Watch With Me : The Untamed : Episode 13 recap

Now that our defenseless cultivators are hunting for some evil being in Mount Wuxi, God knows will happen next!

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We last stopped at Wei Wuxian offering to take Lan Wangji on his back which he of course he refused. Worried he discreetly asks Wen Qing for a way and she in turn let’s the entire team take a break for a drink of water. Wen Chao of course gets it and warns Wen Qing. I really hope he doesn’t harm her!

Wang Ling Jiao, a new character who happens to be Wen Chao’s mistress takes control and asks to find the cave where the supposed mister is hiding. As Wen Qing reports they can’t find it she basically insults Wen Qing and angers the rest of the party. Wei Wuxian steps in with one of his talismans and finds the cave easily shutting her up. As they go inside, Mian Mian from the Jin clan slips and makes noise which angers Wen Chao and he proceeds to whip her only to be blocked by Jin Zi Xuan. Talk about being short tempered!

They soon arrive at a bottomless pit where they are sure the monster should be. Wen Chao orders the disciples to go in to which they retort they can’t without their swords and all. Wei Wuxian eventually gets pushed down and makes it to the bottom with minor injuries. The others climb down with ropes to see if he is okay. Lan Wangji is the first to reach out to him and check in him.

Wen Chao then comes down as well and suggests to use the cultivators as bait for the monster which leads to an argument and eventually a big fight amongst everyone!

The argument continues with Wei Wuxian and Wen Chao debating on the Wen clan principles that were taught to them and how Wen Chao is going against them, and suddenly they realise they have been on top of the turtle like snake monster all this time as the monster awakens. Lan Wangji gives a warning for everyone to not make noise and not move much as the many years underground have hampered the vision of the beast but stupid Wen Chao has to goof up and call his troops for help.

In between all this fighting Wang Ling Jiao tries to brand Mian Mian’s face but us saved by Wei Wuxian who gets injured. A huge fight ensues between the cultivators and the monster as well.

As the cultivators leave, Wen Chao and his calm climb up first and cuts the ropes leaving everyone else stuck at the bottom. Clueless as to how they can escape, Lan Wangji points out that there are some maple leaves in the pond water which doesn’t belong here which means that there is an exit through the pool. The two convince Jjang Cheng to search the exit in the pool while they distract the monster.

The exit is found and everyone except the two are able to escape. The two shout out saying that they will wait for them to bring some help to save them and that they will hold on until then.

The beast is now distracted and Wei Wuxian tends to Lan Wangji’s wounds. He ties a splint and uses his headband to tie it together although he doesn’t let him do so. He also helps him extract some of the stale blood out of him which makes him feel better. The two share the medicine that Wen Ning gave him when he was locked up with the dog monster as well. Awww well look at them taking care of each other!

The two then talk together about how the Lan clan and the Yunmeng clan will come to save them to which Lan Wangji reveals that the Lan clan is all but destroyed by the Wen clan, and eventually falls asleep.

Takeaways from the episode

Wen Chao is turning out to be everything the typical villian is – too much power in the hands of an arrogant character in denial. Now there seems to be the new character – his mistress as well who somehow seems even worse than him! More fictional monsters come our way this time with the turtle-snake monster at the bottom of the pit . Also I’ve seen many sequences with Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji together and this I think is the scene that ties their friendship together to the strong bond that they have even so many years later!