan leader asks Lan Xi Chen to leave with the ancient scriptures. He of course refuses but is commanded to leave, for the continuity of the Lan clan.

The battle at Gusu is getting very bad and many Lan clan disciples are getting slaughtered. Eventually a god number of them escape into the Cold Springs caves but they realise the Wen clan has captured their disciples and plan to kill them. Tired of all the violence, Lan Wangji agrees to go with them to Qishan if they stop harming the disciples. They capture Lan Wangji and the soldiers are ordered to break one of his legs. Whaattt nooo! Someone save him!

All the disciples are now at Qishan for the Wen clan lecture and Wei Wuxian wonders where the Lan clan members are, and if Lan Wangji is still safe. Just as he thinks this, the Wen clan soldiers escort a Lan Wangji in. Wei Wuxian tries to talk to him but he doesn’t respond and stares straight ahead at Wen Chao. Meanwhile Wen Ruohan uses the Yin iron to punish some people with his zombie puppets and let’s Wen Qing witness the same to warn her of what could happen if she breaks the rules, one more time.

Takeaways from the episode

Looks like the Wen clan is more powerful than we think. Are all the clans going to rally together at Qishan and finish off the clan? Because they are getting super violent at this point. Will Lan Wangji surrender the Yin iron fragment? And what’s with this Wen clan lecture? We are yet to find out in the next episode!